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Cardiovascular System

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Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body - Enda Butler. Biology Valentine. Anti-smoking. Exercisecellularrespirationlab. Breathe In, Breathe Out - Lesson - Summary Students are introduced to the respiratory system, the lungs and air.

Breathe In, Breathe Out - Lesson -

They learn about how the lungs and diaphragm work, how air pollution affects lungs and respiratory functions, some widespread respiratory problems, and how engineers help us stay healthy by designing machines and medicines that support respiratory health and function. Truth - #FinishIT. 27 Effects of Smoking on the Body. Mood Stimulation Poor Vision Anxiety and Irritability Another Cold, Another Flu Lung Cancer Constricted Blood Vessels.

27 Effects of Smoking on the Body

Heart Facts For Kids. There are three main types of vessel in your circulatory system.

Heart Facts For Kids

Arteries (red) take blood away from the heart, veins (blue) carry it back to the heart, and tiny capillaries (too small to be seen here) link the arteries and veins. Each artery has a name, which changes when it branches into smaller arteries. Circulatory system. Heart Anatomy Glossary Printout. Aorta - the biggest and longest artery (a blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart) in the body.

Heart Anatomy Glossary Printout

It carries oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle of the heart to the body. inferior vena cava - a large vein (a blood vessel carrying blood to the heart) that carries oxygen-poor blood to the right atrium from the lower half of the body. left atrium - the left upper chamber of the heart. It receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs via the pulmonary vein. left ventricle - the left lower chamber of the heart. Diffusion. The Heart. Lifestyle 1.