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Practical Self-Improvement

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Greatist: Your Trusted Health & Fitness Source. Reasons to be Fit. The top weight loss motivational quotes ever! Are you in a weight loss wedge and need a little nudge to get the scale moving in the right direction?

The top weight loss motivational quotes ever!

Perhaps you just need a little motivation from some of the great minds to get you heading on the road to health, fitness and freedom from fat! This morning I want to pass on this feeling of incredible power that I have after losing a staggering 14 pounds in two weeks. I am strong. I am determined. I have forgotten and let go of all my past failures. & less. Be Patient. Patience - Tips On How To Develop It. Patience is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated or upset.

Patience - Tips On How To Develop It

7 Unconventional Ways to Practice and Develop Patience. “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

7 Unconventional Ways to Practice and Develop Patience

~Saint Augustine These days, everything is instant. The instantaneous nature of so many aspects of modern society is empowering and also a great convenience. It’s so easy, in fact, that we take a lot of it for granted. Travel has never been faster. When we text message someone and don’t receive a response back for several hours, we debate and ponder the “meaning” of the delay — as if any postponement is an insult, a display of disinterest, or a subtle message that requires a deep interpretation. “Instant” living gives way to impatience. How to Finish What You Start. Perhaps it’s that fitness routine which you swiftly abandoned (along with all the accompanying equipment).

How to Finish What You Start

Maybe it’s a craft project which has been taken up space for months. You might have musical instruments which you never learned to play, college courses left unfinished, websites half-created, a novel that you started writing and never finished. How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips. By Celes on Nov 19, 2010 | ShareThis Email This Post Hi Celes, I am an enthusiastic starter and do all things necessary that would be required to make any endeavor successful such as efficient planning, detailing and execution focus.However, [after getting started,] I find my interest waning and the journey getting stretched to no end.

How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

This eventually affects the overall outcome. How to Beat a Temporary Motivational Slump. People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.

How to Beat a Temporary Motivational Slump

~Andrew Carnegie Regardless of your level of motivation, it is human nature to have days when you aren’t feeling very motivated. By surrounding yourself with positive and motivational things, those days will normally be few and far between. Revenge of the Introvert. There are as many introverts as extraverts, but you'd never know it by looking around. Introverts would rather be entertained by what's going on in their heads than in seeking happiness. 20 Ways to Overcome Shyness.

Can you remember the last time you stepped into a room full of strangers and felt that self-conscious and awkward feeling rush over you?

20 Ways to Overcome Shyness

The Fun Theory. Raising a Girl With a Positive Body Image . Girls and Their Bodies . Raising... Parents of girls face a challenge today: How do they raise their daughters to feel good about their bodies without falling into the eating disorder trap?

Raising a Girl With a Positive Body Image . Girls and Their Bodies . Raising...

The facts are disturbing. Nearly half of the nation’s girls are unhappy with their bodies. An obsession with thinness is affecting not only high-school girls, but also their younger sisters. According to the Center for Disease Control and National Association of Eating Disorders, by age 6 girls start to express concerns about their own weight or shape. Additionally, around half of elementary school girls are concerned about their weight or about becoming too fat. However, there is also some good news. Catherine Steiner-Adair works with girls and parents in her private practice and speaks about body image and eating disorders in workshops around the country.

Move Over, Barbie — You’re Obsolete. Debbie, a female in the male-dominated world of engineering, was bothered by the lack of women in her field.

Move Over, Barbie — You’re Obsolete

So she decided to do something so wonderful for little girls everywhere, it brought tears to my eyes (don't judge me). How wonderful was Debbie’s idea? It got funded in five days, along with the next two books in the series! If I ever have a little girl (and finally make my mother a happy grandma) I’m putting GoldieBlox in her crib.

Cognitive fun! Welcome to Quirkology. Ever wondered how your surname has influenced your life?

Welcome to Quirkology

Goal Setting Template for 2011 (and Beyond) By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Lakein Would you like to have your Best Year Yet in 2012 ? I’ve put together a goal setting template for your own personal growth plan . I’m going to summarize the series of posts I’ve put together over the last couple of months. This smart goals setting template is based on Your Best Year Yet! The template is really based on the following premise: Ask Questions and Get Answers. Question 1: What Did I Accomplish This Year? “Victory is won not in miles but in inches. How to Create Daily Habits. Think of any positive daily habit you would like to acquire. Daily exercise. Daily meditation. Challenge overview - My 30 Days Challenge. 30 Habits that Will Change your Life.

Developing good habits is the basic of personal development and growth. Everything we do is the result of a habit that was previously taught to us. Unfortunately, not all the habits that we have are good, that’s why we are constantly trying to improve. The following is a list of 30 practical habits that can make a huge difference in your life. You should treat this list as a reference, and implement just one habit per month. This way you will have the time to fully absorb each of them, while still seeing significant improvements each month. Health habits Exercise 30 minutes every day.

Productivity habits. 30 Challenges for 30 Days. It is been said that it takes about 30 days to form a habit. The ones that are good for you require cultivation and determination. 30 Challenges for 30 Days. 10 Ways to Complain Less and Be Happier. “Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb We all complain. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by D.

Overcoming Ego’s Hold on You. Here are seven suggestions to help you transcend ingrained ideas of self-importance. All of these are designed to help prevent you from falsely identifying with the self-important ego. 1. Stop being offended.