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style-files.com This laid-back wood-clad bungalow on Cape Town’s Bakoven beach oozes seaside style. The lucky owners are Cathy, Mike and their three children. A lover of bargain finds, the resourceful Cathy did the interiors herself. style-files.com
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Making it Lovely Making it Lovely Eleanor took fairy ballet classes through the park district for a little while, which consisted of an adorable group of little girls in ballerina outfits and wings, wandering around in a loose circle to classical music. I’m not sure how much she learned, but who cares? She liked it and had fun. She wasn’t taking any classes for a while because we spent the summer up in Wisconsin while we were between houses, but a couple of months ago, she brought up those dance classes again, asking if she could take more lessons. She didn’t want to do fairy ballet though — that’s for babies. She wanted to do ninja ballet, which sounds like an awesome (albeit nonexistent) fusion.
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Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: kate’s wallpaper fireplace Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: kate’s wallpaper fireplace if you’re like me and live in a rental, it can be tough to deal with the less-than-ideal features of your home. without the ability to replace tile, wallpaper, or event paint it can be difficult to personalize your home the way you’d like. but today’s diy project (from designer kate pruitt) is all about working with what you have. kate wasn’t in love with her old fireplace so she decided to use jenny wilkinson’s pink ‘hammerhead sharks‘ wallpaper to cover up the dark tile. using little more than foam core, a little glue and an xacto blade, kate was able to create a custom look that won’t cut into her apartment’s deposit when she moves. kate has shared her full project instructions and materials below so click here for the full post (or just click “read more” below). thanks, kate! Kate’s Wallpaper Fireplace: What You’ll Need:
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Door Sixteen Door Sixteen I know, this post is a bit overdue! Chances are you’ve already heard on Twitter or seen another blog post, but two weekends ago, I hosted a sleepover party at my house with Victoria , Lisa and Jenna . I’ve never had so many overnight guests before! We had such a wonderful time.
Just before Christmas, Laura Ashley contacted me and a few other bloggers to take part into their new campaign challenge "15 uses for a throw". My first thought was "hallelulia". Finally a brand that gets how to collaborate with bloggers to tap into their style and creativity and don't offer them a £4.5 tea light versus an interesting post that would require 2 or 3 hours work. My second thought was "ummm". BODIE and FOU BODIE and FOU
Best Sources for Vintage Furniture Chicago Buying vintage furniture is a great way to go - it's a greener choice, the quality of older pieces is often superior, the retro style will definitely make your space more unique than when furnished with only new items and the prices can (sometimes!) be more reasonable. With all of that in mind, we decided it was high time to round up ten favorite spots to for vintage in Chicago. Jump below for the list and photos: Of course, every list we put together is ever-changing and we hope these ten are just the start - we'd love to hear your favorites in the comments below. Best Sources for Vintage Furniture Chicago
Nautilus House, Senosiain Arquitectos © Studio Daniel Libeskind Construction of the new EDP Foundation Arts & Technology Centre, designed by Lo... Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects’ plan for Pier 42, the missing connectio... Nautilus House, Senosiain Arquitectos
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(virtually) Invisible tension wire curtain rod.
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mosaic art, pop culture mosaics, magnetic artworks | motifo Motifo magnetic artworks are a brand new concept. Choose from our wide range of funky designs and easily create an impressive mosaic masterpiece on any magnet-friendly surface. The motifo product had been cunningly crafted - with a single motifo pack you can create ANY of the designs here at motifo.com mosaic art, pop culture mosaics, magnetic artworks | motifo
a n h - m i n h . c o m Hello, October! August and September were busy months on the writing front, with lots of assignments for the SF Chronicle as well as closing Issue No. 13 (!!!) of Anthology. The latter ended up being especially challenging and dragged on a bit longer than Meg and I anticipated. But I won't bother getting into the details because, well, it was super frustrating and I'd rather not rehash. a n h - m i n h . c o m
Chandelier Parts Diagram - what parts make up a chandelier?
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Squint Limited Squint Limited Welcome to our online boutique which includes a selection of our favourite shapes and colour ways. Most of the collection can be made to order in palettes of your choice with upholstery available in bespoke sizes. We are offering 20% off all special orders until mid January, from our beautiful handmade furniture and accessories to all of our silk and satin clad lighting collection, there's plenty to entice for the perfect treat. Do contact us if you need more information or an international delivery quote.
If you've been following along, you know I looked at a cabin on a little piece of waterfront property in Kingston, WA. Today I went back to look at another place. Technically, Kingston claims this house as its own, but as you drive to the house, it's clear it belongs to Eglon, a place I'd never heard of until today. Eglon is an unincorporated part of Kitsap County. I passed farms, cows, and horses (the latter actually on the road) as I made my way to the house, which is perched on high-bank waterfront that seems slightly less likely to collapse into the salt waters of the Puget Sound than the last house I toured. Decorno
Cheap decor? | Chicago | Yelp I've aways been a BIG fan of Word Market, as evidenced in my review. Recently my 21 year old brother moved into a new apt. w/a roomie and I thought it could use a "woman's touch". I got him 2 hanging lamps sorta like this: http://sitebuilder.yodel…. One white, one blue on sale for about $8 each at Beyond the Wall on Belmont. I had to buy the cord kit at World Market the step switch from Target (eventualy I'll get him dimmers from IKEA).
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