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Robots won't just take our jobs – they'll make the rich even richer. Should robots pay taxes?

Robots won't just take our jobs – they'll make the rich even richer

It may sound strange, but a number of prominent people have been asking this question lately. As fears about the impact of automation grow, calls for a “robot tax” are gaining momentum. Earlier this month, the European parliament considered one for the EU. Benoît Hamon, the French Socialist party presidential candidate who is often described as his country’s Bernie Sanders, has put a robot tax in his platform. Even Bill Gates recently endorsed the idea. Electronics Australia.

Could the Film ‘Arrival’ be the Blueprint for Our Collective Spiritual Awakening? · The Mind Unleashed. Since I saw the film ‘Arrival’ a couple months ago, I can’t get it out of my head.

Could the Film ‘Arrival’ be the Blueprint for Our Collective Spiritual Awakening? · The Mind Unleashed

It is changing the way I think, much in the same way that the protagonist’s worldview changes as she learns the language of the aliens she is studying. The film outlines both the possibility for and the necessity of international and intergalactic cooperation, as well as introducing a new orientation to time that is nonlinear. The effect for me was an illuminating remembrance of our universal interconnectivity.

As the aliens proclaim in the film: “There is no time. Historical materialism - Wikipedia. Historical materialism is a methodological approach to the study of human societies and their development over time that was first articulated by Karl Marx (1818–1883) as the materialist conception of history.

Historical materialism - Wikipedia

It is principally a theory of history according to which the material conditions of a society's way of producing and reproducing the means of human existence or, in Marxist terms, the union of its productive capacity and social relations of production, fundamentally determine its organization and development. Historical materialism[1] looks for the causes of developments and changes in human society in the means by which humans collectively produce the necessities of life. Marxism. Marxism is a worldview and a method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, and a dialectical view of social transformation.


Marxist methodology uses economic and sociopolitical inquiry and applies that to the critique and analysis of the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in systemic economic change. In the mid-to-late 19th century, the intellectual tenets of Marxism were inspired by two German philosophers: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxist analyses and methodologies have influenced multiple political ideologies and social movements. Dialectic - Wikipedia. Dialectic or dialectics (Greek: διαλεκτική, dialektikḗ), also known as the dialectical method, is a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned arguments.

Dialectic - Wikipedia

The term dialectic is not synonymous with the term debate. While in theory debaters are not necessarily emotionally invested in their point of view, in practice debaters frequently display an emotional commitment that may cloud rational judgment. Discovery of a huge, mysterious jade pendant could rewrite Maya history. Researchers have just published a paper on one of the most fascinating and mysterious Maya discoveries in recent years - a huge jade pendant that has a detailed story about the king it was made for etched into its back.

Discovery of a huge, mysterious jade pendant could rewrite Maya history

First uncovered back in 2015, researchers have now tentatively translated the inscriptions, and it turns out it's even more unusual than originally thought, and could rewrite our current understanding of Maya history. This type of T-shaped jade plate was worn on a king's chest during Maya religious ceremonies. At 19 cm (7.4 inches) wide, 10 cm (4.1 inches) high, and 0.8 cm (0.3 inches) thick, this is the second largest Maya jade ever found in Belize. But it's also the first known to be inscribed with historical text - on the pendant's back, around 30 carved hieroglyphs reveal details about its first owner. "It was like finding the Hope Diamond in Peoria instead of New York," said lead researcher Geoffrey Braswell from the University of California, San Diego. A giant neuron has been found wrapped around the entire circumference of the brain.

For the first time, scientists have detected a giant neuron wrapped around the entire circumference of a mouse's brain, and it's so densely connected across both hemispheres, it could finally explain the origins of consciousness.

A giant neuron has been found wrapped around the entire circumference of the brain

Using a new imaging technique, the team detected the giant neuron emanating from one of the best-connected regions in the brain, and say it could be coordinating signals from different areas to create conscious thought. This recently discovered neuron is one of three that have been detected for the first time in a mammal's brain, and the new imaging technique could help us figure out if similar structures have gone undetected in our own brains for centuries. You can see them highlighted in the image at the top of the page. Lead researcher Christof Koch told Sara Reardon at Nature that they've never seen neurons extend so far across both regions of the brain before. Helen Thomson reported for New Scientist at the time: The Lie We Live..! Everybody Should Watch This Video. I’m Speechless. Spread It! Freedom is major awards for which humankind has struggled throughout its existence.

