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Aden Hynes Sculpture Studios. Whether you have a single item product launch, or an exhibition area to fill; whether the item is to last only a few hours or a lifetime: The Aden Hynes Sculpture Studios will make sure the item is right for the job in concept and cost.

Aden Hynes Sculpture Studios

We have the facilities and experience to undertake projects of all sizes and all descriptions, from polystyrene carving to fibreglass mould making, Scenic Sculptor. The scale and diversity is endless. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and liaising with the client throughout. We see the work through to completion from concept to drawing, pattern making, prototypes, fibreglass mould making, production runs in GRP glass fibre, plaster, concrete, bronze finish etc, artwork, transportation and installation on site when required. mold molds molding making how to make art.

Laboratories - Canada. Hot Wire Foam Factory - Disneyland Haunted Mansion Set. Back to Props & Backdrops The Disneyland crew of artists used Hot Wire Foam Factory tools to recreate the Nightmare Before Christmas set for the seasonal display at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

Hot Wire Foam Factory - Disneyland Haunted Mansion Set

Primitive Technology, Traditional Skills and Hand-Made Tools. Dfoam prop shells. Resin coating Styro-Foam Props. Making a Hard-Shell Mold. Step #1: Getting started.

Making a Hard-Shell Mold

PrevNext The silicone is poured into 2 halves, and each half registers into its respective mother mold. Before doing anything else, take a permanent marker and draw a parting line down the exact middle of the original part, marking 2 symmetrical halves. This is the line you’ll sculpt everything to — even with simple objects like this, every mold maker I know does it, and you should too.

Step #2: Pre-fill any voids. Hardcoating foam sculptures & props. Sculpture is often a key part of themed enviromnents for children.

Hardcoating foam sculptures & props

Wall murals and backdrops literally don't stand out enough! Half the challange of foam sculpture is the hardcoating process. Making a fun charactor or 3d sign can be expensive, in large part because to make it durable , kid-proof, able to be moved around - your sculpture has to be hardcoated - its the unseen part of the project that has to be done and done right. This turtle shell was part of an interactive exhibit at a childrens museum in florida As you can see it had to be pretty strong to say the least! So what are you options? 1. 2. 3.fiber glass - check out this online store, check out you local plastic suppliers. for small project home depot provides small quanities. 4. 5. 5. The down side is that the vail , if not applied very carefully when cured can have extreamly fine sharp strands - nasty, almost invisible splinters. Joseph-Setup.jpg (JPEG Image, 1488 × 2240 pixels) - Scaled (44%)

Applications - BITY Mold Supply - Cold Cast Bronze, Prototyping, Special Effects. Animatronic Skins and Underskull Materials Platsil Gel-10 silicone is one of the versatile and best animatronic skin materials available.

Applications - BITY Mold Supply - Cold Cast Bronze, Prototyping, Special Effects

Marine styrofoam. Dock Builders Supply. Smooth-On, Inc. - Mold Making & Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More. David Boddie. Reusable Mold Making Material, Making parts without the cost. Dock Builders Supply. The baking soda and super glue trick. BITY Mold Supply - Mold Making & Casting Materials & More. Making a supported silicone mould for a life-size head and casting in fibreglass.

This step-by-step account was first posted during August 2012.

Making a supported silicone mould for a life-size head and casting in fibreglass

As usual words marked in bold type can be followed up in the Lexicon. I have adjusted certain words or terms, but where I have made major additions or changes since 2012 I have noted them. I was asked by the sculptor Andrew Logan to make mould and casts from a life-size head sculpture in clay. Andrew models his subjects fairly realistically but then paints and embellishes them. He also likes to produce two copies; one for the sitter and one to keep himself. The form was relatively simple, offering a clear choice of dividing line up the sides of the neck-piece and head. A common option for mouldmaking from a simple bust, i.e. head and shoulders, is to completely cover with a thick skin of silicone which, when cured, can be slit along one side (usually up the back to the top of the head) when it’s time to remove the prototype. Interactive Food Stations - Party Food Melbourne.

Hardcoating foam sculptures & props. Resin coating Styro-Foam Props. The Jolly Roger - Life Size 3D Models - Resin Figures. Sea Shell large (JR 1784) - The Jolly Roger - Life Size 3D Models - Resin Figures. This wonderfully detailed replica giant clam shell is an excellent model for adding detail to any marine, oceanic, surfing or beach themed area.

Sea Shell large (JR 1784) - The Jolly Roger - Life Size 3D Models - Resin Figures

Approx max dimensions:- 68cm x 97cm x 38cm Approx weight:- 14kg This fabulous model of a Sea Shell is a super prop to give a real underwater feel to any nautical themed area. It looks super in combination with the smaller Sea-shell (JR 1783) and our other beach and marine models. Omega Cinema Props. CR Hot Knife 6 Inch Groove Adapter. CutRite Hot Knife Foam Cutter. XP2 Foam Hard Coat Sprayer.

It all comes down to training, training and more training!

XP2 Foam Hard Coat Sprayer

Today's answer for quality hard shell polyurea coating. Available system controls with diagnostics and data reporting make this a perfect contractors unit. The digital temperature control has precise control over the material temperature, giving a better, more consistent mix.