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Contemporary Approach to Writing Non-Linear Online Learning Resources
Responding to learners: a guide for practitioners
Download the PDF version of this pack1 This resource pack synthesises the outcomes from the Learner Experiences of e-Learning theme of the JISC e-Learning Programme which funded a total of ten projects from 2005 to 2009, and had the sustained involvement of over 200 learners and more than 3000 survey respondents to explore learners’ perceptions of and participation in technology-enhanced learning in a digital age. The content of Responding to Learners includes a series of five guides and a set of key messages postcards containing quotes from learners. The postcards summarise the key findings from this JISC-funded research and can form the basis for staff development activities. Responding to Learners Pack Responding to Learners Pack
Responding to learners: a guide for learning developers and learning support staff
The Design Studio / Curriculum Lifecycle: DUCKLING's alternative diagram
The Design Studio / FrontPage The Design Studio is a developing toolkit which draws together a range of existing and emergent Jisc resources which support technology-enhanced teaching and learning practice. The Design Studio will provide access to project outcomes and outputs from a range of Jisc programmes as they are developed through an open sharing and synthesis approach. You can access resources through interrelated programme themes or browse using the side bar menu and the folders. You can also use the search facility using keywords or tags. The Design Studio / FrontPage