The Lie We Live..! Everybody Should Watch This Video. I’m Speechless. Spread It!

The power of decision is a fable that is currently possessed only by people, its a free course will that gives us the ability to guide our future. We are currently demoralized by the economic giants of colossal industries that control nonrenewable resources of our planet, a way to keep us controlled, grounded and manipulated under the nefarious capitalist markets. Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people keep trying to reduce it or kill it off altogether. Here's what you need to know about the massive 'Cloudbleed' data breach. A huge data breach that may have exposed users' private information and log-in details for thousands of websites was uncovered last week, in what looks to be the most significant internet leak of 2017 so far.

Here's what you need to know about the massive 'Cloudbleed' data breach

Dubbed 'Cloudbleed' in reference to the notorious 'Heartbleed' breach in 2014, the leak stems from a bug found in code operated by web infrastructure company Cloudflare, which provides security and hosting services for thousands of major internet sites. Some of these clients are big-name web companies – including Uber, Yelp, Fitbit, and OkCupid – and due to a tiny but significant error in some of Cloudflare's code, sensitive user information from some of these sites was being randomly inserted into web pages when visited by other people.

"For example, you could have visited a page on, and a chunk of memory from a previous request/response to would be returned," security consultant Andrew Tierney from UK-based Pen Test Partners told Forbes. 6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality And Life - TruthTheory. By Sofia Some movies are made to touch our heart and soul with an overabundance of sentiment.

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality And Life - TruthTheory

They make us come in touch with our humanity and empathy. And some films are made to touch our mind, to get our mental cogs working, to awaken and expand our consciousness. Physicists have detected a friction-like force in a perfect vacuum. One of the most fundamental tenets of modern physics is that in a perfect vacuum - a place entirely devoid of matter - no friction can possibly exist, because empty space cannot exert a force on objects travelling through it. But despite the conventional wisdom, physicists in the UK discovered that a decaying atom travelling through a complete vacuum would experience a friction-like force, and now they've figured out how this reinforces - rather than breaks - Einstein's theory of general relativity.

"We spent ages searching for the mistake in the calculation and spent even more time exploring other strange effects until we found this (rather simple) solution," one of the team, Matthias Sonnleitner from the University of Glasgow told Lisa Zyga at Why The Vatican Removed 14 Books From The Bible in 1684 – Awareness Act. Typically, when the Bible is brought up in conversation, what comes to mind is a source of truth that has not been tampered with. However, when this book was originally published it contained 80 books and current editions only have 60, and we have to wonder what exact purpose the removal of 14 books would serve? The Vatican Church or Roman catholic church has been associated with deception for ages. Their atrocities have ranged from genocide many centuries ago against the Cathars to child molestation is more recent years. The Bible was originally translated from Latin into English in 1611. How to Build a Faraday Cage: Homemade DIY Project.

Even though your main passion is not physics, you must have heard about the faraday cage. It’s one of the most spectacular applications of physics in real life and you can actually build one in your own back yard. If you want to learn how to build a faraday cage, stick with us for the following pages and see how easy it is! Before diving in the most amazing and interesting DIY project you ever heard of, we should talk a bit about the inventor: Michael Faraday. He was a British scientist who changed the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Prepper Skill of the Month: Make a Faraday cage. 10 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When You’re On The Wrong Path. Many people believe that things “just happen” to them, but as we connect more closely to our intuition we are shown that everything that happens to us is of our own creation. We may not be fully aware of what we are creating moment to moment, but fortunately the universe provides us with many signs to let us know when we are on the right path, and (more importantly) when we are on the wrong path.

This article will focus on the warning signs from the universe. In general, warning signs from the universe occur in the form of unwanted circumstances and events. These signs are an indication that your energy is headed towards (or currently stuck in) a low vibrational frequency. 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments And Their Comparison. Short Bytes: Linux is all about what you want and having it from the ocean of free and open source software. The same applies while performing a comparison of desktop environments as they comprise of different applications and a GUI via which the user interacts with the operating system. There are many options available and our list of best Linux desktop environment and their comparison includes the likes of KDE, Cinnamon, Xfce, etc. The Linux world is full of open source software. You have the option of choosing from hundreds of distributions and customize them as per your will.

