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Weather Hazards

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Teachers TV- Climate Change - The Causes. Cumbria floods November 2009 — a look back. We take a look at how extensive flooding in Cumbria in November 2009 was made easier to deal with because of the warnings from the joint Met Office and Environment Agency Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC).

Cumbria floods November 2009 — a look back

Heavy rain and gales affected many parts of north-west Britain from 18 to 20 November 2009. The worst-hit area was the Lake District which experienced prolonged heavy rainfall from the evening of Wednesday 18 November through to the early morning on Friday 20 November.The associated high river flows and flooding problems were made worse by already saturated ground. Extreme weather. Find out in more detail about different types of extreme weather and what causes them.

Extreme weather

Flooding Flooding is caused by: a large amount of persistent rain rapid thawing of snow a storm surge a combination of high tides and high river levels Storm surges Storm surges are caused by strong winds and low air pressure. Animated guide: Hurricanes. National Geographic. Teachit Geography - Tropical storms GCSE teaching pack. BBC Weather How do hurricanes form. The Coriolis Effect. Coriolis Effect. Extreme Weather on Flipboard.