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Printable ESL Word Search Puzzles for Kids, Worksheets for Kids English. Macmillan English. Teaching English to Children: Gogo Loves English. A coursebook in the life of. How to introduce this guest blogger when in fact he has saved me the job, and kindly added a short bio at the end of his article?

A coursebook in the life of

Adam, who is based in Istanbul, is one of those people you meet on Twitter or Facebook (@yearinthelifeof) and you feel you just have to meet in real life too (and not only because Tweedeck flatly refuses to let me see his avatar photo ;) ). Always a source of interesting references, blog posts and musical titbits, I have actually yet to meet him (so many reasons to go back to Istanbul one day…..), but am extremely pleased to be able to welcome Adam to Take a photo and… in the same month as the British Council ‘TeachingEnglish’ team has shortlisted him for the Blog of the Month ‘accolade’.

So, it’s over to Adam…………. How do you work with your course book? Do you ever get your learners to look forward to coming units in anticipation, or do you take each unit – or even the coming page – as it comes? What you need Go to ELT Pics and have a look around. Well done! Learning English - For teachers. Christmas ideas. 50 Ted Talks Every Educator Should Check Out (2014 Edition)

The communication explosion reaches its peak when you explore the endless avenues running through TED Talks.

50 Ted Talks Every Educator Should Check Out (2014 Edition)

Moreover, the title educator embodies many forms within these talks. So it’s precisely for this reason that any educator benefits from so many of these talks. Each speaker reveals his or her passion of a view or a subject with the enthusiasm of a first-year teacher. Using TED Talks to convey an important message or spark creativity might be more effective in teaching students than an individual agenda or preconceived notion of what should be said.

Furthermore, TED Talks challenges educators everywhere to think differently and encourage the same in their students. These are the best TED Talks for any educator because they make us laugh, warm our hearts, break down barriers, and always inspire us to dig a little deeper and push a little harder. 1. 100,000 Tutors 2. Sugata Mitra won the 2013 TED Prize for his idea: Build a School in the Cloud. 3. 4. 5. Creative Speaking. I.

Creative Speaking

Introduction We are teaching in a time of exciting changes not only in the field of education, but also more specifically in ELT. Newer and more liberating technologies are opening up possibilities for what’s capable inside and outside of the classroom. Educators in all disciplines are beginning to arm our students with what’s commonly referred to as 21st century skills, which includes creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. In our own field, language instructors are increasingly abandoning acquiescence to a structured approach of language acquisition in favor of emergence.

What It Is TaleCrafters is classroom role-playing game. The evolution of this system comes from a thriving industry of indie-RPGs. While TaleCrafters is primarily about role-play, it also gives you a framework for contextualizing other task-based learning activities you use in your EFL classroom. Who the Students Are TaleCrafters is designed to be scalable. 12 Interesting Ways To Start Class Tomorrow. 12 Interesting Ways To Start Class Tomorrow by Terry Heick It’s Sunday night.

12 Interesting Ways To Start Class Tomorrow

You love teaching, your love your classroom, you love your students (most of them), but you’re tired. This doesn’t mean you’re not willing to work, but it makes the fountain of good ideas run a bit dry at times. So here are 12 ways to start class tomorrow. Give them a go and see what sticks, then share how it went or ideas better than these via twitter or facebook. 1. All students stand in circle. Also, pouting or talking during counting results in elimination from future rounds.

If less than 95% of your students are smiling the whole time, you’re doing it wrong. 2. 60 Second Talk Students are chosen to give 60 second talks on anything, from self-selected topics they are passionate about, have specific expertise in, etc., to topics given from teacher. 3. Debate Beyonce versus Rihanna, colored pencils versus crayons, Apple versus Android, or the best way to break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Datenglish. TeachingEnglish.

English Teaching Resources. Oposiciones.