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."Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land"........ "By land is meant all of the things on, over or in the earth"............ "Harmony with the land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish the right hand and chop off his left".... The coyote killing "contest" being hosted this weekend by Gunhawk Firearms in Los Lunas is a disgrace to the state of New Mexico and to the ethics of hunting. With farms in New Mexico and northern California, we are no strangers to firearms or coyotes. But the days of mass killings of any wildlife should be long gone. Sadly, our country has a long history of assault on all manner of species, whether for "fun" or "profit" as exemplified by the upcoming contest. Ironically, for hunters, it is precisely this kind of ecologically disastrous behavior that understandably turns the public against hunting in general.

False justifications and a misplaced sense of entitlement to kill on the part of the participants will lead to self-defeating consequences, just as attempting to kill off predators on a mass scale and upsetting nature's long-established balance time and again gives rise to seriously negative consequences. U.S. wildlife worker's online photos of animal abuse stir outrage - Environment.

Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West. Idaho Wolf Trapping Torture Is Here AGAIN. Idaho opened their second wolf trapping season yesterday. Wolves in Idaho now face more pain, suffering and brutality. Warning graphic Video A helpless, struggling wolf is shot while caught in a leg-hold trap. Can it get more cowardly than this? Idaho Says “Make It Hurt!” NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance) was in Coeur d’ alene yesterday protesting the opening of wolf trapping season in Idaho.

My good friend, Ann Sydow brought her beautiful Plott Hound Boomer as a Canis lupus familiaris ambassador, standing up for his wolf brothers. Posted: Friday, November 16, 2012 12:17 am By BILL BULEY/Staff writer | 0 comments COEUR d’ALENE Video: YouTube uploaded by wolfkillr Top Photo: Courtesy Bottom Photo Courtesy CDA Press: SHAWN GUST/Press Posted in: Wolf Wars Tags: trapping cruelty, Idaho wolf trapping, wolves suffering, stop killing wolves Like this: Like Loading... Repeat of wolf kill unlikely - - Nov. 14.

Close [X] Sorry, but you need to be logged in to share stories via e-mail. This helps us prevent abuse of our e-mail system. Don't have a account? Create one here for free. Killing seven members of a wolf pack that repeatedly attacked a Northeast Washington rancher’s cattle cost about $76,500, according to preliminary state figures.

The amount includes all hunts targeting the Wedge Pack, which is believed responsible for killing or injuring 16 calves last summer belonging to the Diamond M Ranch in Stevens County. During a four-day period in September, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spent $22,000 to kill six wolves in the pack using a helicopter and a marksman. You have viewed 20 free articles or blogs allowed within a 30-day period. Registration Required log in to your account for unlimited viewing and commenting access. More on this topic Background and the latest updates Wolves » Coming Sunday. Minnesota Hunters Kill 119 Wolves In 10 Days. “Gloria Skinaway of the Sandy Lake Reservation holds a sign at a protest against the Minnesota wolf hunt at Lake Superior Plaza in downtown Duluth, Minn., Friday afternoon, Sept. 7, 2012.

(AP Photo/The Duluth News-Tribune, Clint Austin)” November 12, 2012 379 wolves have died in the combined hunts since August 30, 2012. Minnesota has been particularly brutal, killing 119 wolves in just 10 days. This doesn’t surprise me, the state has been moving away from their reasonable position on wolves for some time now. Minnesota’s US Democrat Senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, are not wolf fans.

When Minnesota Wildlife Services funding, to trap and kill wolves, was cut in 2011, Senator Al Franken didn’t waste any time writing to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack imploring him to restore monies to the wolf kill program. Minnesota Wildlife Services kills approx. 200 wolves each and every year for agribusiness It’s been going on for decades, while wolves were still protected under the ESA. By Mike Mullen. Back to Yellowstone. I’ve been moving. Six years in this house and an accumulation of items that makes it seem more like 100 years.

I’ve been buried and that is my excuse for taking so long to write more about my glorious trip to Yellowstone. Two weeks ago today I was in the park, driving around by myself as my Wolves of the Rockies friends had just left. I took a spin up the Lamar road, drove a bit down the road toward Norris, where Rhonda and KC and I had been the day before. That was fun. We’d decided we needed to check out a little geyser action and Old Faithful was too far. So we went to the Norris Geyser Basin and took a look around. Rhonda Lanier and KC York at Norris Geyser Basin Rhonda, Marc Cooke, Lorenza Cook, KC It was lonely after everyone left. Two other members of our party, Kim Bean and Kristy Lloyd, had been in the same building a few days before to visit another wolf biologist, Doug Smith. Kim and Doug Kristy and Kim KC, Rhonda, Kim, Marc, Lorenza, Norm, Kristy Marc Cooke Mule deer.

