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Linda McCartney - Official Website. Linda McCartney Retrospective. Smithsonian American Art Museum. Capturing a Photograph of an Atomic Bomb Blast. 25 Awesome Nuclear Explosion Images. This Online Photo Enhancer Helps People See Their Ancestors Clearly And Here Are 30 Of The Best Restorations. MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform that helps people to connect with their family histories.

This Online Photo Enhancer Helps People See Their Ancestors Clearly And Here Are 30 Of The Best Restorations

Earlier this year, they introduced MyHeritage In Color™, a new technology supposed to bring old family photos to life through colorization. But On June 12, the company took it a step further, introducing a tool that enhances photos by bringing blurry faces into sharp focus. The Indestructible Lee Miller. The lives of Lee Miller. The man who remembers everything. Girl Asks People To Send Their Selfies To Their Moms Without Any Context, 30 Share The Responses They Got. You will always be your mom’s special little angel.

Girl Asks People To Send Their Selfies To Their Moms Without Any Context, 30 Share The Responses They Got

And no matter how awkward you might look in a photograph, your mom will always compliment you and tell you that you look great. Or nearly almost always. That’s the theory that Abigail Sanders has. She started a Twitter thread where she invited people to take “Facebook mom style” selfies, send them to their moms, and then post their responses. LeeMiller. Helene Schmitz. Bing™ Wallpaper Gallery.

89 Of The Funniest Protest Signs Ever. Protests happen every day (especially recently in the USA) and while we can all agree that they are necessary and often effective when promoting social change, they can be very intense and tiring.

89 Of The Funniest Protest Signs Ever

Fortunately, some of the protesters decided to lighten the mood by carrying signs that are not that serious. Bored Panda put together a list of the funniest protest signs that are sure to make you laugh. Have you ever captured an interesting sign yourself? REMOVED - Photographs by American Artist Eric Pickersgill. Simon Annand Photo Exhibition. Stompie: The Mandela Way T-34 Tank. Abandoned since 1995, the Mandela Way T-34 Tank (or “Stompie,” as it has been affectionately nicknamed) is a strange war relic that is the product not of a national conflict, but of a fight between a businessman and city planners.

Stompie: The Mandela Way T-34 Tank

The tank is though to have originally been used by the Czech military during the fighting of the Prague Spring in 1968, but was brought to London in during the filming of the movie, Richard III. Urban Weed Awards Crown Unwanted Plants with Superlatives. Hasselblad-Moon. The Swiss City That’s Full of Cat Ladders. Mythical Creatures and Greek Gods Leap From Waves Captured off the South Coast of England. Shopkeepers Around the World, Photographed With Their Wares. Eye-Opening Entries From the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. America’s Grandest Movie Palaces Find Strange New Lives.

SÃOTOMÉ, AFRICA, PHOTOGRAPHY - recrea33. Aerial Photographs Explore the Unique Geometric Patterns of Coastal Barcelona. Boyeeghter Bay. How Close-Up Glamour Shots Are Generating Buzz for Bees. Camouflaged Self-Portraits Conceal Photographer Cecilia Paredes Against Bright Floral Patterns. The Village Voice's photographers captured change, turmoil unfolding on New York City's streets. When The Village Voice, the nation’s first alternative weekly, closed in late August, social justice movements lost one of their biggest cheerleaders.

The Village Voice's photographers captured change, turmoil unfolding on New York City's streets

Founded in 1955, the Voice aggressively covered civil rights, race relations, police brutality, gentrification, homelessness and reproductive rights. While a gay rights march may have received a short mention in The New York Times, that same demonstration would get front page treatment in the Voice. The Voice played a particularly important role in promoting and publishing social documentary photography. This photographer is taking the last photos of dying species. On Tuesday at the Berlin Zoo, a black-mantled tamarin–a small, dark, serious-looking monkey that lives in the northwestern Amazon in the wild–climbed into a small photo tent to pose for a portrait.

This photographer is taking the last photos of dying species

Next was an Ansell’s mole rat, a buck-toothed rodent from Zambia. For the photographer Joel Sartore, they were among the more than 8,000 species that he has documented over the last 13 years. His goal: to photograph every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, many of which risk extinction. In 1900, Photographing an Entire Train Required the World’s Biggest Camera. In 1899, the Chicago & Alton Railway company introduced the Alton Limited, “the handsomest train in the world,” to run an express service between Chicago and St.

In 1900, Photographing an Entire Train Required the World’s Biggest Camera

Louis. It consisted of six Pullman cars built in perfect symmetry: every car was the same length and height, and every window identical. A 1901 issue of The Railway Magazine described it as “a train to be looked at from the outside as well as from the inside.” A Surreal, Pastel Perspective on the World’s Largest Salt Flat. Photographer Navina Khatib’s trip to the world’s largest salt flat—Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia—in 2011 was a surreal experience. “Everything there is just otherworldly—the smell of sulfur, the profound silence, the thin air, the magical bright colors. When you are in the middle of it, you can turn yourself 360 degrees and see nothing but the horizon,” she says, by email.

“It’s a unique and magical place and has stayed with me ever since.” Salar de Uyuni extends over 4,000 square miles in the Altiplano region, nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. A Photographer’s Journey Through the Heart of UFO Country. State Route 375 is a barren stretch of Nevada highway that runs near the top-secret U.S.

