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Creamy Eggplant Pasta with Walnuts & Bread Crumbs. This creamy eggplant pasta with walnuts is so satisfying, rich, and flavourful!

Creamy Eggplant Pasta with Walnuts & Bread Crumbs

Naturally vegan and so delicious with a crunchy spiced breadcrumb topping. Made with ten core ingredients including smoky charred eggplant, lemon, garlic, shallots, and dill, this pasta is simple to prepare, but a little bit unexpected too! Gnocchis de panais au sarrasin. Gluten-Free Winter Squash Gnocchi Recipe - Anya Kassoff. Spring Pea Spaghetti with Herbed Tahini Sauce. If a delicious dinner can be on the table in less than 25 minutes I consider it a success.

Spring Pea Spaghetti with Herbed Tahini Sauce

This spring spaghetti is bursting with fresh flavors and is definitely going to be making more appearances on our table in the coming weeks. I love using tahini based sauces in pasta dishes and this herbed sauce is one of my favorites. This pasta is creamy, tasty and simple to prepare. It tastes particularly delicious when eaten outside in the warm spring sunshine. Grab your favorite dinner date, pack up a picnic and enjoy! Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Arugula (Vegan + GF) Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on protein.

Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Arugula (Vegan + GF)

No, I’m not ignoring how food tastes and shoveling protein shakes in my face. I’m going about things in a more intentional way, considering how I can thoughtfully incorporate more healthy protein sources into my daily diet. Ya dig? Turns out, to get more protein, simply pay attention to how much protein foods offer, and make each meal count. Roasted Broccoli Peanut Noodles. This is about the third iteration of a peanut noodles recipe I’ve done but it’s with good reason: it’s such a filling meal and one that comes together quickly.

Roasted Broccoli Peanut Noodles

While my cupboards are stocked with hearty grains, I have a nearly equal size collection of noodles (some that only take 5 minutes to cook.) It’s the perfect base for a pile of vegetables and a flavorful sauce. Noodle Swap: I go through phases and right now my noodle of choice are somen noodles. M however, loves Udon but I also always keep a stash of soba and brown rice noodles (we eat at least one noodle bowl a week.) Feel free to play around and switch out as desired.

Roasted Rutabaga Pasta with Cashew Sauce. I have a weak spot for creamy pasta.

Roasted Rutabaga Pasta with Cashew Sauce

It’s on the short list of my favorite comfort foods. When I started my cooking journey, one of the first things I taught myself to make was a perfect Alfredo sauce. Creamy Cashew-Miso Pasta with Peas and Fava Beans {gluten-free, vegan option} – The Bojon Gourmet. Soaked cashews blended with miso, garlic, and lemon make a dreamy vegan Alfredo sauce for gluten-free pasta and spring vegetables.

Creamy Cashew-Miso Pasta with Peas and Fava Beans {gluten-free, vegan option} – The Bojon Gourmet

Parmesan is optional. Adapted from The Love & Lemons Cookbook. Yesterday I went to our co-op to get the ingredients for this dish. One-Pot Pasta Primavera Recipe. Creamy zucchini noodles w/ white lentil spring onion sauce + cheesy sunflower sprinkle » The First Mess // Plant-Based Recipes + Photography by Laura Wright. Pin it!

creamy zucchini noodles w/ white lentil spring onion sauce + cheesy sunflower sprinkle » The First Mess // Plant-Based Recipes + Photography by Laura Wright

This post is sponsored by USA Pulses & Pulse Canada. pin it! Vegan One Pot Pasta in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Sauce poireaux champignons #vegan - Tasting Good Naturally - Recettes Végétaliennes et Bio. Un plat complet en 30 minutes chrono : Pasta bowl aux lentilles. PÂTES ET SAUCE 'FROMAGERE' EXPRESS (vegan) Creamy Cashew Cream Pasta with Lemon, Spinach & Tempeh Bacon Bits.

I love cashew cream pasta, aka Vegan Alfredo.

Creamy Cashew Cream Pasta with Lemon, Spinach & Tempeh Bacon Bits

But I wanted to lighten it up a bit, add the sauce to taste, add some greens and lemon and tons of flavorful crispy little bits. AND make it into a one bowl wonder meal. This Cashew Cream Pasta succeeded in all those things and more! Roasted garlic + cauliflower pasta with walnuts (plus an America’s Test Kitchen book giveaway!) Pin it!

roasted garlic + cauliflower pasta with walnuts (plus an America’s Test Kitchen book giveaway!)

