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How Different Age Groups Are Interacting Online. The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC] When we think of being connected to the Internet, our minds immediately shift to our computers, phones, and most recently tablets.

The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC]

This week at Cisco live, I shared that in 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth. That’s right. Interactive. The World of Seven Billion The map shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities.


Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita, using categories established by the World Bank (see key below). Some nations— like economic powerhouses China and India—have an especially wide range of incomes. The Social States Of America. By Patrick Appel Alex Goldmark explains a novel map: This is what our state lines might look like if we drew them based on who actually talks with each other, at least according to cell phone data gathered by MIT.

The Social States Of America

These are the geographic clusters of who texts with whom within an area, from the MIT Senseable City Lab's Connected States of America mapping project. Think Quarterly. The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising. Beyond The Billboard: The Future Of Out-Of-Home Advertising. Why Captain Higgins is my favorite parasitic flatworm. Data Visualization & Infographic Search Engine Launches.