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RP 2.0 et stratégies d'influence

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McKinsey’s advice for the PR Industry. Seems to me that with all this talk of change and what some have termed an identity crisis being experienced by the PR profession, it would be useful to get a bit of advice from one of the world’s leading management consultancies.

McKinsey’s advice for the PR Industry

One of the best pieces of insight I have read recently is an article in the McKinsey Quarterly on The dawn of marketing’s new golden age written by Jonathan Gordon (McKinsey New York) and Jesko Perrey (McKinsey Düsseldorf). It gives a great perspective on the new opportunities open to the wider marketing function and suggests five areas of opportunity and focus for the future: Science, Substance, Story, Speed and Simplicity. It struck me that these are exactly the same areas that the PR industry needs to exploit to survive and thrive, so lets take a look at each one of them. Science This is all about the exploitation of data, analytics and tech tools in the everyday work of a PR professional. The future of the agency revisited. Consulting on the Cusp of Innovation, a paper published by Harvard Business Review (HBR), is packed with insight for the future of public relations agencies.

The future of the agency revisited

The authors Clayton M. Christensen, Dina Wang and Derek van Bever examine the apparent lack of innovation in consulting businesses and the lessons for any business that sells professional services. Consulting or commodity? Consulting businesses go through waves of commoditisation. It’s a natural part of the life cycle of any market. News release distribution, media databases, forward feature planning and media monitoring used to be core activities within public relations agencies but are now likely to be outsourced to specialists.

Danny Whatmough, a colleague at Ketchum in the UK, is chair of the PRCA’s digital group and has been leading a project on the future of public relations agencies as part of the PRCA’s The Future of the PR Industry project. Why the PR industry is ripe for disruption. Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption. Executive Summary Reprint: R1310F Consulting’s fundamental business model has not changed in more than 100 years: Very smart outsiders go into organizations for a finite period of time and recommend solutions for the most difficult problems confronting their clients.

Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption

But at traditional strategy-consulting firms, the share of work that is classic strategy has sharply declined over the past 30 years, from 60% or 70% to only about 20%. 4 reasons why senior PR can’t opt out of social or digital media. A recent CIPR survey has identified a widening gap between the skill sets PR practitioners have and the skill sets that businesses increasingly need.

4 reasons why senior PR can’t opt out of social or digital media

Prezly – Get your story told. Seven of the best social campaigns from November 2014. December is upon us so now's the time to roundup the finest social campaigns we saw in the past 30 days or so.

Seven of the best social campaigns from November 2014

As always this list is based purely on things that I thought were clever, inspirational or just plain noteworthy. Marketing d’influence : stop au bullshit. Cet article a été publié il y a 2 ans 10 mois 19 jours, il est donc possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour.

Marketing d’influence : stop au bullshit

Modernizing public relations, including a planning case study. Game changers: the campaigns defining the future of the comms industry. RP 2.0.: Comment organiser le plus grand évènement blogueurs dans votre industrie en 8 points - Enigma. Influencer Search. How to Use Twitter for Media Relations. By Scott Piro Twitter is the best thing to happen to media relations since the telephone.

How to Use Twitter for Media Relations

It offers amazing opportunities to connect with journalists – and risks! – and both of these stem from the fact that Twitter is a public platform. An Introduction to PR Strategy for SEOs. In case you missed it, Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts, wrote this on January 20: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”

An Introduction to PR Strategy for SEOs

Three days later, Jen Lopez of Moz responded with this excellent post on “guest blogging with a purpose”: As with anything, you don't want to be out there trying willy-nilly to get your posts on every blog for the sole purpose of building (probably bad) links. It's important to have this tied to your business and marketing goals, as you would with any other tactic. SEO is only one piece of the larger strategy, and if you focus solely on writing posts for link building purposes, you're missing out on a ton of other possibilities.

How The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's interactive 2014 letter doubled its reach. Last week I attended Sitecore Digital Trendspot 2014 and listened to the UK CEO of POSSIBLE, Justin Cooke, speak on how his agency helped transform the annual missive from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more than doubled its expected reach.

How The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's interactive 2014 letter doubled its reach

As you are probably aware, Bill Gates has dedicated much of his recent life and indeed billions of dollars to philanthropy. In 2000 The William H Gates Foundation was renamed The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and as of 2008 Gates has taken a full-time role co-chairing the charitable foundation. By May 2013 Bill Gates had donated 28bn dollars to the foundation and yet is still currently the richest man on the planet with a personal fortune of $76bn.

Guide2011_f.pdf. Qui va récupérer le trésor perdu des RP ? Dix ans.

Qui va récupérer le trésor perdu des RP ?

Cela fait presque dix ans que le monde de la communication a été percuté par la révolution du web social, que les marchés sont devenus des conversations, que les consommateurs se sont d'abord mués en «consom-acteurs» puis, plus récemment, en activistes. Hospital's brand journalism newsroom lands coverage on 'Today' and in The Wal... To get journalists to pay attention, you have to have a compelling and newsworthy story. But sometimes a killer story isn't enough. The tools and tactics used are vital to get reporters to pick up your story and use your multimedia elements. Relations presse, nouveaux contours et Web social. XEnvoyer cet article par e-mail Relations presse, nouveaux contours et Web social XEnvoyer cet article par e-mailRelations presse, nouveaux contours et Web social Communication. Comment devenir influent sur les réseaux sociaux ? L’influence peut être une chose facile à cerner.

Il peut y avoir différentes façons d’influencer qui peuvent devenir plus ou moins complexes et avoir multiples dimensions. Alors que toute marque souhaite devenir influente sur la Toile, voici quelques éléments essentiels et basiques à retenir. Les relations influenceurs en 2015. 21 octobre, 2014 0 commentaire. Les relations presse doivent devenir des relations influenceurs. Influenceurs voici bel et bien le buzzword qui résonne dans toutes les oreilles des communicants ces dernières années.

A l’heure de la surabondance de l’information, ils apparaissent pour les marques comme le moyen de faire émerger leurs messages et d’atteindre une audience qualifiée et engagée. Communication d’influence : Avec le retrait de Lego, Greenpeace fait coup double contre Shell. Les blogs influencent plus les consommateurs que les réseaux sociaux ! Tribune : Ce que veulent les influenceurs (et devraient vouloir les marques) La multiplication des réseaux sociaux et l'engouement des marques ont bouleversé le marché de l'influence depuis 2005.

Après les "artisans-blogueurs", voici des blogueurs d'un genre nouveau : les "blogueurs start-up". Habiles dans l'art de marketer leurs plateformes et de faire du buzz rapidement, à peine leurs études finies, ils se consacrent à leur média. Certains d'entre eux se laissent séduire par des "régies de blogueurs", qui se font appeler aussi "agent de blogueurs" pour les aider à monétiser leurs audiences. Pourtant, le modèle économique d'une régie est basé sur la revente d'une audience et non pas sur la représentation des intérêts des blogueurs, ce qui peut être nuisible à leur réputation à moyen terme. Bienvenue dans l’ère des gourmands 2.0. How Advocate Marketing can Change the Trajectory of Your Company. We know the power that one person can have on our lives. We each have heroes, villains and role models who permeate into our lives and indirectly guide the way we behave.

Steve Jobs introduced the world to the love of design.