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A quick overview of the CFA course. The Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA charter is a globally recognised and respected investment certification in the world.

A quick overview of the CFA course

The program is aimed at improving the financial management of the candidates and managing investments. The program imparts knowledge, which would be helpful in their professional careers. The program also focuses highly on ethics and professional standards. Top convention and exhibition centers in India. Gone are the days of slaving away at your workspace and presenting your products, services, and innovations through power-point sales pitches behind doors, and through online and newspaper advertisements.

Top convention and exhibition centers in India

This is the age of information. Businesses are booming and ideas & innovations spark the globe anew. Business conventions are the next step into connecting with the public at large and taking your ideas to a global frontier. How to Manage Your Sips during the Lockdown. The spread of the pandemic has resulted in a total lifestyle change for all of us.

How to Manage Your Sips during the Lockdown

Our schedules had to be rewritten, our priorities had to change, and our finances had to be reassessed. Working from home meant taking a cut in the salary, while the expenses increased for various reasons. In such a situation, not all of us have been able to manage our loan repayments and investments. Even though public banks and government gave us some concessions, managing finances has not been easy. People have started to stop and withdraw their investments in the stock market and mutual funds. What are the good sleeping positions during pregnancy? At times, pregnant women may find themselves tossing and turning in bed, attempting to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

What are the good sleeping positions during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, your regular sleeping positions may not work during pregnancy. You might be inclined to visit the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad for your sleeping issues, but hold on a moment, and read this article to know more about sleeping positions and pregnancy. A brief look at the online video consultation situation in India's healthcare sector. A billion-dollar business built on the support of tech-savvy patients in India – that’s what one can expect the current online video consultation platforms to grow into.

A brief look at the online video consultation situation in India's healthcare sector

This outlook would probably find acceptance from many of India’s digital health entrepreneurs. A promising outlook like this owes its gratitude to a new breed of online consultation platforms, fueled by algorithms and venture capital, making it easier than ever to get a medical consultation. Scope of digital video consultation platforms in India.

Live Video Lectures for CFA® Program Exam Prep. Live Online Video Lectures for CFA® Program Exam Prep ACE the CFA Program Exams with IFT Live Online CFA Course!

Live Video Lectures for CFA® Program Exam Prep

In these live interactive sessions, you will learn how to apply the concepts from the curriculum — further improving your grasp. The interactive nature of the session makes these classes more effective! Key Benefits of the IFT Live Class: – Practice, Practice, Practice. . – Prepare Smarter: We predict that the MPS or the Minimum Passing Score will be higher in the upcoming December exam. Level I December. 2020 Level I December Start your exam preparation with the most popular CFA® Program exam prep videos on the internet!

Level I December

IFT videos are amazingly comprehensible. Students love the way Arif Irfanullah explains concepts. Start your free trial to see for yourself. If you want to continue with IFT, then choose a package which fits your needs and budget. 5 Tips to Follow for Your Post Lockdown Travel. With the lockdown rules slowly easing out and all of us about to return to our life again, many of us have already started planning for vacations and travels.

5 Tips to Follow for Your Post Lockdown Travel

As we have all come to know that post-lockdown travel won’t be the same again. And to ensure your safety, here are someimportant tips that you must adhere to when booking your Delhi to Colombo flights or any other international flights. Why Plagiarism Checking Software is Important for Schools. Did you know, the first case of plagiarism is over 2,000 years old?

Why Plagiarism Checking Software is Important for Schools

While this act might be almost as old as civilization, it has never been as prevalent as it has been since the advent of the internet. Before the internet, plagiarism was hard work. One had to go to libraries, go through numerous books and manuscripts, and then retype or write down everything manually. By the time you were done with it, it had taken so much effort that is did no longer beneficial. But the internet changed everything! The Procedure, Benefits, and Side-Effects of Tubectomy Procedure.

Tubal litigation is a permanent contraception method.

