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Vegetarian Entrees

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Pure-Book_Digital-Sampler.pdf. Euphoric Vegan: Zucchini Ribbon & Lentil Salad. Serves: 2 Time: 35 mins (5-10 mins if using ready cooked lentils) This past week in England, apart from a thunderstorm there has been absolutely beautiful weather, including the hottest day of July ever recorded in the UK; on hot summer days like this hot food is pretty much out of question, you want light food that's still sure to deliver on flavour. This salad does exactly that; thin ribbons of zucchini (courgette), with lentils & fresh cherry tomatoes, topped with a creamy and zesty avocado parsley dressing that's to die for. This recipe is packed full of goodness, loaded with fresh seasonal veggies that not only taste amazing but are high in a whole range of vitamins that will leave you feeling - dare I say it, euphoric. Lentils are so nutrient dense, being high in both protein and iron and a low GI food, meaning it won't cause your blood sugar to skyrocket and will keep you fuller for longer.

You'll need: Ingredients: Dressing: Method: Cassidy xx. "Spring into Health Saturday" Recipe Kick-Off! Today I'm kicking off my Spring into Health Saturday series. Every Saturday I'll be posting a spring-inspired recipe to keep you fit and healthy all the way to summer! Smoothies, salads, wraps, sandwiches, drinks and light desserts will speckle this series. So be sure and visit my every spring Saturday for the best and yummiest vegan recipes spring has to offer!

Sunshine Sandwich. My first series recipe is a sandwich I very randomly created on Friday - it was the first above seventy degrees day here in NYC - and I wanted something that saluted the sunshine! Get my recipe.. Kitchen Sink Sandwich. Sunshine Sandwichmakes one sandwich 2 slices spelt sandwich bread1 Tbsp Vegenaise spread1 thick slice navel orange (peeled)2 Tbsp sunny bean spread (recipe below)2 Tbsp sauerkraut1 Sunshine Veggie Burger (optional - add more bean spread if not adding veggie burger) Sunny Bean Spreadmakes 2 cups Directions: 1. 2. 3.

Cooking.nytimes. My Dear Friends Gwynnie P. & Ina Garten Eat Class, Sophistication & Homemade Ricotta for Brunch. Academy Award Winning film heroin, wife, mother, radiation survivor, Miso enthusiast, bag of osteopenia-riddled bones - Gwyneth Paltrow is a great many things. And now, with the help of the Barefoot Contessa herself, Gwyneth can now add homemade ricotta connoisseur to her varied and notable list of achievements. Gwynnie, as she is known to our close personal group of friends which includes legendary model/heiress Amanda Hearst, Nobel Laureate Herta Müller, Russian opera songstress Anna Netrebko and Jersey Shore star Snooki, took time out from her oh-so-busy schedule to whip up a light and delicious mid-morning brunch with Food Network vixen, Ina Garten. Homemade Ricotta Makes about 2 cups * 4 cups whole milk * 2 cups heavy cream * 1 teaspoon kosher salt * 3 tablespoons good white wine vinegar Set a large sieve over a deep bowl.

Pour the milk and stream into a stainless steel or enameled pot such as Le Creuset. Herbed Ricotta Bruschette Serves 6. Tomato and Zucchini Frittata. Garden tomatoes, summer zucchini, and Asiago cheese make a scrumptious frittata that highlights the end of summer's bounty. Summer tomatoes are abundant and delicious right now – my garden is overflowing with them! I've been enjoying them in salads and quick garden sauces, over grilled flank steak, and in my egg sandwiches. But today I wanted to make something different, using up some zucchini that I bought at the farmer's market this weekend and I came up with this delicious frittata.

What I love about frittatas is that you can enjoy them for any meal and they are so inexpensive to make. Today's leftovers from lunch are going to be tomorrow's breakfast. Perfect for meatless mondays, gluten free, clean eating and low carb diets. Tomato and Zucchini Servings: 4 • Size: 1/4 • Old Points: 4 pts • Weight Watcher Points+: 4 pt Calories: 172 • Fat: 10 g • Carb: 8 g • Fiber: 2 g • Protein: 13 g • Sugar: 3 g Sodium: 204 mg • Cholest: 186 mg Ingredients:

Mexican Red Lentil Soup with Cilantro-Almond Pesto.


Homemade cheez-it crackers | dish & tell. Crisp Nori Chips With Toasted Sesame Oil Recipe - NYT Cooking. Crème Brûlée French Toast Recipe. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe - NYT Cooking. Peanut-Ginger Curry Chickpeas over Fluffy Brown Rice. Back from a busy long weekend at SXSW in Austin, hosting the official vegan meetup, I was craving comfort food!

And before I post my SXSW wrap-up post, expect that later this week, I was just dying to post a recipe. So I pushed my giant pile of papers off my desk, they crashed onto the floor as I tossed my head back and laughed sinisterly, while concurrently ripping up my long to-do list as I strolled over to my kitchen and clicked on the stove.

Ok, ok so I didn't really do that, I did hop in the kitchen, but the desk-side destruction part was all in my quite active imagination. But cooking on a Monday afternoon just feels so good, it had to happen. This Peanut-Ginger Curry Chickpeas over Fluffy Brown Rice is so incredibly yummy, I seriously cannot wait to eat more of it for dinner tonight! The sauce... creamy peanut ginger curried bliss.. Thank you to everyone who has supported the launch of the new Finding Vegan App! Kathy Patalsky Published 03/16/2015 Ingredients Instructions. Rice-and-Egg Soup Recipe - NYT Cooking. Hard-Cooked Eggs in Tomato-Onion Sauce Recipe - NYT Cooking.

Green Goddess Dressing Recipe - NYT Cooking. Vegan Strawberries and Cream Bruschetta – Turnip the Oven. Have you ever played the Post-it game? Everyone gets a Post-it stuck to their forehead with the name of someone famous–real or fictional–and then you take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out who you are. The first person to guess wins. I once witnessed a friend get it in three questions (“Am I an animal?”

Yes. “Am I pig?” Yes. “Am I Miss Piggy?”) I on the other hand, am terrible at the game. This happened most spectacularly several summers ago, when I was given Strawberry Shortcake, the rag doll with the puffy pink hat. It got ugly. I’m still vaguely amazed that I couldn’t figure it out. That said, this year I decided to change things up a bit. This is an easy, breezy recipe that I promise you will make again and again. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and dig in! PS: Ina’s Apple Chutney and Broccoli Salad with Avocado and Pistachios. Vegan Strawberries and Cream Bruschetta Serves 4 A simple berry appetizer with vegan lemon cashew cream.

For the lemon cashew cream Instructions. Matcha-colada Smoothie Bowl- Domesticate ME! I screwed up, and I’m sorry. It’s been a hectic few weeks, and in my flustered state I somehow misread my calendar, making next week’s recipes this week. I was okay with it (it’s not like you would know), but then I realized that the Kentucky Derby was this weekend and Cinco de Mayo was Tuesday.

The internet was suddenly awash with tacos, tequila and mint juleps, and I was standing there taking photos of a random smoothie bowl. I mean, apologies for the profanity, but fuck. As I’ve mentioned before, after Christmas and my birthday, Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday, and I obviously enjoy the Derby for its fabulous hats and shameless day drinking. But I dropped the ball, and all you’re getting this week is a Matcha-colada Smoothie Bowl and the series premier of Just The Tip. Anyhoo, whether you’re attending a classy Derby soirée or hosting a Mexican fiesta, you’re probably going to need something cleansing both before and after your celebrations. Go forth and smoothie bowl, friends. Green Pea Guacamole Recipe - NYT Cooking. Roasted Sweet Potato with Chickpeas, Goat Cheese, and Coriander Recipe on Food52. The Middle Eastern Bowl | Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat. Last weekend was one of my favourites since moving out west because I got a call from my shipping company, telling me that my car had arrived and was ready to be picked up.

While I was thrilled to have my Rav 4 back, what I was most excited about was the reunion with my Vitamix packed away in the trunk. We’d been apart for 2 and a half weeks, and that was about 2 weeks too long. I missed it SO much! Shipping a bunch of my stuff in the back of my car (which was loaded onto a truck and driven from Mississauga to Calgary, then to Richmond BC where I picked it up) was a bit of a risky endeavour. So into the car went a bunch of my sports gear, some clothes, kitchen stuff, and yes – my Vitamix, spiralizer and food processor. When I got the call from the company saying my car was ready for pick-up, one of my awesome friends drove me to the terminal – again, another somewhat sketchy looking car lot in the middle of a large industrial space.

See where I’m going with this? The Middle Eastern Bowl. Baked Mushroom Stuffed With Quinoa – Kayla Itsines. Cooking.nytimes. Venetian Cauliflower Recipe - NYT Cooking. Vegan Crock Pot Recipes. A Radish and Herb Salad That’s on the Cutting Edge. Advertisement Error Continue reading the main story Video A lettuce leaf is gossamer, floppy and delicate. A radish is sturdy and dense. They seem about as different as vegetables can be — until you slice that radish on a mandoline. Suddenly, it transforms from a bulky root into ethereal shavings. The same mandoline strategy can be applied to nearly any hardy root, stalk or vegetable that you could happily eat raw: fennel, celery, carrot, beet, turnip, kohlrabi, butternut squash, brussels sprouts.

