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Top Software Testing Trends to Watch Out For in 2020. The software testing landscape continues to evolve.

Top Software Testing Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

We have seen the continuation of developing trends and the emergence of new trends in 2019. This year, our team of automation experts has cast a few predictions on the latest trends in the software testing industry. Check them out! To see the recap on 2019 software testing trends, read our article here. 1. Intelligent automation will continue to be on the software testing radar in 2020, according to a variety of reports. Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have been leveraged in software test automation before.

Software Testing Trends 2019 Recap. 2019 is almost over.

Software Testing Trends 2019 Recap

The software testing landscape has seen numerous introductions in new testing approaches and innovations at an exponential rate. It has also witnessed the continuation of technological improvement, evolution, and reinvention. As we are progressing to 2020, let’s take a retrospective look at the top trends in test automation and see how we stand after one year. Our team at Katalon has reflected on the most popular trends that took place in the software testing industry over the course of one year. We have compiled the five most influential software testing trends in 2019. 1.

Katalon Smart Wait: A New Way to Handle Web Loading Issues. For those who are familiar with Selenium WebDriver, one of the most common features is the Wait command.

Katalon Smart Wait: A New Way to Handle Web Loading Issues

These commands are handy in test scripts execution, or observing and troubleshooting issues that arise due to time lag. Wait commands are powerful — but they also come along with a big problem with timing due to front-end processing. Starting from version 7.0.0, we have introduced the Smart Wait feature that helps you handle Selenium wait issues without any additional test scripts.

The #1 Selenium’s Villain: Timing Issue Most web applications today are developed using front-end technologies such as Javascript or Ajax. Desktop Application Testing with Katalon Studio 7. We’ve incorporated desktop application (app) testing to Katalon Studio — starting from version 7.0.0.

Desktop Application Testing with Katalon Studio 7

This addition to the tool’s existing capabilities (web, API, and mobile testing) will transform Katalon Studio into a complete cross-platform test automation solution. See release notes here Katalon Studio for Desktop App Testing Starting from Katalon Studio 7, you can test desktop apps on Windows 10 PCs. 7 Things to Know About the Brand New Katalon Studio 7. The brand new Katalon Studio 7 is here!

7 Things to Know About the Brand New Katalon Studio 7

Katalon Studio 7 (KS7) arrived with a host of enhanced features, promising to deliver an enjoyable automation experience and address the common challenges of the testing community. It also comes with new capabilities tailored for medium and large businesses’ needs. Most of these features and functionalities were suggested by the Katalon Community (you want it, you got it!).

That being said, here are a few of our favorite things in KS7! Katalon Studio 7: A Glance Over the Top 7 Features Smart execution This feature is the answer to one of the most notable pain points that Selenium users often face when testing web applications. Selenium tests tend to have a high rate of flakiness due to the timing issue, causing instability in the test results. Best 14 CI/CD Tools You Must Know. “Quality at Speed” is the new norm in software development.

Best 14 CI/CD Tools You Must Know

Enterprises are making their moves toward DevOps methodologies and Agile culture to accelerate the delivery speed and ensure product quality. In DevOps, a continuous and automated delivery cycle is the backbone that makes fast and reliable delivery possible. This results in the need for proper continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. CI/CD Pipeline: What, Why & How to Build The Best One. On this page: To gain full potential of the software development workflow, developers today must familiarize themselves with the best workflows, practices, and tools.

CI/CD Pipeline: What, Why & How to Build The Best One

Fast software production is no longer enough to win today’s technology marketplace. Deployments have to be faster, more reliable, and more accurate than the competitors. A sturdy CI/CD pipeline is the solution to this challenge. Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment: Where to draw the line? You’ve likely heard of the term CI/CD pipeline.

Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment: Where to draw the line?

What is Regression Testing? Definition, Tools & How to Get Started. What is regression testing?