The Procedure, Benefits, and Side-Effects of Tubectomy Procedure

Previously, birth control methods like condoms, birth control pills (BCPs), vaginal rings and contraceptive implants like IUDs were some of the popular ways women avoided pregnancies. Today, with advancing medical technologies, tubectomy is widely performed to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as sexual infections. According to the findings from the 2018 National Family Health Survey-4 (NFHS) by the Indian health ministry, 36% of married women in India, in the age bracket of 15-49 years of age, choose to undergo tubectomy, followed by 6% who depend on male condoms and 4% who rely on BCPs. Tubal ligation is a surgical process, and safe when performed by a qualified and experienced gynaecologist.

What to Pack When Traveling to Hyderabad on Work? Hyderabad is home to giants like Google and Amazon, and a significant IT crowd. Cutthroat competition is pushing even the largest organizations to improve their work culture. In fact, highly paid profiles and perks dominate every software firm, big or small. How to Ensure that Your Research Papers are Plagiarism-Free. Posted by skshaheen in Other on June 22nd, 2020 A well-crafted research paper can help you secure your dream job. 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Avoid Plagiarism. Over the years, old cases of plagiarism are regularly discovered. The scandals are even known to cause political turmoil, ending in serious allegations. In fact, 90% students still believe that cheaters will never get caught or punished, according to a poll by US News and World Reports.However, with advanced technology, authorship detection and text matching approaches are being embraced to end cyber plagiarism.

Therefore, while writing an assignment, you need to be extra careful so as to not get accused to content theft. Here are some of the best ways to avoid plagiarism. Learn the Citation Rules Be it statistics, maps, figures or research findings, know how to cite the sources. Solving the Eternal Problem of Plagiarism in Content. Blame it on cut-throat competition or easy access to millions of webpages, plagiarism is continuously on the rise.

Knowledge of this wrongful deed is extremely crucial to take an informed decision. It will help halt the process of academic theft and promote creativity in students. Other industries, like law firms, SEO agencies and publishing houses, can also benefit from a plagiarism checker. Buy Organic Traffic From Google SERP Query. Build a Strong Education Plan For Your Child in Five Steps! An opportunity of getting a good education for your child is the best way to arm them to face the future. While this may not be a problem for those in developed regions, in the underdeveloped zones, access to good education, child education planner, and educational aids is difficult. Here is a way to circumvent the problem using basic steps. Planning for education starts with a plan. The essence of this child education planner includes the following: Choose the right educational institution.Should have access to librariesHave an equal emphasis on playing and learningSchools should have skilled staff.

4 Most-loved chicken recipes in India. Indian food is famous for its delicious varieties and spicy flavors. The chicken recipes in India especially leave the lingering taste. Chicken dishes in India have this peculiar taste and the recipes are named after the places or states they are made in. The famous Machha Jhola from Bengal, Quasi-Gujarati Chicken, the delicious Chicken Coorg in Karnataka style, the list goes on and on. Things to Know Before Buying a Home in Mumbai. Know These 5 Causes of Infertility In Women. Female infertility is usually a result of hormonal disruption, but other factors may also cause it. Women must understand the reasons behind their infertility for managing their condition. 5 Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer. One of the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women is breast cancer.

In fact, 2.1 million women are impacted by breast cancer each year, according to data provided by the World Health Organization. Of these, it is estimated that 627,000 women die from the disease each year. Ptosis in children: Causes and symptoms. In the early stages of your child’s life, one should always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that could indicate something is wrong. One of these signs in infants and children is when the upper eyelid is lower than it should be. This may be seen in one of the eyes of even both of them. Eyelid drooping occurring at birth or within the first year is called Congenital Ptosis. Child Education Policy: How to Plan for the Inflationary Costs? Many parents are worried about the rising cost of education in India. Apply for Life Insurance Policy in India. Term Plan in 2020: How to Get One with the Lowest Premium? Having a term insurance policy is a must for everyone. However, it is a win-win situation if you get the right type of term insurance plan at a low-cost.