Here, I’ve applied it to a mix of radishes, fennel and celery tossed with a heap of deep green parsley leaves and a bracing lemon dressing. If you don’t have a mandoline, making this salad is as good an excuse as any for buying one. Photo Continue reading the main story But use it carefully. If you can find watermelon radishes, with their fuchsia-hued cores, slice them here for the prettiest salad. Finally, for a salty tang, I sprinkled capers over the top. Black Bean Hummus – Kayla Itsines. Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe : Alton Brown. Vegabund: Tempeh knedlo zelo / Tempeh with dumplings and cabbage - zdravá verze klasiky / healthy version of czech classic. Triple Garlic Linguine - Chef Lana. If you are a garlic-lover like myself, you would definitely agree that there’s no such thing as too much garlic!!! From salad dressings, spreads, soups, sauces and even juices my everlasting love influences yet another dish.

Belonging to a category of it’s own, garlic is used in virtually every cuisine. I certainly try to add it to almost all of my dishes. The stronger and more pungent the taste, the better it is. This summer, I plan to attend an Annual Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California. 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 garlic bulb, oven roasted1 garlic bulb, half thinly sliced and half smashed1 medium onion, minced1 (28 oz) can peeled tomatoes, pureed1/2 tsp crushed red chile flakes1/2 tsp sea salt, or more to tasteBlack pepper to taste4 large fresh basil leaves, washed12 oz whole wheat linguine1 Tbsp Earth Balance butter Preheat the oven to 400 °F. Cut off top of one garlic head and set cut side up on a piece of an aluminum foil. Enjoy! Artichoke & Pickled Onion Pizza w/ Harissa Tomato Sauce + Kale Pesto + Parm | Faring Well. I’ve been soaking up all this sunshine the past few days and am high on vitamin D, folks!

What an invigorating feeling. Living previously in southern California, and Phoenix before that, I’ve never been short on that naturally beaming source of D. However, this first winter here in Colorado has given me some blues that were shaken off this past week with a streak of 60s and 70s and SUNSHINE. I feel like I have beams of light shooting out of every orifice (TMI?). On top of that we’ve had some really good nights. It began the other night when Scott and I crawled our way into bed in the dark (don’t worry, it’s PG) and he rolled over holding up his phone with this image pulled up.

IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Tid-Bits: The pickled onions are out-of-this-world amazing, but if you can’t get ahold of them, raw pearl onions or another onion of your choice would work too. Ingredients 1 batch light spelt pizza dough This photo for some belly laughs. YES – they’re back! - Happy weekend! How to Make Raw Pasta (with Three Sauce Choices!) These vegan pasta recipes are so satisfying, nutrient-dense, low-calorie and RAW, in every sense of the word. I don't really use recipes when preparing raw food. So for the following recipes, feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to play with them as you like.

There's endless possibilities for sauce ideas - just like for smoothies and salads. The combinations are infinite. Raw Pasta with Three Sauce Choices! Ingredients Pasta Use any wide, fairly long vegetable – zucchini is the perfect example Avocado Hemp Sauce 1/2 avocado1 clove garlic3 Tb tamariWater or non-dairy milk, as neededSalt & pepper, add other spices if you wish2 Tb hemp seeds Garlic Miso Sauce 2-3 Tb miso1 clove garlic2 Tb tamari1-2 Tb rice vinegar1-2 Tb almond butter2 Tb black sesame seedsWater as needed Spicy Asian-y Sauce 1 Tb mustard1 Tb miso1 Tb nut butter2 Tb nutritional yeastSalt & PepperA few drops of hot sauce1/8 t cayenne/chili powder Preparation Pasta Slice zucchini on your spiral slicer or mandoline into noodles.

Avocado Hemp Sauce. Baked Taquitos with Black Beans & Sweet Potato - She Likes Food. Taquitos and I go way back. When I was in high school, I used to go over to a friend’s house everyday after school and we would eat taquitos as our afternoon snack. They were microwaved and probably had some type of fake cheese inside of them, but I loved them.

I loved them so much that a few years ago I went hunting for the cheese ones in the frozen section and was so excited when I found them. I got them home, heated them up, and they didn’t taste at all how I remembered them tasting. Although, there might have been something else clouding up my memory (and making things taste better than they actually tasted) back then, if you know what I mean! If you know me, you know that I love sweet potatoes and black beans and Mexican food, so this dish probably isn’t a surprise to you at all. I’ve also baked these taquitos rather than frying them, so you can eat the entire pan and not feel bad about it! Baked Taquitos with Black Beans & Sweet Potato Serves: 12-14 Ingredients Instructions. Lentil and Roasted Cauliflower Salad | Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat.

