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English language games

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Online ESL. Reading Resources. Reading Resources. Online ESL games for kids. Giocare. Teacher's resources. Games to Learn English - For Students. Cookie - Learning – Language – Making Sentences – Primary School Game. CI i CM (games, videos...) Storytelling. GAMES. Aplikacje i strony internetowe. Grammatica inglese. ICT and spelling. Games/Interactives. GAMES. Games. Esl. 20 - Blended or Flipped Classrooms. What is a Blended Classroom?

20 - Blended or Flipped Classrooms

A National Education Association (NEA) Policy Brief on blended learning states: ...blended learning (aka hybrid and mixed-mode) is an environment in which: a student learns in a blended model of face-to-face instruction with a licensed teacher and technology-based instruction that best meets the educational needs of the student.During the technology-based instruction, under the guidance of the teacher, the student has control over the time, place, path and/or the pace of the curriculum to form an integrated instructional approach.

Watch the following video to learn more about blended learning in the classroom. We also suggest that if you are interested in learning more about blending your classroom that you check your local ISD for the Blended Learning in the Classroom Course (BLiC) a REMC Association project. What is a flipped classroom? About the Flipped Classroom Johnathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams are considered the originators of the flipped classroom. 1. 2. The Global Search for Education: Just Imagine - Dr. Brian Annan - New Zealand. “We created an image of a teacher and students in a class with digital tools from which they can access families, the community, the environment and the world at large through the internet.” — Brian Annan Just Imagine schools decades from today - what will they be like?

The Global Search for Education: Just Imagine - Dr. Brian Annan - New Zealand

Dr. Brian Annan was the program director for the Learning and Change Networks (LCN) strategy from October 2012 to June 2015, an initiative funded and supported by the New Zealand government and Ministry of Education. The strategy concentrated on supporting 53 networks involving 350 schools and communities to identify and address achievement challenges among students performing below national standards. In June 2015, Brian set up a new company, Infinity Learn Ltd, with co-director Mary Wootton, the lead facilitator from the LCN strategy, to explore the merger of learning and wellbeing. English vocabulary exercises esl.

English Language Learning Software. Very Young Learners. Primary school. ESL. Getting to know you. Literacy: SLc/E1.3 Pre-entry: SLc/M8.2 ESOL: ESOL Sc/E1.3a Level: M8, E1 Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Sort or match cards A set of question words that can be used in E1 ESOL classes at the start of the year.

Getting to know you

Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom. First lesson. This getting to know each other activity is simple to set up and works well for most levels above Beginner.

first lesson

Sketch or print out this template, I usually use two sides (10 topics). At the top of each row is a space for a topic title. Think of some topics that might be of interest to the group and write one in each box. Topics I use include: work, movies and TV, music, free time activities, whatever town you’re teaching in, sport, food, English, holidays, politics, technology, the environment, etc. Give a sheet to each student and go round the class brainstorming questions for each topic, invite students to write interesting questions on the sheet. When you have questions for each topic, put students in pairs and get them to interview each other using the question sheet. Printables interview template This is a good getting to know each other exercise for a first class with intermediate students and above.

Opinion cards Are you finding these conversation cards useful? Also available: themed cards. ESL 2. Learning English. LearnEnglish Kids. Custom Bingo Cards. KS1 Literacy. © Drag and drop the names of the classroom items on to the picture.

KS1 Literacy

The name box will turn green if correctly placed. Drag and drop the names of the animals on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed. Find and select the letters in the correct order to make the word. . © The Word Wheel 2 is multimedia tool for pupils to explore and develop their skill at blending phonemes in words with clusters.WW2-lesson-outline. Index. Engelska. Planeto. Language Learning Games.