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Crisscross flat-pack furniture easier to take apart than Ikea. Triumph Bonneville Miss Money Penny. Marcos Martines et le préparateur Ducati Triumph NYC, se sont associés pour réaliser le custom d’une Triumph Bonneville, modèle qui a le vent en poupe depuis la mode des motos rétro.

Triumph Bonneville Miss Money Penny

Le nom de code de ce custom est Miss Money Penny, secrétaire emblématique de l’agent 007, à la fois raffinée et femme de poigne. Le client voulait une moto adaptée aux rues de New York mais qui pourrait également trôner dans le salon de son loft. Le préparateurs ont presque tout modifié pour donner une personnalité unique à ce deux roues. Le look est résolument vintage, on adore également les éléments en cuivre qui se mélangent parfaitement au noir mat et au cuir. Pour en savoir plus sur Ducati Triumph NYC, cliquez ici Images © Ducati Triumph NYC Pin It Pin It.

A Tray Inspired By The Texture Left In Yogurt While Eating It With A Spoon. Kutarq Studio have designed Carved, a set of solid wood trays that were inspired by the texture left in yogurt when eating it with a spoon.

A Tray Inspired By The Texture Left In Yogurt While Eating It With A Spoon

A description from the designers Inspired by the texture left in a yoghurt while eating it with a spoon , The Carved Bowls are a set of solid wood pin trays that combine with different sized concave areas. Ideal for the entrance of your home or your desk, you can leave your keys, coins, rings, or your personal items there.

See How Pencils Were Turned Into Surprisingly Creative Vases. Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika, worked together with Gallery FUMI and pencil company Faber-Castell, to create a collection of vases named, Amalgamation.

See How Pencils Were Turned Into Surprisingly Creative Vases

Let have a look at how he made the vases… It all starts with a sketch of what the vase should look like. Then, he glues pencils together to create a solid block. Une illusion de volume pour des lampes plates. Le studio Cheba a créé ces trois lampes qui donnent une impression de volume avec leur structure qui s’illumine entièrement alors qu’elles sont en fait complètement plates.

Une illusion de volume pour des lampes plates

La chaise rouge et bleue de gerrit rietveld. Une chaise confortable ?

la chaise rouge et bleue de gerrit rietveld

Une belle chaise ? 1/ Une belle chaise : géométrie anguleuse et pure ? La chaise rouge et bleue de Rietveld. Mosaert store. La lumière ou l'extension du domaine de l'architecture. La B612, best-seller de la collection, tient son nom de l'astéroïde du Petit Prince.

La lumière ou l'extension du domaine de l'architecture

Credit Photo - Henri Bursztyn Henri Bursztyn ne l’entend pas ainsi. Now You Can Have New York In The Palm Of Your Hand. William Ngo, founding partner at TO+WN DESIGN, and Alan Silverman, principal at AJSNY, have worked together to create Microscape.

Now You Can Have New York In The Palm Of Your Hand

Microscape is a collection of architecturally-precise models of cities around the world. The first phase of the collection is a series of 200 “microscapes” (distinct tiles of different parts of the city), which can be assembled into a complete, highly accurate model of Manhattan. Each 3D printed Microscape tile measures 6-inches by 6-inches, and range in height up to 5.5-inches tall You can learn more about Microscape on their website, here, or via their Kickstarter campaign, here.

Home Page WW - Biegert & Funk. Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro. Description: Bring the tactile beauty of cherry wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys!

Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro

Created to perfectly compliment the sleek style of Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards. Compatible with all MacBook Pro unibodyŒæ(post 2008)Œæmodels.Œæ Please Note:ŒæBacklit keys will not be visible through the wood. Akenchi Objets Design. Un très beau travail réalisé par Thibaut Malet qui a conçu un art toys en bois représentant le célèbre personnage de Lego.

Akenchi Objets Design

Fabriqué à 20 exemplaires, chaque figurine est numéroté et mesure 11 cm de hauteur. Des Lego fabriqués à partir de pièces de bois. Voici un concept qui nous vient du Japon, avec cette gamme « tout-naturel » de briques de bois compatibles avec nos Lego classiques.