A Photographer’s Journey Through the Heart of UFO Country

Air Force installation commonly known as Area 51—a facility believed to be used for experimental aircraft testing, with a busy side hustle spawning theories about aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial technology. Rachel, a town on the highway with a population of just 54, manages to do brisk business, too. Bob Thissen. ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. Nature Sounds of a Forest for Relaxing-Natural Soothing Sound of a Waterfall & Bird Sounds. Mario Klingemann - Neurography. Make Your Own Mug Shot - Police Booking Photo. MINI SESSIONS – Gillian Haves. Broken iron wire fence stock photo. Image of link, backdrop - 15916134. The Museum of Selfies. Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature.

Polish photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski travelled to the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster last month to see the location with his own eyes.

Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature

When he obtained permits to enter the roughly 20km (12.5 mile) Exclusion Zone, he was confronted with a scene similar to one from a post apocalyptic film. Podniesinski previously photographed the area around the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Show Full Text. Microsoft Photosynth has been shut down – Photosynth Blog. Pau Buscató. Chance Encounters Captured on Streets Around the World by Photographer Pau Buscató. Young Children Accompanied by Wildlife Take a Stance Among Urban Decay in Paintings by Kevin Peterson.

Reuben Wu. Kilian schoenberger photography. Otherworldly ‘Earth Pyramids’ Captured in the Foggy Early Morning Light by Photographer Kilian Schönberger. Jonathan Higbee - Home. Suzanne Saroff Photography. Little Big World - Helsinki. Snow Covered Vending Machines Illuminate a Frozen Hokkaido. The faces of modern Kyrgyzstan - portraits from Central Asia - Young Adventuress. People matching Artworks.

Gill Haves Photographer. A Norwegian University Student Used a Spy Camera in This Amazing Example of 19th Century Street Photography. Elsa bleda. New Finnish Landscapes Captured Within Jars by Christoffer Relander. Henri. Untitled. MINIATURE CALENDAR. The remains of Ferdinand Marcos concrete giant bust, Mt Pugo, La Union province, Philippines. Share the Experience. Photographer Ken Hermann. Alexander Semenov. Watch a Slow-Mo Lego Porsche Crash From Every Angle.

About a year ago, Lego released a scale replica Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Watch a Slow-Mo Lego Porsche Crash From Every Angle

It's a remarkable set, with almost 3,000 pieces and a fully functional steering and transmission system. It's basically just a miniature version of the real car. So naturally, it had to be subjected to a crash test. The folks at c't, a german computer magazine, visited the crash testing lab of German auto club ADAC to drive their Porsche into a wall at almost 30 mph. Then they filmed the crash at half a dozen angles in super slow motion: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

A Turkish photographer turned ordinary places into mind bending scenes with multiple dimensions — and the results are stunning. Courtesy Aydin Buyuktas The INSIDER Summary: Aydin Büyüktaş is a Turkish photographer with a passion for science fiction.His "Flatlands" photo series imagines ordinary places inverted into multiple dimensions.He hopes the photos will help people view their surroundings differently. used to wonder what it might look like if a black hole started bending time and space on Earth.

Then, he decided to photograph it. By compiling 18 to 20 drone photos into a single image, Büyüktaş turned farmland, country roads, and even parking lots into inverted, multi-dimensional landscapes reminiscent of stomach-churning roller coaster drops. Here are 15 photos from his "Flatlands" collection. Lighthouses of South Korea: Sacheon and Namhae Area. This page covers lighthouses of Sacheon City, Namhae County, and Hadong County in southwestern Gyeongsangnam (South Gyeongsang) province on South Korea's south coast. Sacheon is a city on the mainland, while Namhae County includes the major islands of Namhae and Changseon and many smaller islands just offshore from Sacheon.

Hadong is a mainland county to the west of Sacheon; it has only a short coastline. This coast faces the Korea Strait, which connects the East Sea (commonly called the Sea of Japan in the West) to the East China Sea. It is an intricate and rocky coast, with numerous islands of all sizes offshore. Although there are several famous and historic lighthouses on this coast, many of the more modern lights are not well known.


YOUNHYUN. 21 Abandoned Airplane Graveyards of the World. Ponting Portfolio - Intro. Warren Keelan // International Award Winning Australian Photographer. Camera for the blind captures images in braille. Ho-lee crap. Now I’ve seen it all (no pun intended). This camera, called the Touch Sight, was developed by Chueh Lee of Samsung China. The basic short and sweet is that you hold the camera against your forehead and when you snap a photo, the camera grabs the image and converts it to braille. Barbican - Richard Mosse - Incoming. Just Gill Photography, Weddings, Portraits & Business. Hashima Island: A Forgotten World. Dickey Chapelle. Ghanaian coffins - in pictures. Viet Hung (VietHung) Photos. Steadicam Smoothee - Universal Smartphone Mount - Shoot Smooth Video Android ... A Remarkable Photo of a Protestor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is a remarkable picture. Magnum photographers recall 9/11 images. "I really didn't want to relive that whole thing," McCurry says.

Haunting image of boy in an Aleppo ambulance captures plight of children caught in Syrian war. Once again, the haunting image of a little boy has become an emblem of Syria’s wartime suffering. Abandoned. Ulf amundsen. Amusing Planet - Amazing Places, Wonderful People, Weird Stuff. Stanley Kubrick - Chicago 1949. Info : Mathew Merrett. Christian Richter - Industrial Decay - 500px. ImageNet. My week in pictures: Michael Stipe. Alaska Photographer Ron Niebrugge. The Photographers' Gallery. Wim Wenders. Trespassing on beauty - photography of industrial decay. JE MANGE UNE POMME. Try Wicked Premium.