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Zaha Hadid Architects. Bjarke Ingels Group. Adaptive Scaffolding. This definition creates a thickened ground geometry from two sloping curves. Scaffolding grows out of the thickened ground, and its dimensions are derived from the ribs in the ground. Grasshopper to Catia Progress Update. We’re continuing progress with Dassault Systèmes on implementing Catia into architectural process.

Grasshopper to Catia Progress Update

Our first course of study aims at the Grasshopper/Catia workflow, and since our previous post, we’ve delved into Knowledgeware, the scripting platform for Catia. Our conclusion: Knowledgeware is awesome. In our previous post, we were using Power Copy to create a generative model. While this process worked, there were a lot of manual steps involved, and updating geometry involved deleting all previous geometry and then reimporting. We’ve had similar issues with importing geometry to other applications, but Knowledgeware fixes these issues in Catia. Of the candidates, we’ve taken a particular interest in composite materials, which would be lighter weight, easier to install, and last significantly longer. Archive » Waffle Structures: Rhino Grasshopper. Yes !

Archive » Waffle Structures: Rhino Grasshopper

The classic waffle structures , I think this kind of definitions are very useful specially to those starting in their way of parametric design and of course Grasshopper, they have a wide range of applications that can go from architectural projects to conceptual furniture like this quick example I made. RhinoFabLab - Design + Optimization + Fabrication. Unrolling Surfaces in Grasshopper. This Grasshopper definition is proof of concept for a VB component that unrolls developable surfaces to the XY plane.

Unrolling Surfaces in Grasshopper

To make the component, I’ve adapted a rhinoscript by Andrew Kudless (of Matsys) to run in VB, enlisting the help of CCA student Ripon DeLeon to write the code.This example uses the VB component to create unrolled surfaces from 4 curves that I have distorted using the cage edit command in rhino. To use the definition on your own projects, simply choose any 4 curves to loft between in sequential order. The blocks of components are grouped somewhat clearly (I hope) so you can add more curves by copy-pasting more blocks and making the few required re-connections to make it work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. For the above definition, I’ve added tabs along the edges of the unrolled surfaces for ease of attachment. Rhino3D TV - Learn, Teach and Share. Examples. Examples Bubble form finding with Large Deformation.


GRASSHOPPER TUTORIALS. BIODeLab BIODesign Research Laboratory. [F]antastic + Interactive - ComputationalMatter. [F]antastic + Interactive Self Organizing Curves + Point Attractors Influence - Grasshopper + Python Research V.1 [28.June.2011] - via GH_Python """Organizes the Curves by using a threshold value based on distances between each curve pt.

A second set of Independent attractors in the form of points adds a new range of influence to the self organizing system . """ click images for full resolution Definition w/ Python Component Base Curves. SZ-HK competition. Portfolio_DesignComputation. Model of Parametric Bridge Conceptual Design. Hi, everyone!

Model of Parametric Bridge Conceptual Design

Here is a bridge that I designed and modeled in Grasshopper. Although this is only a special case, the idea behind it is to take a parametric approach in designing all kinds of bridges since they share a logical structure which is particularly suitable for parametric modeling. I also believe that this logical structure can be implemented with various software. I used clusters to build the model, and the definition can still be difficult to follow. Software. License The following software systems (Freeform Origami, Origamizer, Rigid Origami Simulator) are proprietary software provided under the following license.


The user is allowed to use the software if and only if both of the following conditions are satisfied. Before using the softwere, please contact me in advance. (Non-Commercial Use) The use of the software is non-commercial. (Attribution): The resulting works achieved using the software, e.g., research publications, exhibitions, educational workshops, etc. acknowledge the usage of the software and cite at least one of the following references. Learn to 3D model, fast.PolyPlane. Swarm Behaviours Workshop Material – @improved. Recently I’ve tutored a Processing workshop for the Hyperbody department at the TU Delft.

Swarm Behaviours Workshop Material – @improved

I’ve decided to share the sketches with the open world – who knows, maybe someone will find them useful. Procedural Lightpainting. February 2010. In these days at ZHA office we needed a quick and fast task to rename and manage annotation dots created previously.

February 2010

I wrote and custom for our purpose a series of RhinoScript from one of the codes archived on McNeel website . 1.RH convert_annotation_dot_to_points Option Explicit'Script written by Davide del Giudice'Script copyrighted by Co-de-iT'Script version Sunday, 21 February 2010 20:40:21. Procedural Lightpainting: un álbum de Flickr. Blender to GH. . a collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for Rhinoceros. 3D Hilbert Curve.

Blender to GH

How to build a Grasshopper component with Visual Studio in VB.Net. By Jonatan Schumacher: Jonatan[at]JSchumacher[dot]com This step-by-step tutorial showcases how to create a simple, but comprehensive Grasshopper component in VB.Net, using Visual Studio 2010 . It was created with the tutorials by David Rutten, which you can find in the help file for the Grasshopper SDK. David explains some of the actions in better detail, so I would suggest looking at his documentation simultaneously. This tutorial covers a few additional steps such as adding an icon and debugging the code. We will start all the way in the beginning with the project setup: Visari to Grasshopper. Click image above 2 watch video Autodesk is developing a new program, ‘Vasari’, which allows for quick and efficient wind and heat gain analysis.

Visari to Grasshopper

A common problem is pulling information across from these types of programs, like EcoTect, into a designers environment like Rhino and Grasshopper or 3D Studio. Without a proper SDK, or the understanding thereof, it is a frustrating and irritating process. In the academic environment this is an important part of any software package, the ability to jump between software.

DDA\Repository. Karamba. Karamba 1.0.5 is now available for download and includes the following new features and bug-fixes. Karamba 1.0.5 contains these new features: A simplified installation procedure. Iso- and stream-lines with user supplied values and vectors at mesh-vertices (unlimited mesh-size also in the FREE-version of Karamba). Benchmark examples with known results from literature for the evaluation of calculation […] This intensive 4 day design/fabricate/build workshop explored digital form-finding techniques to produce a series of scaled architectural prototypes for freestanding pavilion structures. Two student teams each developed a proposal through dynamic meshrelaxation processes to simulate the formation of a tensioned membrane structure. Candela Revisited The pavilion was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects London for the China International Architectural Biennal. [FORMul[a]RCH]

Grasshopper. 11 Grasshopper – Tutorials, Software and Definitions. Flower_Window Pattern(rhinoScript + grasshopper + weaverbird + pointReconstruction) 很簡單的運用三種基本的Rhino外掛加上RhinoScript Grasshopper, WeaverBird, pointReconstruction. Techdraw. Ecotect mesh data 2 rhino.