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Ja, ik accepteer cookies Via cookies verzamelen AD en derde partijen informatie over jouw bezoek en interesses. Daarmee dragen cookies bij aan een prettige website-ervaring. We zorgen dat jij niet telkens dezelfde artikelen of advertenties ziet en dat advertenties bij ons en op andere sites passen bij jouw interesses. Om de AD-artikelen te kunnen lezen, dien je de cookies te accepteren. Meer informatie over cookies op vind je in ons uitgebreide cookie-statement. I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God’s Goal. When You’re “Just Friends”… But You’re Not – Moral Revolution. Minella van Bergeijk over de weerbarstige praktijk van relaties - OnderWeg. Heel wat huwelijken staan met panne langs de weg.

Minella van Bergeijk over de weerbarstige praktijk van relaties - OnderWeg

Minella van Bergeijk, landelijk coördinator van de (Pre)Marriage Course, wordt regelmatig met die realiteit geconfronteerd. Mooie christelijke woorden helpen dan niet, meent ze, want wat gebroken is, kun je niet even oppoetsen. ‘Van die schone schijn moeten we af. Het werkelijke effect van porno op vrouwen. Brittni heeft de porno-industrie verlaten en is nu getrouwd met een voorganger van haar kerk.

Het werkelijke effect van porno op vrouwen

Maar ondanks dat zijn de contracten die ze ooit als jong meisje heeft getekend nog steeds geldig. Pornografie bedrijven behouden het wettelijke recht om van haar foto's en videomateriaal te profiteren. Een andere ex-pornoster beseft dat haar kinderen ooit haar naam kunnen googelen en dan alles over haar verleden zullen weten. Pornografie beïnvloedt de waardigheid en menselijkheid van anderen. Mensen, gemaakt naar Gods beeld, worden getransformeerd tot iemand die we consumeren voor ons eigen plezier. Making Married Sex Mutual. Tea Consent.

The Importance of Sexual Discipleship. Masturbation: Is It Wrong? Because my job is to talk to women about sex, there are few questions that I haven't heard and haven't answered.

Masturbation: Is It Wrong?

However, there is one common question that I don't like to answer. It involves the "M" word—masturbation. One of the reasons I dread this question is because there is no clear answer. I could take the easy road and just say, "If in doubt, don't do it. " The fact is that many Christian women masturbate and feel horribly guilty about it. Masturbation is a complicated issue that doesn't lend to a clear black and white answer. Let's start with the basics At a purely biological level, masturbation isn't that much different than other things we do with our bodies—like picking our noses. But why does picking your nose have an embarrassing but non-moral stigma, while masturbation has become laden with tremendous guilt and shame?

Most women only masturbate when they are thinking about or looking at something sexual. 1) What are you thinking about? The Importance of Sexual Discipleship. The Importance of Sexual Discipleship. Can My Marriage Win Over My Past? “There will be dry spells, perhaps sooner than you think.”

Can My Marriage Win Over My Past?

“Some days sex will be more like a chore than a joy. Do it anyway. Even when it doesn’t feel like magic, it is building intimacy.” “Sex is messy and awkward. Don’t expect it to be great on your honeymoon. Such were the well-intentioned words of advice from my closest girlfriends at my bachelorette party. What happens when your sexual baggage is larger than a carry-on? Haunted by My Past In college, I was in a three-year, on-again-off-again relationship with Mitchell (not his real name). Every time I “loved” him that way, I felt filthy and violated; he would fall asleep or walk out of the room, and I would sob silently—hoping there was more to sex than this but doubting that it could be true. I spent many years after that relationship as a single woman, and slowly but faithfully, the Lord healed my broken pieces.

Our Best Sex Advice. Planning It's funny—a wife will put great effort and planning into meal preparation, but we think sex should be spontaneous.

Our Best Sex Advice

It's as if you were to go into the kitchen blindfolded and start taking things off the shelf and say, "Okay, we're going to have a spontaneous meal. " It doesn't work that way. You have to plan for it, set an attitude for it. A Blog by Dr. Juli Slattery. Putting Sex on the To-Do List. I'd returned from running errands one afternoon when I walked into the house and saw my husband give me "The Look.

Putting Sex on the To-Do List

" The screen door banged behind me as my twin preschoolers ran over to me and wrapped themselves around each leg, squealing with delight. As I reached down to hug them, my husband gave me his signature shake of the head and said, "Hey, honey … " And I, as usual, rolled my eyes as I peeled the girls off my legs. If your husband's anything like mine, you know what the "dot, dot, dot" means. Those little punctuation marks come at the most inconvenient times! I mean, come on, I'd just picked up the dry cleaning, bought his cousin a wedding gift, found new shoes for our twins, shopped for his favorite food for dinner that night.

But God had some lessons for me that night, and many more nights to follow. When we were first married, lovemaking wasn't a problem. The Good News About All This Bad News.