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R. Drew Davis

I graduated from Cornell U's engineering college with a BS in IE/OR and with the sponsorship of Bell Labs went to U. of Michigan for an MSE in CICE. I have 2 adult children, each with Bachelor's degrees.

Square foot gardening

Traditional news sources. Education. Content Curation. Pearltrees videos. Tech Trends. 3D Printing. Privacy. Piracy. iPad. Apple iPod touch review (2012) 6inShare Jump To Close It all started with an iPod touch, a gift from my parents years ago.

Apple iPod touch review (2012)

I’ve since bought a half-dozen more iPods, two iPhones, an iPad, and a MacBook Air. Ipad. Business. Words of Wisdom. Neurosciences. Charmainezoe.


Collaboration. Security. Computing. History of Science.