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The ultimate guide to getting started in web design. Do you want to learn how to design your very first website?

The ultimate guide to getting started in web design

12 documentaires que tous les graphistes devraient voir. This collection of documentaries has been curated to be both a great foundation and fresh inspiration for any graphic designer or artist.

12 documentaires que tous les graphistes devraient voir

The films cover all kinds of creation – from street art to industrial design to typography – but all of them are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Here they are: 1. Helvetica A documentary about a the world’s most inescapable typeface: Helvetica. 2. Also directed by Gary Hustwitt, this documentary is about consumers’ relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. 3. This 25 minute short film by the legendary Saul Bass is part documentary, part animated title sequence. 4.

In this video series, Hillman Curtis interviews a collection of the top designers and design firms of our time about their work. 5. Made by legendary graffiti artist Banksy, this documentary is actually about L.A. thrift shop owner Thierry Guetta’s strange journey from street art documentarian, to street artist, to famous pop artist. 6. 7. Art and Design Inspiration. Tendances webdesign #1 La structure. 10 web design tools you can't live without. The world of web design tools never stands still.

10 web design tools you can't live without

Technology keeps on advancing, standards keep on evolving, and every month there's new stuff to try out that can make your life as a designer that little bit better. Static mockups are becoming less useful and the lines between designer and developer are becoming increasingly blurred. As we work more collaboratively with one another, the tools we use are having to change. Here, then, are 12 essential tools for a life in web design. Try them out, see how they work for you, but don't get too attached to them. 01. Pictaculous - A Color Palette Generator (courtesy of MailChimp) Free PSD Mockups. Webdesigner Trends - Webdesign et inspiration. Free Geometric Arabic Vector Background - Download Free Vector Art, Stock Graphics & Images.

Close You are allowed to: Download to obtain the non-exclusive right to use Eezy files to create new, derivative, unique works, however the original Eezy file or artwork must be largely unrecognizable.

Free Geometric Arabic Vector Background - Download Free Vector Art, Stock Graphics & Images

Download, edit, and remix for personal and commercial use, but give credit back to the author in one of the following ways For Video: please add "" in the final credits For Print: please add "" in the final copy For Websites: copy and paste the following code for attribution. 50 Useful Libraries and Resources for Responsive Web Design. Nick Anastasov Let’s talk about responsive web design.

People are increasingly dependent on their smart mobile devices, and chances are that a large portion of the visitors of your website have used their phone or tablet to get to it. In this article you will find 50 articles, tools and resources, which will help you learn what responsiveness is, and how to apply these techniques to your current website. Happy learning! Basics Let’s start with these articles which explain the basic ideas of responsiveness. 1. Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator. Add this code to your CSS file and set the class colorful to the element you want to have the background.

Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator

CSS User Interface Illustration - ByPeople. Illustrator Tutorial: Wrapping a pattern around a circular path - Y-Designs, Inc. The Most Gorgeous Website You Will See Today: National Honesty Index. Today’s most gorgeous site is a little bit unusual.

The Most Gorgeous Website You Will See Today: National Honesty Index

Brought to you by the Honest Tea brand, in a take on their name they decided to conduct an experiment to find out where the most honest people dwell and what categories they fall into. Is Madison Avenue more honest than Wall Street? Is Wall Street more honest than the folks on Capitol Hill? You can discover the non-scientific answers to these questions and more at this unique site. What makes it so unique? Skip on over and play with the site if you have a few minutes. 45+ Free Email HTML & HTML5 Themes & Templates.

Email templates sound like a relatively new concept but they are already in such huge demand that most small and big enterprises now make use of free html email templates.

45+ Free Email HTML & HTML5 Themes & Templates

A good and suitable email template plays a vital role as a marketing tool. You may also visit Best Responsive Email Templates. Even though designing a premium template of your own may be time consuming and tedious, some people do prefer going for creating the best that they can. For the others who do not find time to design a template, there are many html Responsive email templates innovated by the top designers that you can readily use for your emails. You may also visit Simple HTML Email Templates. Classic Html Email Template Classic HTML Email Template is a classy looking template. 13+ Best Email Signature Templates and Tools. Download free website templates. Text Effects Archives - Page 3 of 11 - Photoshop Tutorials, Digital Art Tutorials and Showcase. Plastic Studio, talentueux Webdesigner et Designer d’interface #20. Pour ce vingtième numéro, je vous propose de partir à la découverte du studio d’UI/UX design barcelonais Plastic Studio.

Plastic Studio, talentueux Webdesigner et Designer d’interface #20

Spécialisée dans le développement d’expériences digitales de qualité, cette petite agence a tout d’une grande : une équipe unie et complète pour qui les maîtres mots sont : créativité, esthétique et design d’interaction. Plactic Studio collabore exclusivement avec des marques, des start ups et des agence digitales. Chaque design a une mise en page moderne et un design léché. La direction artistique est toujours du plus haut vol, que ce soit pour les fonds, les éléments d’interface, les photos et même les typographies.

Installer Symfony 2 pour développer sur Mac OS X. Hello, Après avoir parler de l’IDE qui va bien pour développer en Symfony 2 sur Mac OS X, voici un petit article pour expliquer comment installer son environnement de développement (Apache, PHP, Mysql…)

Installer Symfony 2 pour développer sur Mac OS X

Free textures for your next web project. Pixlr Web Apps. Christian Baur ■ communication design. Free Vector Art - Download Free Vector Art Graphics at Vecteezy! All Free Backgrounds - Free Web Page Background Images, Graphics and Textures. All Textures Textures from TextureKing. Free High Resolution Textures - Lost and Taken. Kuler. News For Designers & Web Developers. 40 Excellent Examples of Texture in Web Design.

303 shares 11 Inspiring Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design Here at WDL we like to browse the web to find inspiring websites to show our readers.

40 Excellent Examples of Texture in Web Design

Every week we like to gather lists based on styles, trends and nice elements we believe you will like it. Elements like textures and patterns, which have been around for a while and are still being used to… Read More 432 shares Colorful Logos for Your Inspiration We’ve rounded up some examples of logo designs that make excellent use of color. Comment réussir ses cartes de visite en 8 points. a le plaisir d’accueillir Arnaud Le Camus de l’agence Boobup (spécialiste de la création graphique), qui nous donne ses conseils pour réaliser des cartes de visites efficaces.

Et pour en savoir plus, téléchargez notre guide GRATUIT de 100 pages pour réussir vos cartes de visite :