Des Lego fabriqués à partir de pièces de bois

Mi-street art, mi-design de luxe : des chambres d'hôtels comme vous ne les avez jamais vues ! Pavel Vetrov est un artiste ukrainien qui a décidé de mettre en lumière, de façon plutôt originale, la frontière qu'il peut exister entre l'art de la rue et celui du luxe. Il a décidé d'investir des chambres d'hôtels luxueuses et créer, au sein même de la chambre, une frontière avec la rue. Visite d'une installation architecturale en soie de Do Ho Suh. J’avais déjà évoqué le travail de l’artiste coréen Do Ho Suh dont les installations les plus connues recréent des maisons ou des batiments entiers dans leurs moindres détails avec des voilages de soie. An Apartment Concept For A Family With Two Young Children. INT2architecture have designed a interior concept for a penthouse with an attic, for a family with two young children in Zelenograd, Russia.

The designer’s description The space is designed in minimalist Scandinavian eco aesthetics with industrial elements. The ground floor of this three story penthouse includes an entrance hall, spacious living room, dining area, kitchen, guest bathroom and laundry area under the stairs. Niko Schmutz designs bicycle with concentric wooden frame. Thin layers of oak veneer make up the three-piece wooden frame of this bicycle designed by student Niko Schmutz (+ slideshow).

The frame makes the most of the "resilient" properties of wood, and has been designed to absorb vibration and lend the vehicle a "spring effect" on uneven urban roads. Ukrainian designer Olga Akulova added glazed partitions, metal-topped counters and a wooden bath to this apartment on the 30th level of a condominium in Kiev. Akulova was asked to create a space using natural materials that would be suitable for her young client to entertain friends, and was influenced by "the new English style of design". "I am inspired by the colours that [British] stylist Hanna Franklin uses," Akulova told Dezeen. "The framework of the flat was amazing, but it was without any particular design. " Scott & Scott updates Canadian mountain house interior. Canadian studio Scott & Scott has "brightened up" the interior of a mid-century property north of Vancouver, adding simple wooden surfaces, white-washed walls and a marble sink (+ slideshow).

Un jeu de carte à jouer minimaliste avec un spectre de couleurs. Isabel + Helen's brightly coloured Constructivist swing. London Design Festival 2015: design duo Isabel + Helen is exhibiting a swing made from large geometric shapes as part of Chelsea 10, an alumni exhibition celebrating 10 years of Chelsea College of Arts (+ slideshow). 30+ Magnificent DIY Projects You Can Do With Wine Corks.

Advertisement Though it might seem relatively mundane, cork is actually quite an interesting material. It is basically indestructible, totally buoyant, and contains both elastic and fire retardant properties – and all of that comes from the bark of a tree. Eighty percent of the world’s supply of cork comes from Portugal and Spain, where these trees can grow and flourish in the favorable climates.

Cork’s features make it the ultimate material for bottle stoppers, and wine corks make up about 60% of the world’s cork production. So what else can you do with a cork stopper that doesn’t involved sealing a bottle of wine? Des rouleaux à pâtisserie gravés au laser pour de magnifiques créations culinaires. De superbes rouleaux à pâtisserie en bois, gravés au laser avec des motifs délicats, qui vous permettrons de réaliser de magnifiques pâtisseries et créations culinaires.

De jolis accessoires imaginés par la designer polonaise Zuzia Kozerska, qui dessinerons leurs formes sur votre pâte à gâteau ou vos cookies. Images © Zuzia Kozersk. Pitsou Kedem unveils items from Object furniture collection. Israeli architects Pitsou Kedem and Irene Goldberg have created a series of nature-influenced products for the home, including a shelving system that references a rock formation and a sink based on an iceberg.

Kedem and Goldberg designed the shelves, sink and mirror as the first three objects from a collection that will eventually also include tables, chairs and other items for the home. "As architects we design spaces for people – spaces that promote a sense of place, calling their visitors to linger," said Kedem, whose architecture projects in his native country include a concrete 1950s-inspired home built for his family. "We created Object to complete this experience. " The architect installed the Object items in another of his buildings: a house near Tel Aviv shaded by perforated weathered steel screens. The range includes the modular Library shelving system, which comprises a blackened steel grid and oak boxes, providing closed-off and open storage.

