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Quickly and Intelligently Reword English Writing. Gc 39 should have quizzes. Linking Words. Comparative and Superlative form of adjectives and adverbs worksheet. English Grammar Exercises and Quizzes. Irregular Verbs.'s Irregular Verb Dictionary for English learners contains over 370 irregular verbs used in modern English as well as flashcards and exercises to practice those forms.

Irregular Verbs

To view our Extended Irregular Verb Dictionary, which contains over 470 verbs including rare and antiquated forms, Click Here. List of Irregular Verbs Irregular Verb Flashcards and Drills If you want to learn irregular verbs, you need to practice, practice, practice. Will / won't. Adjectives in English - Comparison - Test 1.

Exercise on English Adjectives - 02 - English Grammar. Comparison of adjectives with as ... as. Comparison of adjectives with as ... as. What did you do last weekend? [Past Tense] ESL Exercises. Make A Sentence - ESL Teaching Tool. Prepositions and directions. Questions questions questions interactive version. English Grammar Tenses: Stories, Exercises and Answers. Welcome to the English Grammar Tenses – The Ultimate Resource!

English Grammar Tenses: Stories, Exercises and Answers

One of the easiest ways to teach and learn grammar is through stories. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses So we at Really Learn English made this huge collection of stories and exercises available for you, completely free of charge. You can read the stories online, download the story PDF files, print and use them by yourself or with your students, and check the answers using the answer key. All we ask in return, is that if you find this resource useful, please link to it and share it with your students, colleagues, and anyone else who may benefit from it.

Thanks for your support! What does TENSE Mean? A tense is a form of the verb which shows the time at which an action happens. It comes from the Latin word "tempus", which means "time". Click here for the full article on what tense is. Please share this page with others: For example: Lisa dances every day. Simple Present Story 1 Mr. Numbers 1 to 100 - vocabulary exercises esl. Comparing Numbers. English language quizzes for ESL / EFL - quiz, word order, matching, gap-fill. Word Formation - Online Exercises - English Grammar and Vocabulary. Advanced English lessons. Conjunctions and linking words. CON003 - Linking words - Environmental problems.

Link the ideas and expressions with the correct linking words!

CON003 - Linking words - Environmental problems

Save water, you should take a shower a bath. Building new highways for cars and trucks, the government should spend more on public transport. We don't take global warming seriously enough, rising ocean levels and floods. Where homes near the sea have been destroyed a flood , the owner's shouldn't be allowed to rebuild it in the same place. More money should be spent on alternative energy we don't need to burn so much coal and oil. English Grammar – Your guide to error-free writing. Welcome to All Grammar Topics.

Business English present tenses games/ worksheets. Present Simple and Continuous for business students PDFs.

Business English present tenses games/ worksheets

If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic. Updated 18 September 2019 Present Simple Business English worksheets Present Simple job interview roleplays– NEW LINK Business culture in your country frequency expressions discuss and agree Present Simple work and leisure discussion questions Common business verbs Present Simple (guess the verb, discuss things they do in their jobs as needs analysis, brainstorm language to do those things in English) Adverbs of frequency gender policy discussion Describing international companies (mainly Present Simple, plus nationality adjectives and a smattering of other tenses)


Negative Inversion: Real Life Examples - But I’ve never heard anything like that!

Negative Inversion: Real Life Examples -

Do people actually use it? This is what my B2+ / C1 / C2 students often tell me whenever I try to teach them how to add emphasis using negative inversion. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since inverted and added auxiliaries are not always easily noticeable (i.e. salient in the input). So, the aim of this mini-lesson is to expose students to a number of “real life” examples of negative inversion in order to (1) show them that negative inversion does exist and is used far more frequently than some people might think, and (2) train them to listen out for examples of negative inversion in the English that surrounds them.

You can use this mini-lesson to review or introduce negative inversion. A Read these excerpts from six (old!) B Watch video 1 and check. Video 1 C Read the song lines again and underline the correct words to complete the rules. Click here for more information. (Market analyst talking about Apple) 1 Rarely _____ back to Samsung or HTC. Learn English - Online ESL Games. BBC Learning English - Course: Quizzes / Unit 1. Grammar sites & apps. Secondary B1-B2 Photocopiable material. Lesson on intensifiers. I've noticed that a few people who have googled "intensifiers" have landed up on a post I wrote some time ago about "ridiculously".

Lesson on intensifiers

And I imagine they've felt rather disappointed, as it didn't say much about other intensifiers, just defended the use of ridiculously. So here, to make amends, is the real McCoy, a lesson on intensifiers. The basics - gradable and non-gradable adjectivesCollocations - adverbs with adjectivesCollocations - adverbs with verbsCollocations - adjectives with nounsIntensifying with so and suchIntensifying with well When I say a lesson, you're the one who does all the work, of course. As usual, I don't believe in handing it to you on a plate. When people talk about intensifiers, they are usually referring to adverbs which modify adjectives. 1. +1000 English Grammar PDF Materials - English Learn Site. CEFR Levels.