What is Regression Testing? Definition, Tools & How to Get Started

Regression testing is a software testing practice that ensures an application still functions as expected after any code changes, updates, or improvements. Regression testing is responsible for the overall stability and functionality of the existing features. Whenever a new modification is added to the code, regression testing is applied to guarantee that after each update, the system stays sustainable under continuous improvements. Changes in the code may involve dependencies, defects, or malfunctions. Regression testing targets to mitigate these risks, so that the previously developed and tested code remains operational after new changes. Generally, an application goes through multiple tests before the changes are integrated into the main development branch.

Research Done For You (2019 Updated) The third wave of test automation brings about more concepts in software delivery – one of which is ‘continuous testing.’

Research Done For You (2019 Updated)

However, mastering continuous testing is difficult; choosing the right continuous testing tool is even more overwhelming. Using the right tool is incredibly beneficial to your software testing and delivery success. Top 30+ DevOps Interview Questions. Total DevOps Interview Questions & Answers DevOps – a renowned software development practice that many companies adopt into their workflow – has been drawing a great deal of attention. More and more companies have adopted this practice, including large enterprises such as Netflix, Facebook, or Amazon. As a matter of fact, DevOps-related job has become one of the most promising career choices for IT professionals. You might be among the developers who are planning to advance their career as a DevOps engineer, analyst, or specialist. Besides the required technical skills, a DevOps job interview can be a tough challenge without diligent preparation.

In this blog, we’ll cover more than 30 most common DevOps interview questions for you to ace the interview and successfully get that dream job. DevOps terms and definitions. Best Strategies to Implement for Your Team. In today’s rapidly changing world, software products need to be upgraded frequently and quickly to bring value to customers and users. Software features are continuously developed, tested, deployed, and operated in the production environment. New features are not only developed and tested successfully, but they also deployed and operated without much chaos and disruption. Software cross-functional teams which include product owners, software development, quality assurance (QA), operations need to work together to ensure the fast flow of work from development to operation.

What to Consider Before Applying CI/CD. Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a complex part of any development cycle. It involves continuously integrating code into a shared repository to keep code progression amongst a team of developers running smooth and steady. What are Microservices? A Complete Introduction for Beginners.

Microservices are a type of architectural style for building software that has been gaining popularity. The concept was first introduced at a tech conference in 2011 and has been adopted by many Agile enterprises such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, SoundCloud, Groupon, eBay, to name a few. Top 10 Benefits of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. Continuous Integration (CI) allows you to continuously integrate code into a single shared and easy to access repository. Continuous Delivery (CD) allows you to take the code stored in the repository and continuously deliver it to production. Apply Shift-Left Testing Approach to Continuous Testing. Top 10 Benefits of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. Katalon Studio.

The Essential Guide To API Testing. What is End-to-End (E2E) Testing? Introduction to Continuous Testing. What is CI/CD? Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. Software Test Automation Engineer Salary and Career Overview in 2019. In this article, I will show you why gaining test automation skills are needed for your quality assurance career if you want to remain marketable as a tester. Getting Started with REST API & RESTful Web Services Testing. REST API & RESTful web services explained REST API, which stands for representational state transfer application programming interface. Some of the simplest questions that might come up when you’re first starting to understand REST API is, what is being represented exactly, what is a state, and what is being transferred.

So here in the article, let’s look at all these words individually and learn what they all mean. The word ‘representational’ means there is a transfer of representations of resources and the resources can be pretty much anything that can be named on the Internet like a list of users or a list of photos, comments, posts, articles, pages, videos, books, profiles, etc. To understand how exactly we get a representation of resources, you need to look at how everyone interacts with web pages, the client-server model, and the HTTP.

Everytime you type a URL in a browser, you’re sending a request to the web server and the web server responds with a resource. Object Repository. Handling Automated Regression Testing In The Most Effective Way. 4 Levels of Software Testing & Advantages. Implementing multiple browser testing with Katalon Studio. Exhaustive Testing: Definition, Principles, and Examples. The Difference between Manual & Automated Testing.

Common Test Automation Problems in Modern Days. Introduction to API Testing with Real-life Examples. SoapUI vs Postman, Katalon Studio: A Review of Top 3 API Tools. Different Types of Test Design Techniques You Need to Know. An Overview of Test Design Techniques in Software Development.