Like this: As Wolves’ Numbers Rise, So Does Friction Between Guardians and Hunters. Nancy Jo Dowler, the president of the Timber Wolf Preservation Society, with Comet. By STEVEN YACCINO Published: November 1, 2012 “GREENDALE, Wis. — When people like Nancy Jo Dowler started raising wolves here decades ago, the animals were rare in Wisconsin and nearly extinct across the country. Now the president of the Timber Wolf Preservation Society, Ms. Dowler, 66, cares for five full-grown purebreds. Hers seems a fairy tale world compared with the legal dogfights occurring beyond these kennels. The legalization of wolf hunting in both states was devised to manage a rebounding wolf population after the federal government stopped listing the species as endangered in the region last year. “We’ve spent a lot as a nation to protect them,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, which in October announced a lawsuit against the federal Fish and Wildlife Service to restore protections for wolves.

Animal rights groups have little sympathy for the hunters. Article Asks Good Questions About Wolf Kill Among Racist Undertones. I often wonder if many authors of articles here in Wisconsin have any concept of the racism that is hidden in their words when discussing Native American issues. Today, I came across an article that raises really good questions about the recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the 14 year old female wolf trapper who they glorified in a fluffy article last week.

The article makes a perfectly good argument agains the wolf slaughter and those perpetrating it. Of course that is if you ignore this line: “The decision to hunt the wolves is just the latest example of the white man running roughshod over the religion and belief of Native Americans. The Ojibwa consider the wolf a brother and a sacred member of their tribe. And just so you don’t think I’m some crazed Indian lover, I think it’s okay to use Warriors or Chiefs as school nicknames.”

Does the author of this article even realize how racist the line “And just so you don’t think I’m some crazed Indian lover” sounds? Like this: Wolf shooting has begun in MN; we will continue to protest. Greetings from Howling For Wolves: The headline in Sunday's Star Tribune that "Wolves Prove Elusive on Hunts First Day" shows the propaganda machine in full force. Already almost 60 wolves have been shot and killed in the first few days of the wolf hunt as reported by the DNR published kill count.

Hardly the low rates predicted. We are saddened and outraged by the commencement of the wolf hunting and trapping season, but we will not be deterred in our actions to oppose it. We are demanding a meeting with Governor Dayton to voice our opposition and deliver our list of letter signers asking him to stop this wolf hunt. As we continue to push for a meeting, we are urging everyone to make the effort to collect more support for our letter. The public needs to know the Governor is allowing the wolves recently removed from Federal endangered species protections to be killed purely for recreation.

Keep howling, Bears take biggest bite of young moose population - The Seward Phoenix Log. ADF&G Photo Fish and Game researchers radio-collar an adult cow moose in order to track her and her calves. In the blue jacket is John Crouse, director of the Moose Research Center. Thomas Donough is wearing an orange vest. “It used to be that on a trip to Anchorage you would see 40 moose along the side of the road and hunters would pack their freezer with moose meat,” said Jim McCracken, chairman of the Seward Fish and Game Advisory Committee, a local citizen’s group that advises the Alaska Board of Game and Alaska Board of Fish on published proposals. Nowadays longtime area hunters like him are scratching their heads and wondering, “Where are the moose?

Why are we seeing such a decline, and how do we get the curve moving the other way to where the moose start to recover?” Said McCracken. The researchers’ preliminary field study results show that 45 of the 54 newborn calves being studied subsequently died, most at the hands of grizzlies. Urgent Great Lakes Update. Ethiopia’s last wolves threatened by lack of genetic diversity as populations become isolated. 30/10/2012 14:16:47Genetic structure and patterns of gene flow among populations of the endangered Ethiopian wolfOctober 2102.

Populations of endangered mammals are often small, fragmented and have low genetic variability that can reduce the ability to evolve in response to environmental changes. 6 small & isolated populationsThe endangered Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) is a habitat specialist restricted to six small, isolated pockets of Afroalpine habitat, with a total population of fewer than 500 adult animals. The degradation of the Ethiopian highlands because of human expansion is ever increasing, potentially leading to further population fragmentation and local extinctions. Further analysis showed that current gene flow is low, unidirectional and limited to geographically proximate populations. Habitat protection is vitalThe protection of the remaining suitable habitat, especially narrow ridges linking habitat patches within mountain blocks, is therefore essential.

