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The Most Brilliant DiY Tutorial Channels to Watch on YouTube Right Now. Some Of The Most Amazing Dirt Cheap Homemade Robots Ever Built. A flight simulator in Excel based on real physics - Part 1. You Can Reproduce The Awesome 'Dancing Droplets' Phenomenon At Home. Youtube. Index of Ice Experiments on Alcademics. Haunted Paper Toys. Welcome to the toy shop! Here you'll find a variety of rather unusual paper toys, all free for you to print out and enjoy. The toys include a hearse playset, coffin gift boxes (with occupants), a little cemetery, a few dark gloomy haunted houses, several unusual board games, some horrifying monsters, and quite a few other dark delights. So pick out some toys, print out the pattern pages, and with a few common supplies like scissors and glue you're ready to create all these strange little curiosities. I hope you'll enjoy them all.

I recommend printing these toys on HEAVY CARD STOCK. THE GHOST SHIP If you've often considered building a model ship, but find yourself hesitant to assemble the eighty or ninety quadrillion pieces they usually involve, then you might enjoy building this trusty old vessel. Click here to build yours! THE DARK PROMISE Here's a replica of the ship that sent fear into the hearts of pirates the world over. Click here to build yours! Click here to build yours! Scare Your Neighbors With These DIY Halloween Decorations.

What Is An Ionocraft And How Dangerous Is It To Make One? You may have heard about "lifters" or "ionocrafts," in science fiction stories discussing fake worlds, or on message boards discussing the real world. They exist in both worlds, but they're only really practical in one. How An Ionocraft Works Electrons are slippery little things, but most of the time the atoms in the air have a good hold on them. Given the right combination of circumstances, however, any atom can lose its grip on its outermost electrons. Ionocrafts work by using the last mechanism. On their path to the collector, the ions will knock into the air molecules in their way. Building an Ionocraft Then again, most ionocrafts weigh only a few grams. The difficult part of making a functioning ionocraft is getting a good high voltage power supply that can charge up the wire.

That being said, if you want to make a small glider, there's a pretty good tutorial right here. The Ionocraft Controversy They also have more drawbacks than mere death by electric shock. - High Voltage Lifter Ion Craft - A "How to documentary" Playing with Science and Technology for Fantastic Costumes. DIY. Cyberpunk Spikes - 3D Printed Electronic Fashion. MaKey MaKey | A Creative, Unique Gift Idea for Everyone | Electronic Invention Kit - Buy Direct (Official Site) The Tools of Prop Making: Tested Tours Volpin Props' Workshop. Jay Silver: Hack a banana, make a keyboard! Weekend Projects - A Touchless 3D Tracking Interface.

Disposable Cameras. There are lots of disposable camera Instructables on the site. It was hard to choose, but I've included some great ones! Need a taser, a coil gun, a flash grenade? Well then, this disposable camera guide is for you! From simple everyday parts you can make this glove which has two modes. Mode 1 is a constant output of slightly over 300 v. while Mode 2 takes a few seconds to charge, but gives off a much more painfu... Learn how to make a simple but extremely effective Coil gun using only a "few" parts that are fairly easy to obtain by only going to a few places and possibly online. I've come up with a project that i've been contemplating for a long time. Are you tired of having your Ni-Cad batteries that refused to charge and simply die? Well... Caution I'm not liable if your shock yourself and injury or kill your self, working with high voltages can be dangerous!!

Before I get too far in this instructable, I would like to say that this was not my original idea. For $10, Convert Your Smartphone into a Microscope with Photo and Video Capabilities. [Update - 10:43AM 10/29/13] We actually built one of these $10 microscope stands. Take a look at the photos we took using it to see how well it works. Now you can do science at home with a $10 DIY smartphone microscope stand. Like pretty much everything else they touch, smartphones make microscopes better by making them less expensive, more portable, and granting you the ability to take photos and video of your subjects. It’s great to live in the future. If you’ve got the required tools handy, it should only take about 20 minutes to build the microscope stand.

Also, if you’re into home science projects enough to want your own microscope, building the stand yourself is probably just an added bonus. (via BoingBoing, image via kmyoshino) Meanwhile in related links. Chandelier casts a fantasy forest of shadows against the walls. Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns | Elemental LED Academy. Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns Head in the clouds? Why not put some of that dreamy, creative energy to good use this weekend by embarking on a simple LEDIY project with a highly ethereal effect: hanging LED cloud lanterns!

Thanks to LED lights’ cool temperatures, it’s safe to surround them in paper lanterns and cotton batting, which you’ll need to create a misty look. Here’s how to do it: Gather the following items Cotton BattingPaper LanternsBattery Powered LED lightsHot Glue Gun Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ready to stop daydreaming and get to work? Thanks to Alexis Mire for the image and idea. Light - search Instructables. 544120_579016265452722_704075865_n.jpg (700×595) Timeline Photos. Shrink-Film Gaming Minis. Step #1: Design your minis. PrevNext Check the directions to figure out how much your film is going to shrink. The film we used shrinks by about 50%, meaning that the designs as printed need to be about twice as big, in each dimension, as the desired miniature size.If you want to make your minis stand upright by adding bases, be sure to leave an empty “tab” at the bottom of each image so they can be attached without covering the art. Medium-size binder clips, for instance, have a footprint of about 1.25"×3/4" which, accounting for 50% shrink, will cover a 2.5"×1.5" “tab” at the bottom of each image.

If you don’t want to design your own minis, or just want to experiment with the method, we've put together two opposing sets of squad-level markers for Ground Zero Games' fantastic open-source sci-fi wargame Stargrunt II. Download the ready-to-print artwork for the Earthicans and Squidites. Step #2: Print 'em out. Step #3: Cut 'em out. Step #5: Finish the edges (optional). D.I.Y. Magic: The Gathering Life Counter Abacus - Paul the D.I.Y. Guy. Depth Perception. Photographer Uses Cheap Home-Made Camera Rig To Take Stunning Close-Ups of Snowflakes. As fascinating as macro photography is, most of us think we can’t do it because it requires specialized equipment.

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov, however, is an inspiration to aspiring amateur photographers everywhere – he created a home-made rig capable of capturing stunning close-up pictures of snowflakes out of old camera parts, boards, screws and tape. His pictures give us an enchanting close-up view of snowflakes that we could never hope for without specialized equipment. [Read more...] The wonderful thing about snowflakes is that no two are alike. Kljatov’s rig creates the sort of photos that might otherwise require lenses or other equipment worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Source: Flickr (via Kljatov uses a Canon Powershot A650 and a reversed 44M-5 Helios lens from an old Russian Zenit camera. HOW TO: Underwater Waterfall. How to Incubate Baby Cephalopods. AVATAR Landscaping aquarium 阿凡達造景水族箱. Top 10 Uses for Wi-Fi (That Aren't Just Connecting to the Internet) How To: Make A Food Dehydrator — Upcycle Magazine. What is littleBits?