Top 5 Cocktails for a Girl’s Night Out. How to choose the best IVF fertility treatment center in Bangalore. Heart Conditions Kids May Have By Birth. A heart defect is basically any problem with the heart’s structure. Congenital heart defects are not very rare; more than 180,000 children in India are born with CHD every year. A heart defect is basically any problem with the heart’s structure. According to the best heart surgeon in Hyderabad, there are over 35 different types of conditions that are included in the large umbrella of the term ‘heart defect’ – What is Clubfoot and How can it be Treated? The average prevalence of clubbed foot is approximately 1 out of 1,000 live births and might cause permanent disability when left untreated, according to a report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Clubbed foot can be both mild and severe, and treatment is recommended soon after birth.

Gold ETFs getting steadily popular during COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the world from each aspect. Be it financial or health situations, the entire world is now putting up a tough fight against this virus. The global economy has been affected quite badly and that has made the global economic situation go through certain changes. भारतात जीवन विमा पॉलिसीसाठी अर्ज करा

6 latest hit dance numbers to perfect for workout. How to raise a happy and calm child? The Signs and Stages of Labour and Delivery. Construction Finance. ULIP Plans: Manage your wealth smartly. Commercial Loan Self Employed. How to Protect Your Child from the Flu. 5 Aspects to Consider Before You Choose an Equity Fund. All You Need to Know About Home Made Pickles. Self Care After Abortion. Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Symptoms and Causes. Airtel Postpaid Plans That Offer AirtelThanks Benefits.

Best Airtel DTH plans that offer AirtelThanks benefits. 4 Quick Ways To Pay Your Electricity Bill. How to pay an electricity bill from home? Top 4 DTH Service Providers in India. A quick review of Ocean's Thirteen. Top 5 revenge movies from Bollywood. Top 3 Salman Khan family-drama movies. A quick review of Shawshank redemption. Why Transformers still has its magic intact? MG Hector beats the competition with its performance. 5 Simple yet effective ways to correct sitting posture.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Cancer Insurance. What Causes Diabetes? Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Causes. The Holy City of Varanasi is More Than Just Ghats. Here’s Why. Top 5 prepaid plans in India. The best mobile recharge offers in 2020. Do’s And Dont’s To Consider During Home Cleaning. Features of Airtel Digital TV. How to Use a condom: 5 Steps of Safer Satisfaction. 4 Healthy foods to add to your kid’s diet chart. How to pay less tax. Popular investment options for your child’s education cost.

Comparing 3 best DTH plan by Airtel. Does NAV decide the fate of your mutual funds? Lifestyle Changes for a Successful Pregnancy. What to choose a gold ETF or gold fund? Top 5 Hollywood all-time must-watch films. How to Make it Easier to Travel with Seniors. Travel Tips to Make the Most of your India Trip. How to Make IUI Successful. How to choose the best performing balanced fund. Everything You Need to Know About Big Data Analytics. 7 Best Indian Souvenirs to Take Home. Why are Child Vaccinations Important? Recent hits by Tulsi Kumar. Best Tax Saving Instruments for Senior Citizens.

10 interesting things to know about Ocean's Eleven. Life insurance in India - What should you know. Healthy yet attractive food ideas for a kid’s birthday party. 4 easy yet effective home cures for neck pain. Is NAV Important in Buying a Mutual Fund? A right combination of different types of equity funds to have better returns. What should your Child life insurance plan have? Benefits of loan against property you should know. Bikini Wax, How to do Bikini Waxing at Home, Tips, Guide. Reliance Jio Rs. 349 Is Meant For You If You Can’t Live Without the Internet. How to find a pediatrician for your child.

Myths and Facts about Child Insurance Plans. Things to know for non-swimmers during river rafting. Role of Massage in Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief. Visit Golden Temple in the holy city of Amritsar. 5 steps to build a decent retirement corpus. War songs compel you to get up and dance. Must-have English songs for your road trip this Diwali. Want some ice cream? Make your favourite kind! Top 5 Questions to Ask Your OB/Gynaecologist During Pregnancy. Pachtaoge – yet another intense track by Arijit Singh.