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Protest climate i speak for the trees – InsideSources. 'The Future is Ours': Young Extinction Rebels call for change at East London Uprising - Hackney Citizen. Hundreds of young Extinction Rebels took over Hackney Town Hall Square on Friday evening, kicking off a weekend peaceful Uprising across East London with a hub of creative protest converging on London Fields.

'The Future is Ours': Young Extinction Rebels call for change at East London Uprising - Hackney Citizen

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) children’s assembly held on the Town Hall steps saw the young protestors share their concerns and ideas with Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville and Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs at the culmination of a march called, ‘The Air We Grieve.’ Ideas mooted at the event included more financial incentives to encourage cycling, more trees, plants and bike racks to be seen across Hackney, and for plastic to be turned into art. 7 Unmissable Sustainability Moments From SS21. Primark unveils sustainable clothing range which is made from recycled material. Vegan Boots, Shoes & Accessories. Instagram.

Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry — SustainYourStyle. The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions.

Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry — SustainYourStyle

The global fashion industry is generating a lot of greenhouse gases due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation of the millions garments purchased each year. Synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.), used in the majority of our clothes, are made from fossil fuel, making production much more energy-intensive than with natural fibers. Most of our clothes are produced in China, Bangladesh, or India, countries essentially powered by coal. This is the dirtiest type of energy in terms of carbon emissions. FAUX LEATHER-COLLECTION-WOMAN. Fast fashion speeding toward environmental disaster, report warns. The fashion industry needs to fundamentally change in order to mitigate the environmental impact of fast fashion, experts have said.

Fast fashion speeding toward environmental disaster, report warns

Clothes rental, better recycling processes, pollution control technology and the innovative use of offcuts are among measures that could help, they said. The researchers produced a report – pubished in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment – into the environmental cost of the industry, and how it needs to change to deal with some of the many associated problems. While the figures are debated, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has calculated the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year, while it is estimated to use around 1.5 trillion litres of water annually.

Meanwhile concerns have been rising about pollution, from chemical waste to microplastics. “It is really a global problem,” said Dr Patsy Perry, a co-author of the research from Manchester University. 5 vegan fashion bloggers you should be following — GRANDERMARNIER. If you haven’t already heard about Love and Blossoms now’s your chance to find out about her and act like you knew the whole time (come on, we all do that) She has the largest following of any vegan fashion blogger on Instagram so clearly she’s doing something right and we should all take notes.

5 vegan fashion bloggers you should be following — GRANDERMARNIER

Her style is uh-mazing and she has been named the Best Dressed Vegan by PETA, life goals anyone? Sruti’s style is classic and very London-style, mixing clean-cut silhouettes with bright bold colours for dramatic outfits. 16 Ethical Fashion Instagram Influencers Who Will Inspire You To Have A More Conscious Closet. 7 Influential Celebrities Leading The Way Towards A More Sustainable Fashion Future. At 30, Emma Watson Is Hollywood’s Queen of Ethical Dressing. Admit it, it’s hard to believe Emma Watson is 30.

At 30, Emma Watson Is Hollywood’s Queen of Ethical Dressing

Instagram. At 30, Emma Watson Is Hollywood’s Queen of Ethical Dressing. Instagram. ADRIANO DI MARTI. About ADIMAY: Aditi Mayer. Instagram. 16 Ethical Fashion Instagram Influencers Who Will Inspire You To Have A More Conscious Closet. 9 statistics that reveal how customers feel about data privacy today. Is fashion bad for the environment? The History of Cookies and Their Effect on Privacy. “Cookies are just a fundamental part of how the Web works, about as essential as Wi-Fi, HTML, or electricity,” explains Silktide founder, Oliver Emberton.

The History of Cookies and Their Effect on Privacy

“All cookies do is recognize your computer as it travels between Web pages — so you need them for critical things like logging into a website, or buying something from a store.” Cookies are small text files that reside on your computer, and the information they contain is set and accessed by the servers of the websites that you visit. Sustainable swimwear making a splash. Rob Hicking, brand director at Speedo Speedo was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1914, and is now a subsidiary of the Pentland Brands Group.

Sustainable swimwear making a splash

Men’s, women’s and kidswear products range from high performance swimsuits and goggles to wristwatches. Measuring our impact. We use a breakthrough decision-making tool called the Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) to measure and understand our impact on the environment that goes far beyond traditional environmental reporting.

Measuring our impact

The EP&L is a ground-breaking tool, developed by Kering, to help companies understand their environmental impact. We use the EP&L to measure the impact of every part of our business, from the raw materials we use, to the way we make our clothes and sell them in our stores. How the EP&L works The EP&L is a form of natural capital accounting that measures our greenhouse gas emissions, water use, water pollution, land use, air pollution and waste across our entire global supply chain. Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2020 Ready-To-Wear. Amazon and Apple 'not playing their part' in tackling electronic waste. Global giants such as Amazon and Apple should be made responsible for helping to collect, recycle and repair their products to cut the 155,000 tonnes of electronic waste being thrown away each year in the UK, MPs say.

Amazon and Apple 'not playing their part' in tackling electronic waste

An investigation by the environmental audit committee found the UK is lagging behind other countries and failing to create a circular economy in electronic waste. The UK creates the second highest levels of electronic waste in the world, after Norway. How Fast Is Technology Growing Statistics [Updated May 2020] Is technology evolving faster than society can handle?

How Fast Is Technology Growing Statistics [Updated May 2020]

Thirty years ago, people barely knew what a computer was. A decade ago, you couldn’t buy a plane ticket or book an Uber or rent an Airbnb on your phone. The thing is: Living in lockdown: How people are using technology to adapt. Stella McCartney. We believe that fashion can be luxurious without using leather or fur. Our Fur-Free-Fur is a no compromise, modern statement that demonstrates what the future of fashion looks like today. Fashion is built on heritage. But we are a modern brand.

Extinction Rebellion Youth UK - Accueil. H&M Takes a Step Toward Circularity With a Collection of Garments Made From Waste. According to the New Standard Institute, fashion is responsible for between 4 and 10% of global carbon emissions, with 150 billion new garments made each year. That’s roughly 19 new pieces of clothing for every living person. There isn’t a brand (or consumer) who isn’t complicit in the problem, from luxury houses to high-street giants like H&M. Garnier launches shampoo bars with reduced environmental impact.

The Leather Debate: Is Vegan Leather A Sustainable Alternative To The Real Thing? Fashion is finally waking up to sustainability – but the lexicon surrounding eco-friendly and ethical fashion is fraught with inaccuracies. In ‘Get Your Greens’, Vogue explores how the industry is advancing towards a greener future. Fashion has always had a weakness for oxymorons. Take “athleisure” – that peculiar clash of athletic meets sweat-free casual. Ditto “affordable luxury”. Vintage, faux and real: navigating fur in fashion in an age of sustainability. Is Vegan Leather Eco-Friendly? The Queen And Meghan Markle Are Officially Sustainable Fashion Influencers. Top 5 Sustainable Influencers. Retailers told to clean up act over fake faux fur. Vegan Leather: What It Is and Why It Belongs in Your Closet. Is 'vegan leather' a sustainable alternative to animal leather? - ABC News.

Is vegan leather worse for the environment than real leather? Issy MuirGetty Images. Amazon launches online pharmacy service. Introducing a New Home Screen for Instagram. Instagram redesigns its home screen for the first time in years, adding Reels and Shop tabs. Instagram’s making major design changes to its home screen for the first time in years. 'Three quarters of UK does grocery shopping online' The NHS COVID-19 app support website - NHS.UK.