No one slaps you with a copyright even if you change the source code of a distro to fork your Linux distro and release it with a new name. NASA's released an incredible gif of a star exploding with the energy of 100 million Suns. Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. How To Overcome Laziness: Learn The Japanese Technique. 11 Programming languages to learn for landing a good job - Coding Security.

PyTorch — The Future of Machine Learning Frameworks? - Fossbytes. Getting Started With Linux : Part-1 (Choosing a Distribution) Barry - Wikipedia. Markov logic network - Wikipedia. Pedro Domingos - Wikipedia. Why Wales Never Was : Simon Brooks : 9781786830128. This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More … Mathematics is beautiful (no, really) The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Song Made from a Unicorn Drawing - Creators. To Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System. NASA's announcing a big discovery "beyond our Solar System" today. Hex House is an affordable and rapidly deployable solar home for disaster victims. No one can figure out what's behind a mysterious radiation spike across Europe. Society Is Too Complicated to Have a President, Complex Mathematics Suggest - Motherboard.

Mathematical Report Proves Human Society Is Too Complex to Be Ruled by a Government · The Mind Unleashed. Scientists just found evidence that neurons can communicate in a way we never anticipated. USB Killer 3.0 Is Here With 1.5-Times More Power, "Anonymous Edition" Also Available. A Matrioshka Brain Is A Computer The Size Of A Solar System. The Secret Behind The Numbers 3, 6, and 9 Is Finally REVEALED! - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. Data Selfie: This Free And Open Source Tool Shows How Facebook's AI Tracks You All The Time. ZeroPhone — An Open Source, Dirt Cheap, Linux-powered Smartphone Is Here. Cave Of The Crystals In Naica, Mexico, Home To Long-Dormant Life-Form Not Known To Science. Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 – A Zooniverse project blog. Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 » Collections » All — Zooniverse.

Have Spare Time? Try To Discover A Planet. Biologists find weird cave life that may be 50,000 years old. Physics breakthrough brings humanity one step closer to sci-fi reality - Techly. HEROES: Slavoj Žižek interviews Ralph Fiennes. The Mindblowing Secret Behind The Numbers 3, 6, and 9 Is Finally REVEALED! Maëlle · Not a fish. Finding and Telling Stories with R – RStudio. Webinars – RStudio. Conf 2017 session recordings are now available. Extracting notable deaths from Wikipedia · Maëlle.

Churchill's recently discovered 'aliens essay' shows even he struggled with the Fermi Paradox. 6 Ways to Repair Broken Plastic. Top Movies 2017. Bookdepository. Bookdepository. Bookdepository. Energy Mafia is on Its Knees: Australia First to Receive Ocean Wave Generated Zero-Emission Electricity · The Mind Unleashed. GPD Pocket: 7.0' UMPC-Laptop 'Ubuntu or WIN 10 OS' GPD Pocket: This Tiny Laptop Fits In Your Pocket, Runs Ubuntu Linux And Windows 10.

ToaruOS 1.0 Open Source OS Released After 6+ Years Of Development. Brand new maths could finally explain how disturbances propagate through space-time. Ancient Texts Reveal: Earth Was Ruled For 241.000 Years By 8 Kings Who Came From Heaven. Linux Basic Commands. Gang steal antique books worth £2MILLION in movie style abseil break-in. Will androids dream of quantum sheep?

Icists improve method for designing fusion experiments. New study shows that proteins are 'virtually' knotted. This infographic shows the extraordinary ancient genes that live on in modern populations. Copper kills bacteria in hospital rooms. Giant radio galaxy discovered by astronomers. The Hidden Phenomenon That Could Ruin Your Old Discs - Motherboard. 10 Must Apps for the Programmers if they want to be professional - Coding Security. Here's the real science behind recent 'alien' communications. Political Correctness vs. Politeness. How to Love Ugly People. On the Beloved’s Wrist. The Wisdom of Romantic Compromise. El Niño has an uncle that could send global warming into overdrive. Creators.vice. A new open source compression algorithm. The Bash logo experiment. Perovskite - Wikipedia. Perovskite - Wikipedia. This Is The Highest Resolution Image Of Europa We Have ... For Now - Universe Today. Slashdot. What Is Open Source Hardware And Why Should You Care? Simple equation shows how human activity is trashing the planet. Solid state drives in Linux: Enabling TRIM for SSDs. Why Earth is our cosmic prison, and how to escape it. This Black Hole Is the Size of 20 Billion Suns. Io9.gizmodo. Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart.