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An Oliver twist. Postcard from Oliver - Google Slides.

Casual teaching

Digital Literacy. Evidence guide prof. AITSL Standards for teacher librarian practice 2014. 2017 read calendar. Makerspace. Websites. Accreditation- Teacher Librarians. BOOKS. Cataloguing & classification. The library should be divided into fiction and non-fiction ( information) resources with all shelves and bays labelled clearly.

Cataloguing & classification

(see section: Signs and Guiding) Classification refers to the way in which the books are organised. Fiction – this can be further divided into fiction and picture books and is usually arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. It is most useful to keep works by one author together and make special changing displays of books on different themes. ( e.g. a display on India would include information books from 954 classification number; folk-tales (398.54) and fiction set in India.

Catholic Schools Oliver Library

Children's Search Engines. Copyright. Department of Education School Libraries. DEWEY. Digital Storytelling Tools. Discovery Education Web2014 : Home. Guided reading to Independent. Information Literacy. Music for school events. OZTLNET – A community for information professionals in Australian schools. Pathfinders & Libguides. SCIS- Schools Catalogue Information Service. The School Library Media Specialist. A school is a learning community.

The School Library Media Specialist

Each teacher and child comes with a unique set of experiences that contribute to the community of learning. The school library media center offers a wide variety of resources and opportunities. Welcome. Around the school, an attractive and well-stocked library is often an indicator of effective support for pupils' wider reading and information retrieval skills.


Ofsted (2011)* A lively, welcoming and well resourced school library gives pupils positive experiences of books, computers and other media. It shares the ethos and values of the whole school, is an effective and economical shared resource and a centre for learning and literacy development. IT is an integral part of this learning environment. The school library should promote equality, diversity and inclusion.