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SmART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist. Am I the only one who is ready for this Winter to be over?

smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist

Spring Break is right around the corner and we still have freezing temperatures here!! This week we have been looking at the ugly, freezing, dark skies and rain. We wanted to turn it into something beautiful! Begin with a white crayon and draw the horizon line. there should be a big emphasis on drawing OVALS instead of circles. Moving fish. The drawings on this paper transform. Creative Artwork by Clym Evernden. INSIDER art - These drawings are all connected. Cubism with 4th and 5th. Another project in my big Art History unit with my students is finally all displayed and ready to be shared!

Cubism with 4th and 5th

The two above were chosen for Youth Art Month at the Portage County Library! I found this project via pinterest (which is the worst kind of pinterest post). JUST an image. However, this image was actually pretty useful for understanding the project. Creating Torn Paper Landscapes. Usually paper and scissors go hand-in-hand, but not for this project.

Creating Torn Paper Landscapes

We’re tearing paper and layering the pieces to make colorful landscapes. Each one turns out completely unique and beautiful, and all you need is paper and a glue stick. Choose a background paper and tear a strip from your first color. The First Trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ an Animated Film Featuring 12 Oil Paintings per Second by Over 100 Painters. The first trailer for Loving Vincent (previously) was just released and it promises stunning visuals in a novel format: the film was created from a staggering 12 oil paintings per second in styles inspired by the famous Dutch painter’s brushstrokes.

The First Trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ an Animated Film Featuring 12 Oil Paintings per Second by Over 100 Painters

The upcoming movie will detail the story of Van Gogh’s life leading up to the tumultuous time surrounding his death some 125 years ago. According to the filmmakers, over 100 painters have contributed frames to the ambitious feature-length film that is still in progress at their headquarters in Gdansk, Poland. The film is currently being produced by Oscar-winning studios BreakThru Films and Trademark Films, and you can follow their progress or even get involved yourself on their website. (via Devour) The Helpful Art Teacher: Drawing and painting trees: Light and shadow in an autumn landscape.

Look at the trees below.

The Helpful Art Teacher: Drawing and painting trees: Light and shadow in an autumn landscape

The autumn sunlight is steaming in from the side. The sun is not visible in these photographs. The sunlight creates light and shadow on the trees. The trunks of the trees get smaller as they grow higher. Pamela Holderman: our farms are ready for harvest. We made farms, colorful farms, crazy farms with rivers running through them - complete with bridges, and ponds,

Pamela Holderman: our farms are ready for harvest

Color theory. Alphabet Art Project for 1st Grade - This is a great project to try at the beginning of the year or as your students are reviewing the alphabet and beginning to learn to write words and phrases.

Alphabet Art Project for 1st Grade -

I got this idea from the book Dynamic Art Projects for Children . Ours are not exactly as the ones in this book, but very similar. We started by looking at the art of Stuart Davis and reading the phrases, words and numbers that we saw in his artwork. The students analyzed the pictures and discussed why he might have used words in his work and what the pictures remind them of. Foliage Friends. Op Art "Floating Spheres" Optical illusion art like Vaserely. CITYSCAPE SILHOUETTES - A POSITIVE-NEGATIVE SPACE ART LESSON -

Great for substitutes!


This art lesson focuses on the interplay of positive and negative space. The activity can be kept very simple and basic, or it can be extended to include a comprehensive discussion about the use of space in art work. The basic lesson is simple to teach, and it can be extended in several directions. Add a writing activity or a companion art activity that reverses the design. Or, slip the lesson into a science unit that deals with the sun or sky, a social studies unit on cities, or a math lesson on concentric circles. No special materials or preparation are required for this lesson. How To Draw For Kids. Simple as Pie Scribble Creatures. Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 4th grade Heather Galler Folk Art Landscapes. 4th grade artists are learning about the contemporary artist Heather Galler, Folk Art, and Landscapes.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 4th grade Heather Galler Folk Art Landscapes

We created our own landscapes in the patterned style of Galler. Adventures of a Middle School Art Teacher: 7th Grade ~ OP Art lesson. From here, they select one of the patterns (2x2, 3x3, or 4x4) and complete their design on either graph paper, or pre-printed paper as shown below.

Adventures of a Middle School Art Teacher: 7th Grade ~ OP Art lesson

Once finished, we cut them out, glue them on black construction paper, and laminate them. Round 1-Point Perspective City. Tree Reflection: A Pastels Tutorial - Hodgepodge. A fall favorite from 2010… We are still enjoying fall scenes around our house. With that in mind, Nana taught us a pastel lesson with trees, water and reflection. First, we gathered our colors. And, starting with the green, we drew a line for the grass. Not a very thick line, to leave plenty of space for the water. Next, the blue for the water and a bit of “fisting in” or softening of the picture with your fist or a finger… Then, get your brown and add simple sticks for the tree trunks.

Exquisite Corpse Drawing Book. Artsonia Art Gallery. Toys from Trash. Fishy Fish. The Ming Vases. Friday Art Feature - I Am ... We had our first official art class of the year this week. I decided to start off with an easy one so everyone could feel successful with their project. Silhouette Art by Nacho Ormaechea. This silhouette art by Spanish designer Nacho Ormaechea is pretty unique.

The images display peoples’ thoughts, desires or memories─or so they appear. They are compositions of photography produced, presumably, in Photoshop. I think they’re quite inspiring, and remind me of some work I featured here on Design Soak before: Past War and Present Peace in Berlin, Moscow and Normandy. I hope you enjoy them…

Color Theory Trees. Made this icecream cone art with my students today... icecream is equal parts white glue and shaving cream. I used food colouring to colour the mix… Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Tree Weaving with Third Grade. Every year I do a weaving project with my students, kindergarten to fourth grade. And when asked at the end of the year what their fave art project in the universe is, weaving always ties first place with clay. And who can blame them? Digging ones hands deep into clay or entangled in a bundle of yarn is just about the best feeling ever, says the art teacher.

However, I've grown a little tired of the usual weaving project my third grade students create. So when I saw these amazing tree weavings on pinterest, I was inspired to have my students create one of their own. Students were encouraged to mix three different values of green to create a sense of depth. Color It Like you MEAN it!: umbrella. Everything looks better in color, right? There's a Dragon in my Art Room: An oldie but goodie - 'Words that Describe Themselves' The Helpful Art Teacher: ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVE. Below is a landscape of some hills. Draw-Klimts-Tree-of-LIfe.pdf. Guilford County School's Art Educator's Blog: Caitlin Fisher, Southeast Middle School, Sub Lessons.

Mr F Tesselation 1. Easy Art lessons for substitute teachers (free & printable)! The prospect of preparing sub lessons for middle and high school Art classes (also known as relief lessons) can fill a teacher with dread and be perceived as more unpleasant than returning to school while sick. Lesson: Remixed Masterpiece. I usually do not go to blogs for lessons, as stated here. Веселые рожицы. Рисуем смешные прически / Уроки рисования карандашом для начинающих - как научиться рисовать, учимся вместе / Ёжка - стихи, загадки, творчество и уроки рисования для детей. Замечательная идея на маленьких художников. Life. Truth. Art.: Zendala MADNESS! A New Way to Introduce the Color Wheel. I recently took a graduate class titled “Supports for English Language Learners.”

In this class I learned various strategies to use when teaching English Language Leaner’s. I was also reminded of the importance of incorporating vocabulary and visual aids in my lesson plans.