Second Critically Endangered Red wolf killed in North Carolina. Heading a self-funded camera crew, wildlife presenter Chris Packham will be filing nightly reports on YouTube of the events in Malta, as thousands of illegal hunters kill all manner of migrating birds as they pass over the island on their way from Africa to their European breeding grounds. Read the full story » Decision on SeaWorld postponed San Diego’s SeaWorld has been given a year’s reprieve after the California State Assembly decided it needed more information before a decision can be made either way on the proposed ‘Blackfish’ bill.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, would ban shows featuring killer whales and captive breeding programmes. Read more » World’s biggest online ivory and whale meat retailer exposed The Japanese retail giant Rakuten has been exposed as the world’s biggest online retailer for elephant ivory and whale meat products. Read more » World marches to end the shooting of tame lions. Experts say hunter's kill might be a wolf. 14 Remaining Thanks for visiting The Columbia Daily Tribune . You're entitled to view 15 free articles every 30 days. Then, if you enjoy our site and want full access, we'll ask you to purchase an affordable subscription. 14 Remaining Thanks for visiting The Columbia Daily Tribune .

You're entitled to view 15 free articles every 30 days, and you currently have 14 remaining. Then, if you enjoy our site and want full access, we'll ask you to purchase an affordable subscription. 14 Remaining Thank you for visiting! 14 Remaining We hope you will enjoy this free article on The Columbia Daily Tribune . 14 Remaining Enjoy unlimited access to articles!

14 Remaining Thank you for reading The Columbia Daily Tribune . 14 Remaining Thank you for registering on The Columbia Daily Tribune . 14 Remaining Thank you for reading The Columbia Daily Tribune . 14 Remaining Thank you for reading The Columbia Daily Tribune . 14 Remaining Thank you for reading 15 free articles on our site. Vote NO For The 81 US Senators Who Betrayed Wolves. 81 Senators, the majority Democrats, sacrificed Northern Rockies gray wolves on April 14, 2011, when they voted to pass a budget bill hiding a wolf delisting rider.

I guess they didn’t think we’d notice. President Obama signed the bill into law. They betrayed wolves, gutted the Endangered Species Act and for what? To protect their majority in the Senate by supporting fellow Democrat Senator Tester’s wolf rider he slipped into the bill, with the approval of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-NV. Only three Democrats voted no: Patrick Leahy D-VT, Ron Wyden D-OR, Carl Levin D-MI. One Independent also voted against the bill, Bernie Sanders of VT. Wolves are now being decimated in Montana and Idaho due to this delisting. Please hold these Senators accountable on election day and vote them out of office. All Senators Who Voted Yes On The Budget Bill/Wolf Delisting Rider (Democrat Names Are In Red) Posted: Apr 14, 2011 4:05 PM by Dennis Bragg (KPAX/KAJ Media Center) Posted in: Wolf Wars Like this:

Message To Illegal Hounders and Those Who Wish To Torture Wolves: You Are Being Watched. Contrary to the squeaky clean image that hounders and other unethical “sportsmen” try to portray, we all know what is really going on. The ghastly, lurid photos being posted all over the internet showing wolf killers psychotically leering over a dead wolf show what the real motives of these people are. Anyone else find it a little fishy that so many wolves have been killed in such a short time?

Of course the anti-wolf zealots will say that it is because there are so many of them, but we know better. I would be curious to know how many were wearing collars and how long these sadists scoped them out before killing them. The hounders even admitted letting their dogs harass wolves before the Natural Resources Board this summer. No one even batted an eye from the DNR. I always explain to them that I am always watching them, and that sooner, or later, they are going to end up on youtube, their pictures, their vehicles, license plates, address ect….

Thank you Chris. Like this: Like Loading... Yellowstone, Part One. Wolves aren’t the only animals wearing collars in Yellowstone National Park. It’s 22 degrees. I stand, trying not to shiver, on a snow-covered hillside peering through a spotting scope. It takes a second before my eyes focus in on the black wolf trotting across the landscape about a half a mile away. When I see it, my breathing stops and the distance between us disappears. This is my first wild wolf sighting and the first day of my visit visit to Yellowstone National Park. I was invited to the park by Marc and Lorenza Cooke of Wolves of the Rockies (WotR). Beckie Elgin, Kc York, Marc Cooke, Lorenza Cooke, Rhonda Lanier, Mike Leahy We chatted with Mike about current wolf issues and the upcoming election. Rhonda rode with me for the trip from Bozeman to the park. Waiting for us at the house Marc had rented in Gardiner was Norman Bishop.

