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ZacharyZeydh - Hobbyist, Writer. Compendium Of Demonology and Magic (ca. 1775) A selection of pages from an eighteenth-century demonology book comprised of more than thirty exquisite watercolours showing various demon figures, as well as magic and cabbalistic signs.

Compendium Of Demonology and Magic (ca. 1775)

The full Latin title of Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros, roughly translates to “A rare summary of the entire Magical Art by the most famous Masters of this Art”. 1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Guide to the Medicinal Use of Plants Now Digitized & Put Online. If you don't much care for modern medicine, entire industries have arisen to provide you with more "alternative" or "natural" varieties of remedies, mostly involving the consumption of plants.

1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Guide to the Medicinal Use of Plants Now Digitized & Put Online

Publishers have put out guides to their use by the dozens. In a way, those books have a place in a long tradition, stretching back to a time well before modern medicine existed as something to be an alternative to. Just recently, the British Library digitized the oldest such volume, a thousand-year-old illuminated manuscript known as the Cotton MS Vitellius C III. The book, writes the British Library's Alison Hudson, "is the only surviving illustrated Old English herbal, or book describing plants and their uses. " (The sole condition note: "leaves damaged by fire in 1731. ") (Somehow one doesn't imagine those latter sections playing quite as well with today's alternative-medicine market.)

Via Hyperallergic Related Content: The Elder Props - Fantastic books and replicas. Lovecraftian Newspaper Filler Articles. MrZarono's DeviantArt Gallery. Hatter10-7's DeviantArt Gallery. DIY Bookbinding Methods & Stitches. Landron Artifacts. Persian. Digital Access to Persian Manuscripts(Click here to go straight to a list of all manuscripts digitised so far) From the pocket miscellany (Add.27261), with its exquisite miniature illuminations, compiled in 1410-11 for Timur's grandson Sultan Jalal al-Din Iskandar, ruler of Fars, to unique historical documents and literary manuscripts, the Persian Manuscripts collection at the British Library is one of the most significant collections in the world in both size and importance.


Consisting of over 11,000 works in almost as many volumes, it combines the two world-class collections of the British Museum and the India Office Library. These manuscripts originate from the whole of the Persianate world, in particular Iran, Central Asia and India and range in time from the 12th century to recent years, representing most of the traditional fields of humanities and religious studies. Operating instruments. Cased American surgical sets from the 1800's.

Return to Medical Antiques Index SEARCH Sitemap for all pages Tour The Arbittier Museum of Medical History Museum Tour: 1 | 2 | 3 Xylography Exhibit American Civil War Medicine & Surgical Antiques Pre- & Post- Civil War Surgical Sets: Display 1 | Display 2 | Display 3 Civil War Surgical Sets: Display 4 | Display 5 | Display 6 | Display 7 Questions or comments: Please contact Dr.

Cased American surgical sets from the 1800's

All parts of this website are copyrighted 1998 - 2014. Two Techniques for Aging Paper with Coffee. Great for Journal Projects or Book of Shadows. Age paper using tea - All. Fake Rust/Weathered Paint. Old weathered painted metal objects like a vintage road sign, or a abandoned car, or an enameled coffee pot, or even a zombie containment pod have a very unique patina.

Fake Rust/Weathered Paint

They have those specific areas of chipped or peeled paint, unlike wood or other surfaces, that just tell you at first glance it's made of steel. Designer Ken Wingard and I worked together recently on a retro marquee sign wall prop DIY project that although was actually made of wood, had a vintage metal faux finish treatment that sold it as the real deal. It's a super simple trick I picked up from a scenic artist I worked with many years ago. Here's how to do it. Four easy steps. Step 1 - Base coat your prop in a dark brown or similar dark rusted aged metal color paint. Step 2 - Pour ordinary grocery store salt over the areas on your prop you want to look aged (for this project we used heavier coarse ground salt, but finer ground would work too).

Step 3 - Spray paint your prop the color of choice. Realistic Grimoire Pages. My supply of walnut ink crystals is still in transit, so I won't be distressing my "Ponape Scriptures" project today.

Realistic Grimoire Pages

Instead, I want to work on the actual graphic and try fixing the problems that were bugging me over the weekend. Biblionihilistica ~ Seekest not .... lest ye find. Brahm's Bookworks, Grimoire, medieval book. Brahm's Bookworks, Grimoire, medieval book. Dumb Cuneiform. We'll take your tweets and make them permanent clay tablets. Cuneiform Tablets. G.

Cuneiform Tablets

Carboni, July 2006 Translation edited by Karyn Loscocco, June 2008. The Magickal Cat Online Store - Shop for Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft Jewelry & Ritual Supplies. Altered Halloween Books Tutorial, new and improved! - Better After. My altered Halloween books are one of my most popular projects this time of year, so I’m bringing back a new and improved version of the tutorial.

Altered Halloween Books Tutorial, new and improved! - Better After

And I’m even remembering to do it BEFORE Halloween for once! *high fives self* Hoodoo Supplies, Occult Shop, Mojo Hands, Amulets, Magic Spells, Love Magic, Books, Candles, Information: Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Catalogue. Custom Bookmarks. Reach you target audience in a new way with UPrinting's bookmark printing services.

Custom Bookmarks

If you are looking for a customer-friendly way of advertising, then these prints might be the solution. Bookmarks are perfect for establishing brand retention, since these are functional at the same time that these are used in promoting. Having your brand printed on either front or both sides, these can capture the attention of readers. Vintage Printable. Anatomy Warehouse. Copper Centipede Props. Cryptocurium. Knives Used on the TV Show Dexter. Figuring out which knives and gear have been featured on TV shows seems to be becoming something of a running theme on this blog.

Knives Used on the TV Show Dexter

We’ve gone through Dual Survival’s knives, Naked and Afraid’s gear, and now we’re on to the knives used in Showtime’s Dexter, specifically those knives in Dexter’s kill bag. For the first three seasons of the television show, Dexter’s kill bag is pretty much a mess. The knives used vary from episode to episode, season to season. Propnomicon. Propnomicon: Bound Spirit Skull. A spirit binding skull is a magical implement used to capture and hold non-corporeal entities. Omega Artworks Catalog of Ideas: Ceremonial Tools. Home » Design Gallery » Magic. Elder Props - Slotted Spine Method Of Bookmaking. Supernatural - Building John Winchester's Journal. I am starting to put together the full set of journal pages now so I am starting a new thread to document the build. I will show the pages in order of their appearance in the show as I build them. I am using a simple binder to store the pages for now.I intend to build the full year of monthly pages, the "special" pages and some of the ephemera.

Dexter's Kill Bag and Tools - Page 88. Hey guys, just received a very informative email! Thought I'd share it here. Brian is a great guy and its pretty cool to hear he was here 'lurking'. "Just thought I’d drop you a quick email.I finally had a chance to look up the RPF web site and take in your threads on the Dexter kill kits and other knives.