Photography is by Amit Geron. Le plus beau terrain de basket de Paris se cache à Pigalle - Sortir. Menacé de fermeture, le playground Duperré a subi un lifting renversant. Steel rebar forms storage system at Toronto kitchen showroom. Canadian studio DesignAgency has used steel reinforcing bars to create a shelving system within a kitchen appliance showroom in Toronto (+ slideshow). Shimmer by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia. Suggested Reading The Story of Eames Furniture Brimming with images and insightful text, this unique book is the benchmark reference on what is arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time.

[more...] Buy it here: Amazon. Une commode qui s'ouvre sur des vagues. Drawer Table by Ineke Hans for Arco. Fondue Slippers by Satsuki Ohata mould to the shape of your foot. Denis Rakaev designs a contemporary apartment in Kiev. How to Make Cypress Glowing Table. Sangle tabouret book stool eno. Horloge murale ou à poser noire par Mondo. Jeeves applique chapeau melon. Bloc notes Monde Riant par Pa Design - Absolument Design. 360 SHELF – An Adjustable Shelving Display by Luka Pirnat. DO NOT DISTURB Clocks by Ernest Perera for Amor de Madre. Meubles et Design - Reproductions de meubles design. Défier la gravité lampe 2x4 par Alexandra Burr. PRODUCTS - FREDERICIA Furniture. Swiss watch based on Helvetica typeface arrives at Dezeen Watch Store. EDGY by Matthieu Bruls on Architizer. 50 inventions simples et géniales pour révolutionner son quotidien (coup de coeur sur la tasse à cookies) Piet Hein Eek's first eyewear range debuts at Dutch Design Week.

Modern Stone – Remettre le Silex au goût du jour ? GENTLEMEN DESIGNERS, Mobilier vintage, made in France. Plants grow inside Maxim Scherbakov's marble Sputnik-5 table. Interior Di on Architizer. Les Meubles Modernes pour votre Maison et Entreprise. Motorbike reinterpreted as a furniture piece by Joe Velluto. 5. Giant tables form workspaces at Central Saint Martins. Align Pen by Beyond Object. Deco vintage, meuble de style industriel pour votre intérieur - Produit Intérieur Brut. Case Meallin Office by Mim Design. Des rivières à tables. The Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy. The Beat-Shelf by Van Tjalle en Jasper. Bottle watch by Industrial Facility arrives at Dezeen Watch Store.

Joe Doucet launches wooden Sling Chair with supple silicone backrest. Des arrêts de bus par des grands architectes. Chaises, tabourets et bancs design scandinave. Invisible Kitchen by i29 interior architects. Etageres-fixation-invisible.jpg (Image JPEG, 450 × 234 pixels) Etageres-murales-contemporaines-metal-design-minimaliste-64858-1602043.jpg (Image JPEG, 1417 × 992 pixels) - Redimensionnée (78%) Megalith Table by Christopher Duffy. La bibliochaise, l’invention géniale à laquelle il fallait penser ! Japanese oak chair to be presented by Big-Game in Milan. Top 100 des packaging de produits comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent. Flower-shaped lamp that blooms at night by Constantin Bolimond. Design scandinave : meubles, luminaires et design scandinave - Design Ikonik.

Architecture and design. Yi Chair by Michael Young for EOQ. LETi by Studio Macura. Osko+Deichmann extends kinked steel furniture range for Blå Station. Bitterli House by Roger Stüssi. Ripple Table by Benjamin Hubert. Mobilier bois éco responsable : meubles en bambou, bois renouvelable, mobilier écologique durable. Interactive slideshow of East London Penthouse. La porte "Evolution" de Klemens Torggler. Des meubles gribouillés. 011 Metropolitan Bicycle / Dirk Bikkembergs. Sandwichbike flat-pack wooden bicycle goes into production. Wayfinding & Signage. Made In Design : Mobilier Contemporain, Luminaire et Décoration tendance pour maison et jardin. Run Colors trainer store by Mode:lina Architekci. Blog Design, Blog architecture, decoration design, mobilier, graphisme - Orgone Design : le blog du design contemporain.

Joined + Jointed furniture collection. Cup by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for ArtCeram. LE KLINT 2012 - Products. Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch for ophelis. Atrium House by Eduard Ludwig. Meubles & Design : reproductions de mobilier de designers.