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PhotoShop. 25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop. Photoshop allows designers with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creative effects, including lighting effects.

25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop

There are plenty of different ways to create lighting effects in Photoshop, and there are equally as many different possible uses for them. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create awesome lighting effects in your own work, here are 25 tutorials that can help. Looking for hosting? Tutorial Magazine. Free Vector Graphics of 2014. Create vector elements and interactive graphics are best for visualization of web information.

Free Vector Graphics of 2014

It’s become very easy with Vector UI Kits or Vector Elements. As a designer I love Free Vector Graphics, and in this collection I just gathered thirty five free vector graphics (2014 Christmas Vector, 2014 New Year Vector Graphics) all are free for commercial and personal use. Backgrounds in vector format for free download, its really good for your website background or poster designs. Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials. InShare2 Even when you are an experienced Adobe Photoshop user, it’s always nice and useful to learn about new tricks and techniques, which help you to improve your professional skills.

Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

As nothing in this world stands on the same place, a lot of useful tutorials are appear daily on the web. Browsing GIMP Brushes on deviantART. Collection of 30 Best Adobe Photoshop Brushes. Something that always comes handy we all need to use Brushes while creating some new designs.

Collection of 30 Best Adobe Photoshop Brushes

There are thousands of incredible Photoshop brush sets available all over the web. So every designer needs to know where to look to find the perfect brushes for the moment. In this today’s post we have showcased 30 Best Adobe Photoshop Brush packs should have in your Bookmarks. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or Follow us on Twitter if you want to keep track of our next post. 01. 1000 Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets. Oct 15 2008 Hundreds of thousands of incredible Adobe Photoshop brush sets are all over the web.

1000 Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets

Due to this phenomenally vast amount of Photoshop brushes available, you can now add patches of dirt, rust, floral effect, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artworks and photos to give them an aged, damaged, dreamy or any look you want. Without further ado, we present 1000+ high-Resolution Adobe Photoshop brush sets that will be perfect for any project you may happen to be working on. Important: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them. Download free GIMP brushes. GIMP is an open-source image editing program, one of the most popular image-editing programs.

Download free GIMP brushes

GIMP has a large library of free brushes that can be downloaded, to improve functionality of GIMP. Here is a large collection of GIMP brushes that you will find useful for various purposes. You may also be interested in related posts: Free GIMP brushes collection Feathers for GIMP. Brushes for photographics animation design. Browsing GIMP Brushes on deviantART. Grass Brush for GIMP SET 1 by *FrostBo on deviantART. Download free GIMP brushes. Download free Photoshop brushes / brush sets. Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing program.

Download free Photoshop brushes / brush sets

Produced by Adobe, the latest version is Photoshop CS4, part of the Creative Suite. With hundreds of plugins, brushes and gradient packs, Photoshop is increasing in utility every day. Free Photoshop Brushes at Brusheezy!