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Is There a Science to Picking Colors? Color in everyday life plays a very crucial role.

Is There a Science to Picking Colors?

It is a sensation which adds excitement and effect our moods. Everything from the clothes to the environment we see revolves around color. Without color; the world would be a much boredom. Color many times define emotions; one can be red hot, feeling blue, or be green with envy. Importance of color in designing The color used in a design is always meaningful and purposeful. In every design color is extremely helpful in communicating your message. Color Theory for Web Designer Color theory is the communication of colors in a design through complementation, contrast, and vibrancy. Simple Icon Set +40 free icons. Interactive Ebook that Looks Like an App. 20 pages ebook – book – magazine template… this can be use as an ebook, a book or as a printed magazine.. as you prefer; includes all working buttons like previous and next page button, home and zoom in – zoom out buttons in case you use it as an ebook.

Interactive Ebook that Looks Like an App

Just put your content, your logo, images and publish..! INCLUDES : INDD file for CS5 version, IDML File (for previous Indesign versions) Images are from envato and there marketplaces; used for sample porpuses only! NOT INCLUDED on the zip file. (if you like the images you can purchase them at Photodune! FONTS USED : ARIAL Arial font is included in most computers but if you do not have them just google Arian Font and you will find it!

?ref=pxcr&add_to_network=true&continue= StockInDesign Colors Magazine Template. 25 May2015 By Erick Ragas.

StockInDesign Colors Magazine Template

Posted in Magazines Where do I download photos? Fonts Icons Mock-Ups 065-Colors Magazine Template (8061 downloads) Tags: free magazine template, indesign magazine template. Gigaom Three Mac apps to help you self publish your book. As a writer, I’m always looking for ways to maximize my revenue streams.

Gigaom Three Mac apps to help you self publish your book

While doing contract technical writing is working out pretty well for me, I’d like to start work on writing some content that earns money over time. To that end, like millions of dreamers, I’m starting to look at creating ebooks and self-publishing them. I’ve tried a bunch of programs for the Mac to create ebooks and these three below are the ones that I liked best. As a forewarning, I’m not going to go too far into the various bookstore formats, other than to say that at the least you’ll need to start with a Microsoft Word(s MSFT) or ePub file. While Amazon(s AMZN) and the like will accept a Word file to publish, to ensure your book converts to the various proprietary formats, I recommend creating an ePub file as your base. One quick note up front: I’m not going to include Apple’s own iBooks Author(s AAPL) tool.

Pages Scrivener. iBooks Author vs. Pages vs. InDesign. What program should I use when writing my eBook?

iBooks Author vs. Pages vs. InDesign

This is a question I get a lot and the answer may surprise you. As a designer, you may be thinking that I would recommend the best program for publishing, printing or designing as good design can help convert eBook viewers to eBook buyers. While that may be true, that may or may not be the best program for you to write in. Case Study iBook. The iBooks Author document you need to present your case studies in a clean and professional way.

Case Study iBook

Just add new chapters, sections and pages. Then drop in your own text and images. Of course, this template can easily serve multiple purposes. You could turn it into a brochure, newsletter, annual report, printed portfolio or other editorial design. Using InDesign for both Print and eBook. 25+ InDesign eBook Templates for Self Publishers & Authors. 25+ InDesign eBook Templates for Self Publishers & Authors 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes A cool collection of highly professional and creative InDesign eBook Templates for Self Publishers & Authors. eBook templates are great resources for people who are into book writing, publishing, book designing and book cover designing kind of professions.

25+ InDesign eBook Templates for Self Publishers & Authors

Default keyboard shortcuts. Hypatia sans pro. Video gallery. Eye with eyebrow - Free Medical icons. Using text variables from the Course Creating Long Documents with InDesign CC. - When you're working with long documents time is usually in short supply.

Using text variables from the Course Creating Long Documents with InDesign CC

So you really need to take advantage of any kind of automation that you can. One simple kind of automation is the text variable feature which allows you to quickly create things like running headers, chapter numbers and more. And while they do have some limitations, text variables can be a very useful tool. So, let's see how they work. You can find text variables under the type menu which is in Type, Text Variables, Define. So, here's the chapter number, here's this document's creation date, its file name and so on. Cracking open EPUBs on Mac and Windows from the Course InDesign CC 2015: EPUB Fundamentals. Moving objects around from the Course InDesign CC Essential Training (2015) - We've just been kind of throwing text and graphics onto this page and it is a mess.

Moving objects around from the Course InDesign CC Essential Training (2015)

So let's go ahead and clean it up. We're gonna head toward a finished product that we can print. The main tool that we're going to use to move objects around our page is the selection tool. That's the first tool way up here at the top of the tool panel. Some people call it the black arrow tool The selection tool lets me move objects around my page and even resize them and rotate them. And you'll notice that as I drag it, I see all these little green lines flashing on and off. But that's different than if I click on this little icon in the middle. But if I double click on this frame, it goes inside and selects the image. So, for example, I could select this text frame back here and resize it simply by dragging on one of the corner or side handles.

And in this case, the text wrap panel lets me adjust the text wrap or runaround around this graphic. From here, I'm going to choose bring to front.