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XML Editor. Tornado-Tracks-Full. Business reporting software - NextReports Designer, Engine and Server. Jasperreports : JasperForge. RLIB: An XML-based tool for automated report generation. Style Chart - Free Ajax Visualization Charting Service. Free Dashboard Software. Free Visualization Software. Web-Based Ad Hoc Reporting, Self-Service Reporting/Business Intelligence (BI), Report Designer - Home - ActiveReports Server. The web based WYSIWYG XML editor — Xopus. Solutions - From Large to Small Businesses, Yurbi Simply Works. Easily Create and Customize BI Apps for Data Visualization and Analysis. We’re all born analysts.

Easily Create and Customize BI Apps for Data Visualization and Analysis

That’s why we’ve created Natural Analytics™, the technology and design approach that makes QlikView so powerful. With Natural Analytics™, you can explore complex data and make and share discoveries using your natural human abilities. Close. Datavisualization.ch Selected Tools. Selected Data Visualization Tools. The fine folks of data visualization.ch put together a selection of data visualization tools that they use the most and that they enjoy working with.

Selected Data Visualization Tools

It includes libraries for plotting data on maps, frameworks for creating charts, graphs and diagrams and tools to simplify the handling of data. Even if you’re not into programming, you’ll find applications that can be used without writing one single line of code. They will keep this list as a living repository and add / remove things as technology develops. How do I use iFormBuilder as my data source? – Feedback & Ideas for Klipfolio Dashboard. What's in this article?

How do I use iFormBuilder as my data source? – Feedback & Ideas for Klipfolio Dashboard

Learn how to use iFormBuilder as your data source.Retrieve iFormBuilder data using an API.Links to iFormBuilder resources. How to use iFormBuilder as a data source. Performance Management Software. Is the iPad the new normal for data visualization? Last weekmonth, Gartner released its "Critical Capabilities for Mobile BI" report and the results were interesting indeed.

Is the iPad the new normal for data visualization?

The vendor that came in with the highest overall product rating, was not a data visualization start-up, a self-service BI specialist vendor, or one of the "mega-vendors. " instead, it was the longtime BI pure play MicroStrategy (who will happily share a copy of the Gartner report with you at For me, the timing of all of this is quite striking, as I had interviewed Jeff Bedell, MicroStrategy's CTO, and Brian Brinkmann, its Senior Director, Product Marketing, only a bit more than a week priortwo weeks later, having not yet seen the report, and mobile dominated the conversation. There were a couple of reasons for this. SharePoint Integration with MicroStrategy. Recently, while working on one of my project assignments I got to work on the integration of SharePoint 2010 with MicroStrategy 9. The requirement was to pull the report from the MicroStrategy and show that in a web part. We had the MicroStrategy environment set up and also I had my SharePoint development environment set up.Here, I will show you how you can configure the SharePoint environment to pull reports from the MicroStrategy.

Free Data Visualization Software. Download Tableau Public. Business Intelligence Analytics Software & Data Visualization. Cloud Personal - Free Business Intelligence for Everyone. Analytics Express is a self-service solution built on MicroStrategy's world-class cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Personal - Free Business Intelligence for Everyone

In just a few easy steps, you may connect to your data from anywhere, effortlessly discover insights hidden in your data using interactive dashboards, and then publish and share those insights with anyone. Access Analytics Express from anywhere using an internet browser or an iPad. Welcome to Yurbi - Affordable Enterprise Business Intelligence. Www.hablamosjuntos.org/signage/PDF/SymbolPoster_Sep10.pdf. Www.logixml.com/sites/default/files/04_Dashboards.pdf. Mobile Dashboard Server. KPI and performance measure tips, templates, techniques & tools. KPI Library - Discover the right Key Performance Indicators. Free Data Visualization Software.

Business Intelligence Software, Dashboards & Reporting. Microstategy. Mobile Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards.