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LENR & Rossi E-Cat

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20140225_ARMD NARI Seedling Technical Seminar_Doug Wells. National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls. Today, Andrea Rossi signed an agreement with National Instruments to have them make all of the instrumentation for the E-Cat cold fusion plants, which began to be sold commercially on October 28 with the first 1 MW plant successfully tested in Bologna.

National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls

Dr. George Miley Replicates Patterson, Names Rossi. Rossi Blog Reader. Journal of Nuclear Physics. More Uncertainty as Ni-H Cold Fusion Launches Near. As the launch of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) and Defkalion's Hyperion Ni-H cold fusion technology nears, a lack of information is causing uncertainty to grow, and more questions are emerging.

More Uncertainty as Ni-H Cold Fusion Launches Near

Will NASA do the right thing? By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan Nickel Hydrogen cold fusion technology holds the potential to completely change our modern civilization. Once it hits the market and is broadly utilized, it could solve the energy crisis, create millions of jobs, and eliminate many sources of pollution. As has been reported in a series of articles on PESN and on other websites, Andrea Rossi has terminated the licensing agreement between Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. and his company, "Leonardo Technologies. " Since that time, Andrea Rossi has stated he has acquired a new partner in the USA, in addition to Ampenergo (the company that branched off from Leonardo Technologies Inc.). AmpEnergo – U.S. E-cat Partnership Announced « nickel+hydrogen=energy.

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, E-cat partner, energy catalyzer, LENR, Mats Lewan, NyTeknik, renewable energy, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer Tags: Ampenergo, Andrea Rossi, Bologna, clean energy, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, fusione a freddo, Giuseppe Levi, LENR, Mats Lewan, nickel-hydrogen, nuclear physics, Nyteknik, renewable energy, Sergio Focardi, Swedish Skeptic's Society, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer by: Mats Lewan, Nyteknik Andrea Rossi, the energy catalyzer inventor, has reached an agreement with a new company in the United States.

AmpEnergo – U.S. E-cat Partnership Announced « nickel+hydrogen=energy

The agreement builds on several years of contacts with people linked to the U.S. Department of Energy. The fresh agreement outlines commercial plans in North- and South America for the energy catalyzer – the device that seems to produce large amounts of energy via a hitherto unknown and not fully understood nuclear reaction. The E-Cat Buzz. Cold Fusion "Andrea Rossi" Method. NUCAT Energy LLC. eCat Now! – Energy Catalyzer News. LENR Supremos, Nagel, McKubre and Hagelstein To Run 2 Day LENR Course in October.

eCat Now! – Energy Catalyzer News

The courses are being run by Nagel’s company NUCAT whose name is derived from the words NUClear and ATomic. NUCAT seem to be conducting this course in anticipation of the commercially planned rollout of LENR systems such as Andrea Rossi’s Nickel Hydrogen Fusion Product – “The eCat”. Other competitors are also ramping up to enter the market commercially with their own LENR devices but Rossi’s product leads the way at this point in time with an Italian patent granted already, ongoing discussions with NASA and a large “well known” U.S. partner gearing up for production. They state: “If, as planned, many energy sources based on LENR are produced and sold, it will be necessary to educate a workforce in their design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and other functions. The Secret Power Beneath (Free Energy World, Book 1) eBook: Frank Acland.

Uncategorized. Coldfire - the Rossi E-CAT. E-Cat World. Andrea Rossi Could Just As Well Be The Prometheus Of Today - Rossi Energy Catalyzers. Remember Prometheus and the fire that he brought to people against the will of the gods?

Andrea Rossi Could Just As Well Be The Prometheus Of Today - Rossi Energy Catalyzers

Interesting how history has a tendency to repeat itself. Regardless of the story of Prometheus being true or not, the idea has been there in ages past – of people giving their lives for what they believed to be true, for humanity. Interesting how some would give anything and everything in order to make one extra dollar on the plight of the destitute and the poor. And at the same time there are others, who will their own time and every effort and, if needed, the very life for humanity. There have been many Prometheuses before – those who were devoted to the cause of humanity, and people of this kind do exist today. True to the myth of Prometheus, Andrea Rossi brings the fire from on high and gives it to people.

Power energy - Should Google Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power (no, reall. eCat: Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer – FAST FACTS.

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Steam Quality in the eCAT : NOTE: This is a working draft, and may be updated frequently.

Steam Quality in the eCAT :

Corrections and comments are appreciated. The issue of Steam Quality greatly impacts the calculations on the actual excess energy in the Rossi/Focardi eCat.. Rossi's Home Sacrificed for Cold Fusion E-Cat Launch. Only several days ago, Andrea Rossi stated on his blog that he had big financial problems.

Rossi's Home Sacrificed for Cold Fusion E-Cat Launch

Now he has revealed that these problems are resolved. To acquire the funds to insure the demo of the one megawatt plant takes place as planned, he has sold his house. The personal sacrifices he has made to bring the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) to the market are becoming heart wrenching. by Hank MillsPure Energy Systems News Andrea Rossi has developed a game changing technology named the E-Cat or "Energy Catalyzer. " Years ago, Andrea Rossi sold his stake in Leonardo Technologies Incorporated (not to be confused with his personal company, Leonardo Corporation) and other personal assets to raise the money needed to develop the E-Cat technology.

Now, only days after learning from a post on his blog that he had "big" financial problems, he has revealed to us that he has sold his house. The following post was made on his blog on September 16th, stating that he had "big" financial problems. South River Road Building A.pdf.

116 South River Road Bedford, N.H. 03110 - USA. [Vo]:Rossi: SECOND 1MW Plant in the US !!!! Unraveling The Mystery of Dr. Rossi's Company. TIZIANA ELENA L. Company. Enrico Billi. AmpEnergo. Leonardo Technologies, Inc. Leonardo Technologies in Morgantown, West Virginia company profile. Email CEO CFO. Number of Employees: Not Available Yearly Revenues: Available Jobs (As Listed on Company Website): Energy catalyzer gets U.S. partner. Andrea Rossi, the energy catalyzer inventor, has reached an agreement with a new company in the United States.

Energy catalyzer gets U.S. partner

The agreement builds on several years of contacts with people linked to the U.S. Department of Energy. (Swedish version here). AmpEnergo is the name of the US company. A new US company named "AmpEnergo" with members tied to the US DOD and DOE will partner with Rossi for the development and marketing of the E-Cats in America.

AmpEnergo is the name of the US company

AmpEnergo was founded by 4 individuals – Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Graig Cassarino and based at 116-G South River Road, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110. Gentile was past Assistant Secretary of Energy at the US Dept of Energy in the 1990’s. They plan to produce a 1-mega watt power generation plant similar to the one expected to be built in Greece and possibly, mobile or off-grid units. They filed with the state of New Hampshire for their business creation on April 6, 2011.

They expect to have something marketable by fall or year-end. So now there are at least three companies involved with the E-Cat: Ampenergo - George Bush: Nomination of Robert H. Gentile To Be an Assistant Secretary of Energy. The President today announced his intention to nominate Robert H.

George Bush: Nomination of Robert H. Gentile To Be an Assistant Secretary of Energy

Biography of RICHARD P. NOCETI. Swedish physicists on the E-cat: “It’s a nuclear reaction” In a detailed report, two Swedish physicists exclude chemical reactions as the energy source in the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’. The two physicists recently supervised a new test of the device in Bologna, Italy. (Swedish version here , Italian translation here ). “In some way a new kind of physics is taking place.

It’s enigmatic, but probably no new laws of nature are involved. We believe it is possible to explain the process with known laws of nature,” said Hanno Essén, associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman member of the board (chairman until April 2) of the Swedish Skeptics Society . Essén and Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University Sven Kullander, also chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Energy Committee, both participated on 29 March as observers at a new trial in Bologna of the so-called ‘energy catalyzer’, which could be based on cold fusion, or LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

Cold Fusion: 18 hour test excludes combustion. In a new experiment, the Italian “energy catalyzer” has been run at Bologna University for 18 hours. “In my opinion, all chemical sources are now excluded,” physicist Giuseppe Levi told Ny Teknik. (Swedish version here). In the morning of February 10, the inventor and engineer Andrea Rossi initiated a new controlled experiment in Bologna, Italy, with the heat producing 'energy catalyzer' that could possibly be based on cold fusion.

With him was the physicist and researcher Giuseppe Levi from the University of Bologna, who also supervised the public demonstration in January.én+%28pdf%29. Defkalion Responds in Support of Rossi. An official response from Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi's E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned. Part VI of Rossi-Defkalion Controversy Statement I We received the following from Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion Green Technologies on August 10, 2011 4:06 AM MST. We've added the hyperlinks. Dear Sterling Allan, The content below is for publication on PESN on numerous articles written by Hank Mills.

Greek Production Rights of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Terminated. Aug August 8, 2011 | 15 Comments With little fanfare Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation Inc., of the state New Hampshire, in the U.S. through EFA- Energia da Fonti Alternative srl, of Italy has terminated Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Ltd. of Cyprus rights for the production of the Rossi E-Cat. The text of the press release is as follows with minor edits: FE_updates : Message: Rossi Terminates Defkalion's E-Cat Rights and License; Better than Fire. Defkalion claims they have an Energy Catalyzer that will commercialized as planned. PESN - Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi's E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned.

E-Cat commentary

Energy Catalyzer. The device was demonstrated to invited audiences several times in 2011, and commented on by various academics and others, but no independent tests have been made, and no peer-reviewed tests have been published. Steve Featherstone wrote in Popular Science that by the summer of 2012 Rossi's "outlandish claims" for the E-Cat seemed "thoroughly debunked" and that Rossi "looked like a con man clinging to his story to the bitter end. "[12] [edit] E-cat. (WO/2009/125444) METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CARRYING OUT NICKEL AND HYDROGEN EXOTHERMAL REACTIONS. Thermolytic distillation of ... - Google Patents. General The invention provides a process and apparatus for converting carbonaceous material into useful product by thermolysis (dissociation of a compound by heat) in a bath of molten medium, in the absence of oxygen.

In a preferred embodiment the invention provides a process for converting wood to char and wood-petrol in a bath of molten metal (such as lead or tin, or a mixture thereof) or in a bath of molten salt. In a preferred embodiment the molten medium is molten lead. FIG. 1 illustrates the process and apparatus of the preferred embodiment. The apparatus shown in FIG. 1 includes an enclosure 10 which contains three baths, degassing bath 11, reactor bath 12, and quenching bath 13. Thermoelectric generators - Google Patents. METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CARRYING ... - Google Patents. The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for carrying out nickel and hydrogen exothermal reactions, and has been stimulated by the well known requirement of finding energy sources alternative to fossil sources, to prevent atmospheric carbon dioxide contents from being unnecessarily increased.

For meeting the above need non polluting energy sources should be found which do not involve health risks, are economically competitive with respect to oil sources susceptible to be easily discovered and exploited and naturally abundant. Many of the above alternative energy sources have already been explored and operatively tested even on an industrial scale, and comprise biomasses, solar energy used both for heating and photovoltaic electric generation purposes, aeolian energy, fuel materials of vegetable or agricultural nature, geothermal and sea wave energy and so on. A possible alternative to natural oil, is the uranium-fission nuclear energy. Assignments on the Web.

Thermoelectric generators - Google Patents. Andrea Rossi's 'E-cat' nuclear reactor: a video FAQ. (A transcript in French follows the English version. Energy catalyzer - Defkalion Green Technologies on NET tv HD. Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video) ( -- Few areas of science are more controversial than cold fusion, the hypothetical near-room-temperature reaction in which two smaller nuclei join together to form a single larger nucleus while releasing large amounts of energy. In the 1980s, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann claimed to have demonstrated cold fusion - which could potentially provide the world with a cheap, clean energy source - but their experiment could not be reproduced.

Since then, all other claims of cold fusion have been illegitimate, and studies have shown that cold fusion is theoretically implausible, causing mainstream science to become highly speculative of the field in general. Rossi E-Cat Theory. E-Cat: Rossi's Cornucopia. Andrea Rossi - LENR - June 2011 Update on ECAT Cold Fusion Generator (English Subtitles) Part 3. See the E-cat run in self-sustained mode. Ecat - Steam Heat. Prof. Focardi - This is an energy revolution. Professor Stremmenos talks about the E-cat. 2011 - Andrea Rossi Interview (Energy Catalyzer) Part 1/4. eCat: Tour Andrea Rossi's 1MW Fusion Plant. A Brief Interview with Andrea Rossi, Inventor of the E cat HEB. Andrea Rossi Ecat Test Bologna October 6. 2011 - Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer. Rossi Energy Catalyzer: Media Maintain Their Silence On Historic Discovery. 2011 - Sergio Focardi Interview (Energy Catalyzer) Part 2. Giuseppe Levi goes on Record to Discuss E-cat « Cold Fusion News. News Page. Consequently the first 4 candidates above are elected and take their places on January 1st 2010 until December 31st 2011. Dr Andrei Lipson 3 November 2009: His colleague, Alexei Russetski gave the sad news yesterday that Dr Andrei Lipson suddenly died of cardiac insufficiency on Sunday 1st November aged 53. Vo]:Radio24 live forum about E-cat: Focardi, Celani, Bagnasco on Ra.