Friends, I have an obsession with a veggie. For those that know how large my carrot consumption is, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not carrots. A couple of weeks ago, one of my co-workers asked me for a snack recommendation. He said he’d developed a late night snacking habit and wanted some tasty yet healthy options that weren’t too difficult to make. Instantly, roasted cauliflower popped into my head because it’s been in my grocery cart every week for the past couple of months. Cauliflower is such an under-rated veggie (can you say beige?) Directions-wise, there’s not a whole lot to it. After it roasts (well technically I guess it’s broiling) for about 25 minutes, simply take it out of the oven, stir it around and continue for another couple of minutes until the florets reach your desired crispiness. Remember how a few weeks ago I told you I was all about lentils?

Lentil and Roasted Cauliflower Salad by Angela Simpson Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 30 mins Ingredients (about 6 cups) Fluffy Falafel…and an easy Tzatziki! « October 21, 2009 by Linda FALAFEL with TZATZIKI I eat fairly low carb, and the carbs I do eat usually come from veggies and a lot of beans. I LOVE BEANS! This recipe is a great vegetarian dish for when you’re tired of meat or just want something a little different. It gives a very soft patty, but it holds together well when fried in a small amount of oil and they firm up slightly as they rest. The sauce is fantastic – make it ahead to let the flavors meld. I use it as salad dressing, over burgers, slathered on thick tomato slices, smeared onto thin-sliced deli meats and rolled up for a quick lunch. good! Falafel: 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1/2 cup fresh or 1/4 cup dried parsley 2 cloves garlic, chopped One 15-ounce can chickpeas (garbanzo beans) OR Cannellini , drained 1 egg 2 teaspoons cumin 1 teaspoon dried or 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon oregano Dash cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 cup Panko bread crumbs.

Lemony Summer Harvest Falafel w/ Smoky Sriracha Tahini | Well and Full. Vegan Veggie Crunch Sandwich with Tzatziki & Balsamic Drizzle. 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. 3 Ingredient Beer Battered Artichoke Hearts - NeuroticMommy. Tomato and Caramelized Onion Flatbread - Recipe Righter. One Pot Zucchini Pasta – Making Thyme for Health. Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Chickpea Chili - The Vegan 8. Charlie Bird's Farro Salad Recipe - NYT Cooking. Peach summer rolls with peanut sauce - Lazy Cat Kitchen. Samosa Potato Cakes. Quick Cauliflower Base Pizza – Kayla Itsines. Rolos vietnamitas | Vegan spring rolls - Made by Choices. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad Recipe - NYT Cooking.

Roasted Garlic Artichoke Burgers. Make Savory Galettes Without a Recipe - Video. Coconut Red Curry With Tofu Recipe - NYT Cooking. 16 Delicious Ways to Use Up Herbs - NYT Cooking. Roasted Eggplant With Spiced Chickpeas (Moussaq’a) Recipe - NYT Cooking. How to | Cook Spring Oatmeal - Video. Fan Qie Chao Dan (Tomato and Eggs over Rice) Recipe on Food52. Charlie Bird's Farro Salad Recipe.

Crème Brûlée French Toast Recipe. Baked Brown Rice Recipe : Alton Brown. Best Lentil Soup Recipe. Coriander & Chickpea Salad – Kayla Itsines. German Potato Salad Recipe : Bobby Flay. Harissa-Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Spicy Toasted Pepitas - Asian Coconut Rice Recipe. Chick'n Tortilla Soup. How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries. Sweet Potato Dal | VeguKate.

Fried bananas - recipe. Zucchini Fritters – Kayla Itsines. Three Herb Quinoa Salad | Mari Jasmine. 2 Power Salad Recipes to Energize Your Week. Vegetarian Southern-Style Biscuits & Gravy - The Vegetarian Food Lab. Chickpea Scramble and Red Cabbage Brown Rice Bowls. The Best Vegan French Fries (gluten-free, too!) - Gluten Free Vegan Pantry.

Coconut Jasmine Rice with Goji Berries. Peach summer rolls with peanut sauce - Lazy Cat Kitchen. Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Yogurt And Sesame Seeds Recipe - NYT Cooking. Vegan Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Sauce.


Veggie Burger Tacos with Avocado Cream Drizzle. Grapefruit Creme Brulee. Guacamole Reinvented Recipe. Love That Quinoa Burger! « Whole Wheat Linguine with Roasted Beet Puree and Chia Seeds at Cooking Melangery.