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Orange Pi Zero

Recepten. Arduino. Linux. Raspberry Pi. Domoticz. Twitter. PostgreSQL. Vintage computers. ESP8266. WordPress. Marantz. Nikon D7000. Smaller & Faster than Raspberry Pi Zero: Meet NanoPi NEO ARM Linux Development Board. Raspberry Pi Zero has two noticeable attributes compared to other Raspberry Pi boards: it’s smaller and it’s cheaper. FriendlyARM has now designed another model for their NanoPi family, that about 12% smaller, although not quite as thin at all due to its Ethernet jack and USB connector, and much faster than Raspberry Pi Zero, with NanoPi NEO board powered by Allwinner H3 quad core processor. NanoPi NEO specifications: There aren’t any interfaces to connect an external display, so the board can only be used for headless applications.

In case you need that board with low profile, you could probably unsolder the Ethernet jack and USB port, or if you buy in quantities, maybe the company could remove those for you. The Wiki is still in construction, and for now only in Chinese, but we can find out that FriendlyARM provides Ubuntu-Core with Qt-Embedded for the board relying on Linux 3.4 legacy kernel. Building a DIY amp kit that's great for vinyl records.