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BMI Visualizer. Burn off Your Meal. Now that chain restaurant menus list how many calories are in each dish, it’s harder to justify eating certain foods anymore (we’re talking to you, 460-calorie scone from Starbucks).

Burn off Your Meal

But a study, presented by Texas Christian University researchers at the Experimental Biology meeting in April 2013, found that people make even healthier choices if, instead of seeing the calorie count, they’re shown how much exercise it takes to burn off what they’re considering eating. 4 Great Core Exercises To Help Flatten Your Abs. This Infographic Shows How Alcohol Contributes to Weight Gain. Study: 'Healthy Obese' Still at Increased Risk of Heart Attack. Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential for reducing the risk of heart disease, according to a new study from Denmark.

Study: 'Healthy Obese' Still at Increased Risk of Heart Attack

This is true even for people who don’t have metabolic syndrome (MetS), a group of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. “We documented that overweight and obese individuals have an increased risk of heart attack and disease even in the absence of metabolic syndrome,” says Dr. Børge Nordestgaard, co-author of the new study, published today in JAMA Internal Medicine. “In other words, even metabolically healthy overweight and obese people are at an increased risk of heart problems.” While metabolic syndrome is sometimes viewed as a single condition, it includes several components—high blood pressure, increased fasting blood sugar levels, high triglyceride levels, low "good" HDL cholesterol levels, and a large waistline. Yoga Poses. 100 no-equipment workouts. Outsmart Your Eating Instincts. The road to diet hell is paved with good intentions.

Outsmart Your Eating Instincts

Even if you’re committed to eating healthily, our minds are tricky little buggers that often derail our plans, without us even realizing it. The result is that people, in general, eat way more food than they think they do. Straddle up. The Couch-to-5K Running Plan. By Josh ClarkPosted Saturday, 1 January, 2011 Couch to 5K ® | Beginning Running First off, you may be asking, "exactly how many miles is a 5K?

The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

" A 5K is 3.1 miles. Tighten and Tone Your Abs. Warmer weather means less clothing—making spring the perfect time to start getting your abs in shape for summer!

Tighten and Tone Your Abs

Certified personal trainer Jessica Smith, star of the “10 Pounds DOWN: Cardio Abs” DVD, designed this effective workout routine with targeted strength moves to help you develop a strong, flat stomach and cardio bursts to blast away that extra layer of belly fat. How it works: Do this workout on three or four nonconsecutive days per week. Look Five Pounds Thinner with the Right Bra. Who doesn’t remember that awkward moment when your mom took you to the local department store to buy your first bra?

Look Five Pounds Thinner with the Right Bra

You walked into a vast sea of nude and blush-colored brassieres and passed by shockingly large cup sizes that could hold watermelons—a far cry from your humble set. And the person to help you find the right bra for your newly perky breasts? An elderly lady, peering down at you over the reading glasses perched on her nose, measuring tape in hand. Even though her attitude was one of “I’ve seen it all before, honey” you felt mortified, anxious and overwhelmed. And if you step into a department store today to pick up a new bra, chances are, not much has changed since then. Workouts for your Derrière. V Shape A V-shaped butt is full on top and wide on the sides but disappears lower down as the butt muscle approaches the top of the thigh.

Workouts for your Derrière

The trick to enhancing this shape is ensuring the entire buttocks muscle gets a workout. You won’t find any better advice for doing that than from original Buns of Steel star, Tamilee Webb. Basic Workout: Plank. Bikini Boot Camp. It’s May ladies.

Bikini Boot Camp

And this can only mean one thing: Bikini season is upon us. Yikes! If you’re like me, you are probably thinking that you could use a little toning before slipping into that two-piece over Memorial Day weekend. Or perhaps you’re a procrastinator and keep telling yourself that you will work out…tomorrow. No matter your attitude toward fitness, it’s safe to say that we should all aim to be the best versions of our selves: Fit, healthy, and fabulous. When bikini season is on the line, fasts and fad diets may be tempting.

My Bikini Boot Camp Plan: The Rules The Off-Limits List No candy, baked goods, or ice cream. Breakfast Options Lunch & Dinner Options Snacks Grapes & GrahamsPear or apple with string cheeseGreek yogurt with pomegranate seedsHummus and veggiesRaw vegetablesAny of the snacks listed in my 7 Days to Skinny Jeans Plan Exercise Options. Athletix Workout Series: Legs. Best Abdominal Exercises: V-Up. 20 Celebs Criticized for Their Curves. Accusation: The queen of curves was criticized when an unretouched image from a photoshoot was leaked showing cellulite and a few extra inches that the final picture didn't have.Response: She fired back on her blog saying, "I'm proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn't mean I'm perfect.

20 Celebs Criticized for Their Curves

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