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Coding with Dash and Dot

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Ozobot meets LEGO - Bringing Blocks to Life with a Mini Robot. My kids have been enjoying using their Ozobots with their LEGO bricks.

Ozobot meets LEGO - Bringing Blocks to Life with a Mini Robot

They seem to think of the Ozobots as little creatures and want to make buildings and other interactive features for them. We've made an OzoBot playmat with grid tape as the basis for their project and they have been using LEGO to create a world for the Ozobots to explore and interact with. In this article we look at how my boys have used LEGO with Ozobot and there's a video showing Ozobot moving around LEGO town and interacting with LEGO buildings and objects. Craft and Tech with the Ozobot. We love the idea of combining craft and tech here at Tech Age Kids.

Craft and Tech with the Ozobot

Ozobots are brilliant little line following robots, lending themselves perfectly toward Tech Craft and Robot Games. Really all you need is a bit of paper, felt tips pens, crafting supplies and a whole lot of creativity to enjoy a fun afternoon activity crafting with kids and tech. Drawing a Picture Because Ozobots are line following robots, you can have a lot of fun drawing pictures which the robots can then trace, by following the lines. Jeux Blockly : apprendre le code et la programmation. Lightbot. Tickle: Program Arduino, Drones, Dash and Dot, Sphero, Robots, Smart Toys, and Smart Homes from your iPad. Cubetto: A robot teaching kids code & computer programming - Primo Toys.

Smart Toy Robot. Dash & Dot Show 1: Introducing Dash & Dot. The Dash & Dot Show: Intro. Wonder Workshop.