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Teach 9 irregular verbs in one lesson It is much more memorable to teach or learn irregular verbs in a story. The verbs, especially their meaning, are easier to remember and retrieve from memory. Moreover, teaching verbs in a story is fun. In this post there are several activities: a mind map, a worksheet, an MP3 drill and an interactive quiz. These activities will make the teaching and learning enjoyable and fun.

Gardner Gardner'sMultipleIntelligences Bloom'sTaxonomy Home Multiple Intelligences/Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Matrix A food festival Introduction When students are going to do a listening activity, it is useful to get them thinking about the topic of the listening beforehand. That way they can reactivate and extend their store of vocabulary. In this lesson, students first discuss the topic of food festivals, then they focus on their listening skills in preparation for part 2 of the FCE listening test. Through a series of activities students will become more aware of what to ‘notice’ in a gap fill listening exercise, enabling them to do the Listening part 2 more successfully.

ESL Grammar Worksheets Nouns ESL Grammar Worksheets: List of 100 Common Nouns ESL Grammar Worksheets: Nouns (1) - an introduction to Nouns (people, places, and things) TIME for Kids Subscription Volume rates are off of the regular subscription price. Additional volume discount opportunities are available for schools ordering for more than 300 students. Please call 877-604-8017 for more information. Offer applies to orders of 10 or more. Orders for fewer than 10 subscriptions to TFK are $29.95 per subscription and do not include a subscription to TIME magazine, the Teacher's Guide, or free gifts.

3. Integration of Blooms' Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence in English Classroom Introduction: Intelligence is a term which by and large is understood differently by different people. Few researches and theorists believe intelligence as static and everyone is born with it and it remains the same. According to the newer researches intelligence is the extent of one believes one can do. It is not static and unlike the earlier belief it keeps changing and developing throughout one’s life. Different studies in Neuro physics suggests that Human brain works better with use and that intelligence is a learned combination of many different skills and abilities, there are a few who assume that intelligence is a single trait that is heavily determined by genetics. In a broader way intelligence generally involve ability to learn, problem solve, and adapt.

CRUD - Portofino CRUD operations are at the core of many database-driven applications. With databases of tens or hundreds of tables, a good CRUD component is the key for user satisfaction and developer productivity. Clean, elegant forms Resources Welcome to the #AusELT Resource Pages. #AusELT is a community of enthusiastic, dedicated ELT professionals based in or near to Australia and New Zealand, who work together to share industry-related resources, advice and news via social media. This list of resources was started because we felt there was little published material out there with an Antipodean focus, and we wanted to help our learners better understand and engage with local culture, lifestyle, music, film, current events etc., whilst learning English in a way that is practical, relevant and engaging. We hope that these pages will be a forum for sharing this type of Australasia-related content, bringing together our favourite resources, ideas, lessons, worksheets and links in one convenient location. Click on the RESOURCES tab above and choose a page from the drop-down list.

ESL Reading Worksheets - Short Stories - Free Arbor Day - Marla and Tio plant a tree in the yard. Breakfast - Jack has high cholesterol and has to stop eating donuts. Bus Driver - Adan wants to retire next year when he turns sixty-two. Camping - Bears take over a campsite! Nik Peachey - Managing the digital classroom Date: 9 October 2016 Link to the recorded talk: The language classroom is becoming an increasingly complex environment with students attending classes equipped with a variety of digital devices. These devices can become a tiresome distraction or a powerful tool for learning depending on the skill and knowledge of the teacher. In this workshop we will explore together a range of digital tools and teaching techniques that teachers can use to utilize the presence of digital devices in the classroom and make them productive.

Free Teaching Resources - NSW AMES Fire safety, Calling an ambulance, Beach safety and Understanding good health are designed to integrate safety and emergency training into ESL language programs. The activities in these resources are aligned to the learning outcomes in the Certificates in Spoken and Written English These four resources are FREE for teachers and students to use. All resources can be downloaded by clicking on the below links. Copies can be made but no changes must be made to the content. Inference Riddle Game by Phil and David Tulga Inference Riddles- having fun with inference and prediction - Welcome to my page on inference riddles. It includes my free Inference Riddle Game that you can play right now on your computer.

Mark Oliver: Text chat in the classroom Date: 8 October 2016 Link to the recorded talk: My interest in this topic began while I was undertaking my MA TESOL. I wrote my dissertation on learner noticing of corrective feedback provided in a text chat environment. After completing my MA, I self-published a guide to using text chat in language classrooms ( In this book, I highlight the advantages of text chat practice for learners and provide a step-by-step guide for teachers and 29 text chat tasks.