Pin it! We eat a lot more pasta at this house than you might guess from just looking at this blog. Like at least once a week. And yet, this post is one of only two devoted to that starchy comfort that easily loans itself to pantry-cooking. I usually stock some type of spelt/whole grain noodle or Jovial brand brown rice penne in my little grain/cereal drawer. People seem to jump to pasta often for vegetarian mains because of its simplicity, heft, and diversity. A little while ago, the good people at America’s Test Kitchen sent me a preview copy of their upcoming collection, The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. A majority of the recipes are quite streamlined as well. Garlic Chili Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower - Minimalist Baker.

Cauliflower 'Pesto' Pasta - Golubka Kitchen. Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Lemon Pasta. It’s been a while since I made a pasta dinner.

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Lemon Pasta

When I’m pressed for time I tend to default to grains and legumes, soups and stews, dinner salads and tacos. Pasta doesn’t cross my mind, in spite of the fact that it’s quick cooking and easy to make. This year, I’m on a mission to make it more often and more creatively (marinara is my default–hardly inspiring), especially since Steven is a huge pasta lover. This spicy roasted cauliflower lemon pasta is a delicious place to start. 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. Oh…my….gosh. Alert the grocery store because there is going to be an avocado shortage in my town. Well, more than usual that is. [And yes, I said ‘store’. As in singular…We’re small town folk.] Cauliflower Pasta with Hummus Sauce - Connoisseurus Veg. Sweet Potato Pasta with Walnut-Sage Sauce. Red Lentil Dumplings Recipe. I thought I'd jot off a quick post for those of you who like to see what I pack to eat when I travel.

I have one more day in Hong Kong before flying back to San Francisco, and I'll be sad to leave. This trip has been far too quick - Hong Kong is an amazing city, and the people couldn't be more kind, friendly, or generous. Homemade Gyoza Wrappers. “Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth.” — Japanese Proverb I’m a huge lover of all types of dumplings, especially Japanese gyoza. Living in Japan meant I was able to feed my inner gyoza monster on a regular basis. In our apartment complex in Tokyo we had a little mini supermarket in the courtyard.

Squirrel and I would make daily pilgrimages there for things like milk, fresh veggies, or a piece of fish for dinner. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese from Food52 Vegan. Butternut Squash Pasta Bake. Lasagnes roulées au potimarron. Le revoilà. Oui, encore lui. Que je vous explique. L’explication remonte au mois de Mars à peu prêt, où j’avais promis à la 200ème personne de la page fan (de mon ancien blog) de lui faire un dîner.

Ce diner a eu lieu cette semaine, et j’ai fait le velouté de potimarron et lait de coco en entrée… et il me restait 1/2 potimarron. Avant de continuer, je te rappelle que Gourmandiseries a également une page fan sur Facebook, que tu peux rejoindre en cliquant ICI. Bref. Deluxe Butternut Macaroni ‘n’ Tease. I’m over winter, but winter definitely isn’t over. Although I really can’t complain about the balmy temps here in Denmark, it’s dark and damp and I would probably pay a lot of money to see the sun right about now. And my heart does go out to all my family and friends freezing their tooshies off stateside. Yikes! I’m here to help. Or at least, this recipe is here to help. Like most kids, I ate a lot of macaroni and cheese growing up, the kind that came in a blue box with the magical, neon orange flavour powder.

So, what makes this mac ‘n’ tease a tease? Nutritional Yeast: A Cheesy Tease Although the name is slightly unappealing, nutritional yeast is a delicious and versatile seasoning to have in your pantry. First and foremost, nutritional yeast is an excellent source of B-vitamins, and in many cases B-12 (though not all brands, read the label to make sure). In North America nutritional yeast is available at natural grocers and bulk food stores. And yes, there is topping. Directions: 1. Vegan Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells Recipe. Pâtes au fromage version vegan. Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce. Easy Tomato Basil Cream Pasta. Pâtes pois chiches sauce champignons. SAUCE AU FROMAGE POUR LES PÂTES {végane} Creamy White Bean Shells with Broccoli Recipe - Love and Lemons. Creamy Mushroom Mac and Cheese. Spaghetti à la bolognaise {vegan}. Creamy Pumpkin Marinara Recipe - Cookie and Kate. Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta. Roasted Butternut Squash and Udon Noodles with Cilantro-Tahini Sauce.

Quick & Easy Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Mac n' Cheese. Go-To #4 - Veggie Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Lentils. Le blog de l'écologie éthique. Pad Thai. Nouilles thaï à la cacahuète - La petite Okara. The Ordinary Vegetarian: Tibetan Momos in Darjeeling. Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Soba Noodles with Ginger-Honey Sauce. Carrot Rice Noodle Bowl with Tahini-Sriracha Sauce. Thai Noodle Bowl. Nouilles soba à l’avocat et au natto. Stir-Fried Kimchi Ramen. Spicy Peanut Soba Noodles with Veggies from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen + A GIVEAWAY! Sesame Soba Noodle Bowls with Roasted Veggies & Baked Tofu. Editions La Plage.