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La VR s'installe dans le monde de l'édition - 360natives. - Culture web. Création, contenus, économie numérique - 1ère édition - Xavier Greffe, Nathalie Sonnac - Livres. Bande dessinée : la télévision sera-t-elle l'éditeur providentiel pour les œuvres numériques ? - Le Blog documentaire. C’est l’été, et ça sent un peu les vacances sur les internets… Alors débranchez tout si vous le souhaitez, mais gardez toute de même une petite connexion car la saison est idéale pour dévorer quelques BD interactives !

Bande dessinée : la télévision sera-t-elle l'éditeur providentiel pour les œuvres numériques ? - Le Blog documentaire

Nouveaux supports, nouveaux usages. L’exploration des nouvelles narrations a précipité la bande dessinée sur les supports digitaux. Tandis que les éditeurs “papier” tergiversent sur leur transition numérique, les équipes numériques des chaînes de télévision multiplient les productions intégrant le 9ème art.

Analyse d’un secteur en pleine mutation, par Edouard Gasnier et Martin Morales. Connaissez vous la bande dessinée numérique ? Petit panorama en dehors des cases Ponctuellement, certains médias ont ainsi exploré des formes de bande dessinée interactive. Odyssée 2.0.

BD numérique

Quel numérique pour la bande dessinée ? LIBER NUMERICUS. Qui remportera la bataille opposant le livre à la tablette, ou plus largement le livre au numérique ?


Cette interrogation, tout comme la prédiction de la disparition du livre, relève avant tout du fantasme. Comme le révèlent auteurs, artistes et éditeurs, le numérique constitue avant tout un défi à relever pour le livre car il nécessite de nouvelles façons de le concevoir. L’exposition « Liber Numericus » met en lumière les mutations et les nouvelles représentations du livre, tant en littérature que dans la création plastique contemporaine. De l’ouvrage House of Leaves de M. Z. Contes Numériques – Seniors et enfants de Nouvoitou réunis autour d’un parcours culturel. « Alienare », un livre-film qui se lit comme une appli. Amazon opens its first real bookstore — at U-Village. Two decades after it started selling books online, Amazon opens a shopping center storefront with books for sale on actual shelves.

Amazon opens its first real bookstore — at U-Village

Bookstore owners often think of as the enemy. Histoires & Cie – séance en version numérique. Grenoble introduces short story dispensers in public areas. See you later, smartphones; welcome back, good old-fashioned reading.

Grenoble introduces short story dispensers in public areas

Grenoble, the charming capital of the French Alps, is often— falsely — discussed in the French media for its crime rates. Today, culture is back on the main stage. The idea is to make waiting around in public places pass a little quicker with… short story dispensers. While it it customary these days to zone out staring at our smartphones while we wait for something, the Grenoble town council aims for its inhabitants to instead take advantage of these moments and, to bring back a bit of culture we’ve lost in the technological revolution. 5è Baromètre SOFIA/SNE/SGDL sur les usages du livre numérique – vidéo. 5 urban innovations Toronto could use right now.

The Toronto of the future will be bigger, bolder, and (hopefully) smarter.

5 urban innovations Toronto could use right now

New technologies and ideas are helping cities around the world improve the quality of life for their citizens by way of better transit, more accessible services, and modernized or repurposed infrastructure, and Toronto should be no different. While we're pretty influential (according to Forbes magazine,) there is still plenty the city could learn from the rest of the world. Here are 5 useful ideas Toronto could use right now. Reinvented phone boothsPhone booths are a dying breed. More than three quarters of Canadians have cellphones and as a result the telephones on Toronto's streets are increasingly forlorn and underused (most linger due to their applications in an emergency.

Better streetcar service inspired by other cities Despite having one of the largest surface rail networks on the continent, Toronto just can't seem to get streetcars right. Simplified parking signs Street parking in Toronto is a mess. BookLikes - Blog platform designed for book lovers. Bookmate. Bookigee. Studio. Just another site. France continues to search for a 'French Google,' while candidates find no support. It’s hard to keep track of the number of initiatives that have been started or proposed in France in order to create a “French Google” – that is, a France-based internet company with equal influence as players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Amazon.

France continues to search for a 'French Google,' while candidates find no support

I often feel that the French government’s entire investment strategy (via BPIFrance) is built around trying to find a diamond in the rough, a needle in the haystack, and propel it to multinational status. During Silicon Sentier’s launch of NUMA last month, one attendee told me that the association which manages LeCamping was originally meant to find a ‘French Google,’ though the mission statement of Silicon Sentier has since evolved & shifted. Even if there was a startup with the potential to disrupt Internet usage on such an infrastructural level as Google/Android, there’s evidence to suggest that such a startup would not be able to survive with France as its headquarters.

Oyster hits back at Amazon; launches online ebook subscription service. Oyster today launched its Netflix-for-books subscription service on the Web, striking back at Amazon less than a week after the debut of Kindle Unlimited.

Oyster hits back at Amazon; launches online ebook subscription service

Now available in desktop and mobile Web browsers, Oyster’s $10 per month subscription service packs a catalog of 500,000 books — 100,000 more titles than competing subscription service Scribd, and 100,000 less than Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. According to Oyster, today’s release has been in the works for months; it was apparently not a quick reaction to Amazon’s similar ebook subscription service.

After trying out the service ourselves, we found the Web experience to be aesthetically pleasing, but not optimal when compared to the mobile and tablet experience. Following the launch of Kindle Unlimited, Oyster chief Eric Stromberg told VentureBeat he wasn’t surprised by the news. “They have pivoted from transactional to subscription-based in other media and have had limited success,” he jabbed., Inc. Powered by VBProfiles.

Scribd's unlimited ebook service gets 15K new titles from romance publisher Harlequin. The market for ebook services is starting to get more exciting as major book publishers start accepting the idea that consumers want a “Netflix for books” to satisfy their voracious reading habits.

Scribd's unlimited ebook service gets 15K new titles from romance publisher Harlequin

The latest example comes from Scribd’s premium unlimited ebook service, which today added over 15,000 book titles from major book publisher Harlequin. The publisher is well known for producing romance novels as well as a mix of other titles. Scribd’s unlimited service features a library of 500,000 ebook titles from more than 900 publishers, which subscribers can access across several devices via official Scribd apps. But to gain complete access to that library of ebooks, you’ll need to pay a $9 monthly subscription fee. That price could be a huge bargain for extremely active readers who commonly purchase two or three books per month anyway.

Jeremy Greenfield - E-Book Acid Test. Apple Squandering Opportunity To Make Waves In Ebook Business? Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited - a Netflix-for-books - in the UK. Amazon is launching its Kindle Unlimited ebooks subscription service in the UK, following its US debut in July.

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited - a Netflix-for-books - in the UK

The service, which costs £7.99 a month, offers unlimited access to a catalogue of more than 650,000 ebooks, as well as more than 2,000 audiobooks from Amazon’s Audible subsidiary. The ebook equivalent of Spotify for music or Netflix for TV shows and films, Kindle Unlimited is being marketed with an emphasis on bestsellers: J.K. Electric Literature. Albertine, chapitre d'ouverture.