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The Solar System Ambassadors Program. Cosmology. Universe Sampler Program Introduction. Universe Sampler Chair: Amelia Goldberg 5115 Stillbrooke Drive Houston, TX 77035 (713) 721-5077 E-mail: Introduction.

Universe Sampler Program Introduction

The Universe Sampler observing program is a unique observing program designed specifically for the beginning observer. It is designed to expose the beginner to a sample of the many different types of objects that the Universe has to offer for our observing enjoyment. It is designed to help the new observer learn his or her way around the sky and to teach some of the basics of astronomy. The Universe Sampler will take you on an exciting journey through the heavens. Once you have completed the Universe Sampler observing program, you should be well acquainted with the night sky and be able to find your way among the stars with no problem. Sun Spotters Program - Disk Drawing Form. Sunsptf1. Sun Spotters Program Introduction.

Sunspotters Program Chair: Scott Kranz 106 N Darrowby Drive Raymore, MO 64083-9181 (816) 522-8921 E-mail: Introduction The purpose of this program is to encourage solar observing with an eye toward educating the amateur astronomer on solar features and their evolution.

Sun Spotters Program Introduction

By following this regimen the observer will learn the various features of solar activity, learn how these change during their passage across the disk, and learn how to develop a regular observing program. Rules: Before you start any solar observing program, make absolutely certain that you have safe filters and a safe set-up. Only use filters from reputable sources, and never use a "solar filter" that screws into an eyepiece. Before starting this program, please review Information Required to Complete the Sunspotter Program.

Outreachlog.xls. AwardLogDirections. Outreach Award Introduction. Outreach Award Chair: Mike Ramirez11942 Harmony Dr.Jacksonville, Florida 32246Telephone: 904-860-1454E-mail: Introduction The Astronomical League has been highly successful motivating League club/society members to not only get out and observe, but to also record and submit their observations for appropriate recognition.

Outreach Award Introduction

The stated goal for the Observing Programs is that they offer encouragement and certificates of accomplishment for demonstrating observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects. The success of the Astronomical League's various Observing Programs and awards is but just one of the League's many benefits to its member club/societies. The new League Outreach Award will afford individual Astronomy Outreach recognition.

The AstronomyOutreach listserv started by Scott Roberts of Meade Instruments has been an excellent vehicle to share ideas, promote outreach, and encourage those involved in outreach. Rules and Regulations. The Astronomical League. Lunar Program Introduction. The Astronomical League. Award Administrator John Goss 932 Lee Lane Fincastle, VA 24090 Welcome to the Dark Sky Advocate Award!

The Astronomical League

This award is unlike any other. If you have wanted to do something about a topic so important to our hobby — the loss of our dark skies due to light pollution — this is a way you can help. Here lies a great opportunity for you, as your enter the Dark Sky Advocate Award, to make a positive, dramatic impact on your community that will be long lasting and far reaching. Constellation Hunter Program - Northern Sky Observing. Constellation Hunter Program Introduction. Constellation Hunter Program Chair: Cliff Mygatt P.O.

Constellation Hunter Program Introduction

Box 8607 Port Orchard, WA 98366 (360) 265-5418 E-mail: The Planetary Transit Special Award (Venus Transit) Planetary Transit Special Award Coordinator: Aaron B.

The Planetary Transit Special Award (Venus Transit)

Clevenson19411 Cluster Oaks Drive Humble, TX 77346-2918(281) 852-4667 E-mail: Submissions must have been received before the end of 2012. This deadline has passed. No additional submissions will be accepted. Astronomy Education Review. The Planetary Transit Special Award (Venus Transit) The Astronomical League. Jet propulsion lab. Heavens Above. Sun-Earth Day 2012: Amateur Astronomers. 2012 Observing Certificate Program For 2012, NASA and the Astronomical League are partnering to offer two observing certificates.

Sun-Earth Day 2012: Amateur Astronomers

Completion of the requirements for each certificate will qualify you to download a certificate of completion. Requirements for completion are as follows. Level 1: Amateur Astronomers who successfully view the transit through a properly filtered telescope (e.g. white light or Ha filters, or one of many projection methods) will receive a certificate of participation in the Sun Earth Day Observing Challenge. Level 1 Observing Certificate. Minnesota Astronomical Society. Cassini. Astronomy Picture of the Day. Astronomy magazine.