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2016 Australia Votes

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2016 Election Guide - Australia Votes 2016 - Vote Compass - ABC News. Candidates A-Z - Australia Votes. Why are so many young Aussies not enrolled to vote? - The Drum. Antony Green's Election Blog : In another example of rules debates attracting the most political passion, the Queensland Legislative Assembly exploded this afternoon over a bill making changes to the state's electoral laws.

Antony Green's Election Blog :

The LNP Opposition, with the support of the cross bench, moved a bill that would increase the size of the Legislative Assembly from 89 to 93 seats. With a redistribution about to get under way, this increase in numbers would protect conservative seats in the north of the state from abolition, while new seats are likely to be created on the conservative voting Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) - 2016 Election details. 2016 Federal Election – AEC - FAQ. Updated: 8 May 2016 When does the AEC secure the polling places it needs for a federal election?

2016 Federal Election – AEC - FAQ

As the AEC generally does not know when an election will occur it must check and investigate the availability and suitability of polling places as part of its routine preparation. The AEC hired approximately 8 000 polling places for the conduct of the 2010 federal election. Due to the size of this preparation task, checking takes a number of months and possible polling place locations are refined and updated well in advance of each federal event. The AEC also actively seeks to secure polling places with access for people with disabilities in accordance with legislative requirements. Federal Election 2016 : SMH. Federal Election 2016 - DEFAT and Trade Travel Bulletin. If you are going to be overseas on Election day, Saturday 2 July 2016 you can still have your say in the Australian federal election.

Federal Election 2016 - DEFAT and Trade Travel Bulletin

To be able to vote, you will need to make sure you are enrolled to vote and that your details are up to date. This must be done by 23 May. If you are not sure if you are enrolled to vote, check now at If you are not enrolled to vote or if you need to update your address details, you can complete an enrolment form online at You might be able to vote before election day in Australia before you travel overseas. Otherwise, you will be able to vote one of two ways: by applying online for a postal vote; or by attending an Australian diplomatic mission overseas to cast an early vote.

Lodging a postal vote does not require you to attend an Australian diplomatic mission overseas. Early voting will be available at a number of Australian Missions from 20 June. Federal election 2016 – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation. The main failure of university expansion is the unwillingness to fund it.

Federal election 2016 – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation

Costs are certainly escalating, but priorities are always political as well as financial. Sure, western Sydney hosts a slew of marginal seats, but it is also a powerful metaphor for the concerns of middle Australia. As election day edges closer, the Labor Party finds itself without much of a tailwind. At Labor's official campaign launch on Sunday, Bill Shorten will need to bring together the party's story. While on the face of it a 1.5% increase in the number of disadvantaged students going to university might seem minimal, in real terms this is genuinely significant. Territorians will go to the polls for the next Northern Territory election only eight weeks after the July 2 election – blurring the lines between local controversies and how people vote federally. One in 20 Australians voted for the Palmer United Party in 2013. The Vote: 2016 Federal Election Series - ANU.

Watch: Social Policy Watch 4 ANU experts discuss the most important social policy issues in the campaign so far, and what's been Listen: Social Policy In this podcast, the most important social policy issues are discussed by 4 ANU experts.

The Vote: 2016 Federal Election Series - ANU

Hosted by Genevieve Jacobs. The debate we need The federal government’s largest single ticket spending item has not been mentioned so far, writes Peter Whiteford. Weasel words The Coalition still cannot shake off the self-inflicted super debacle, writes Ramesh Thakur. Tax cuts criticised ANU academic Maria Racionero told ABC's PM that most of the Government's tax cuts "benefit those at the Australia's EV capital? Electoral Pendulum 2016 : Parliament of Aust. Posted 16/03/2016 by Stephen Barber This FlagPost shows the notional two-party preferred swings needed for electoral divisions to change hands at the next House of Representatives election.

Electoral Pendulum 2016 : Parliament of Aust.

The two-party preferred margins are the 2013 election results adjusted, where necessary, by the Parliamentary Library for the effects of subsequent electoral redistributions. The results ignore any by-elections that may have occurred—there were recent by-elections in Canning (WA) and North Sydney (NSW). Redistributions of federal electoral boundaries have occurred in the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales since the 2013 election. The redistribution of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was triggered by the passage of time provision—a redistribution must be held at least every seven years —there was no change to the number of divisions but the division of Fraser was renamed Fenner. Liberal Party of Australia. Home - The Nationals. Australian Labor Party. Australian Greens.