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Book Week 2020

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ABC Radio Bookworms: CBCA Book of the Year Awards. The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) awards are the most highly regarded children’s/YA lit awards within the industry and in the wider community.

ABC Radio Bookworms: CBCA Book of the Year Awards

This evening on 612ABC Brisbane, I will be chatting with David Curnow about the 2016 Notables list – which is basically the long list for this prestigious award. Australia has an incredibly diverse, vibrant and fabulous children’s literary community which produces some of the best children’s books in the world and the CBCA Book of the Year Awards recognize some of this exceptional talent each year, through the notables, short lists and Book Week celebrations. The theme for Book Week 2016 is ‘Australia: Story Country’ – a theme I am very much looking forward to exploring in our school library. The CBCA Book of the Year awards were established in 1946, with the first winners receiving a camellia flower, before generous donations ensured a monetary prize for each category.

‘Shadows of the Master’, Emily Rodda, Scholastic. Children’s Book Week 2016 - Focus on Storytelling. Storytelling is an ancient art form that goes right back to the days when humankind told stories while huddled around a campfire.

Children’s Book Week 2016 - Focus on Storytelling

Nowadays we have many fancy digital ways to tell stories, but they are still a combination of words and often sounds and images. A good story can entertain us, teach us a lesson, or even change the way we look at the world. Australia: Story Country. Have children thought about that word, “story”? How many different ways do we hear it used? Storytelling is one way of conveying a story. Here are some tips for getting started with Storytelling: ** Why not make time for daily storytelling activities during and after Children's Book Week?

** One energy-charged activity your kids will love is to delve into a prop box or dress-up box and become a character who tells a story. ** If you know any storytellers or adults who like to share oral stories, grab them! ** Story is very important in Aboriginal culture. ** Encourage children to gather stories. What Next? 1. 2. CBCA. Children’s Book Week 2016 - Resources. I think it's important not to get too fixed on what makes a book suit this 2016 Children's Book Week theme.

Children’s Book Week 2016 - Resources

Australia IS a Story Country. Our stories come from all over: from our own indigenous people, from migrants and refugees who have come to live here, from books, movies and orally transmitted stories. Let's encourage Australia's children to immerse themselves in a range of stories, to read them, listen to them, watch them, think about them, and go on to share them with others!

I have a few books I will suggest that I think make great resources for libraries and schools generally AS WELL AS suiting a theme like Australia: Story Country. Though I believe that almost any story with an Australian link of some kind (character, setting, author, illustrator etc) is suitable for this theme, I have a deliberately short list to suggest, many of them picture books.

Jandamarra by Mark Greenwood and Terry Denton. Where's Jessie? Look A Book! Greetings from Sandy Beach by Bob Graham. Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind. "All About the Books, No Trouble". Interactive Literacy. Mrs B's Interactive Literacy Mrs B, the students and staff of My School, in My Town, Australia, welcome you to our literature-based reading and language site.

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