Being with Norm is like having a wolf encyclopedia at your side. Norm Bishop in the Lamar Valley, with David Brooks of Michigan in the background. 181 Innocent Wolves Slaughtered In Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & Wisconsin Wolf Hunts. With all the tall tales currently circulating about alleged "monster" Gray Wolves tipping the scales at 175+ pounds, Idaho Biologist Jason Husseman shared the following information with Norm Bishop depicting our biggest Wolves hitting the scales at 135 po.

Wolves, Wolf Facts, Cougars, Cougar Facts, Coyotes, Coyote Facts - Wolves, Cougars, Coyotes Forever. Decade of the Wolf - An Animal and Its Element. Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Senate takes aim at protections for wildlife. The Fallout of The Legislature Pandering To Kill Everything Groups: All But Two State Parks Will Be Open For Killing Jan. 1st. Protecting the First Gray Wolf in California in 88 Years | Damon Nagami. Genetic structure and patterns of gene flow among populations of the endangered Ethiopian wolf - Gottelli - 2012 - Animal Conservation.

Let’s Focus on the REAL Wolf Torture. Wolf hunt takes off - Biologists say 24 wolves killed since archery, rifle season. Is Wisconsin crying wolf too many times? | Baltimore Post-ExaminerBaltimore Post-Examiner. 142 Wolves Slaughtered in Combined Hunts! Wiretapping Setback & Yellowstone Wolves . NOW. Interview: Making Room for Wolves . NOW. Wolf hunting and trapping. Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves . NOW on PBS. More Evidence of Wolves Being Tortured In Wisconsin? Is There a Link Between Anti-Wolf Sadism and Racism Against Native Americans? 2012 Wolf Stamp Artwork Chosen-Wilderness Weekly January 26, 2012 | New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. With and Without Cattle Grazing. Catherine Howell. "Wolf" by Catherine Howell. "Hungry No More "Tanka"" by Catherine Howell. "The Aerial Hunt" by Catherine Howell. "War At Wolf Hill" by Catherine Howell. (1) Franklin's on Stone Lake. (1) Photos of Wisconsin Wolf Hunting. Chapter 5 -- Economics, Politics, Law and History (Cont.)

(1) Wisconsin Wolf Hunting. Threat to Lobos Only Grows Because of Agency’s Passivity. v3. Killing entire wolf pack is in nobody’s best interests. Washington state wrestles with how to prevent more wolf kills. Wolfhound | Mission: Wolf. The Travelling Ambassador Wolf Program | Mission: Wolf. "Project Yellowstone" Gray Wolf | Wildlife Land Trust. DNR studies wolf behavior as hunting season approaches. 85 Fallen Wolves Idaho-Montana-Wyoming-Wisconsin Wolf/Witch Hunts 2012/2013. Wolves as Russia’s new export item. Five Month Wolf Slaughter Begins Monday and Why Are Federal Employees Giving Wolf Killing Lessons?

Dan MacNulty of Utah State along with Dan Stahler and Doug Smith of Yellowstone's Wolf Project have concluded after 14 years of studying Wolves , that pup survival from birth into young adulthood is directly correlated to the Alpha female's body weight an. Disgusting Fluff Piece About Wolf Killer From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Paul Smith - A howling success for Boyd man. HSUS Intends To Sue USFWS Over Great Lakes Gray Wolf Delisting. Lawsuit takes aim to stop wolf hunt in Wisconsin. Legal History of North America #5: The Western Range Revisited: Removing Livestock from Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity by Debra Donahue. Wolves to the Slaughter. The war on wolves. Wolf Kill Protestor Arrested and HSUS Files Notice to Sue-FINALLY. Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wildlife slaughter an attack on our biodiversity.

Dogs kill 44 sheep in Wyoming. Ho hum, but what if it had been wolves? Friends of Animals | Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls. Mother Wolves Determine Pack Health. Jackson Hole Daily | Wolves die ‘at a trickle’ California agrees to study protections for gray wolf. Greater Yellowstone Coalition - Wolf hunt begins. AP Article Shows True Motivations of Would Be Wolf Killers. Wanted Mexican gray wolf on the run in NM captured. Search Results | EPA Search | US EPA. State wolf recovery still on track, wildlife managers tell commission | WDFW News Release. Are wolves in Idaho really growing to these huge sizes that have been posted on the internet? | Idaho Fish and Game.