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15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography. Everything you need to know about buying a camera. 184inShare Jump To Close By David Pierce and Vlad Savov Cameras are everywhere.

Everything you need to know about buying a camera

There’s one in your laptop, two in your phone, and probably a pair in your tablet that you’ve never used. Learn Photography Concepts. Learn the key concepts and terminology of digital photography.

Learn Photography Concepts

Tutorials include both fundamental and advanced topics, so if you're a beginner this is likely a good place for you to start. Basics: How Your Camera Works Qualities of Digital Photos. Cambridge in Colour - Photography Tutorials & Learning Community. Manual Photography Cheat Sheet. Aperture and Depth of Field. Depth of Field Depth of Field (DOF) is the front-to-back zone of a photograph in which the image is razor sharp.

Aperture and Depth of Field

As soon as an object (person, thing) falls out of this range, it begins to lose focus at an accelerating degree the farther out of the zone it falls; e.g. closer to the lens or deeper into the background. With any DOF zone, there is a Point of Optimum focus in which the object is most sharp.