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Other Work. Other Work. Lauren Marx – Visual Artist. Designer seeks to lessen ‘alienation of modernisation’ by merging music, wood and steel. AMMAN — Merging the sound of working tools and machines with specially designed furniture became the ultimate goal of Basel Naouri, a young architect who plans his maiden exhibition in Amman later this month.

Designer seeks to lessen ‘alienation of modernisation’ by merging music, wood and steel

The exhibition, titled “432Hz” after the frequency which some argue provides a more natural listening experience than the standard 440Hz, will open at Zara Centre in Amman on May 12th. “An architect by training, I’ve always worked with raw materials and ‘behind the scenes’ of built spaces,” Naouri said recently, adding that, over time, he shifted his focus to the architecture of smaller objects — furniture — instead of buildings. It brought him to Jordanian wood and steel workshops where he immersed himself in the “symphony of wood and steel, and the tools used to reshape and mould them”, he said.

Illustration art contemporary art Poster graphic design designer Macabre polish poster grotesque poster art wieslaw walkuski asylum-art asylum-art. Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen. Installation CBK Amsterdam, 2011 Installation Amstelveen, 2012 CBK Emmen, 2013 Installation 2 Museum Valkhof, 2012 In an act of patience and precision that boggles the mind, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen creates sparkling floor installations using an array of individually placed mirrors, crystals, chromed metal, optical glass and precious stones.

Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen

That’s right, the thousands of objects in each of her artworks are placed and stacked by hand and sit completely loose during the exhibition. The fractal-like patterns in each installation form a sort of temporary 3D carpet that alters the space in which its installed by reflecting light in all directions. A Journey Through the Mind of an Artist. An artist creates stunning portraits to show how our flaws make us beautiful.

Bunny rabbit mark briscoe. Paris Expo: Retrospective on Roy Lichtenstein - Chloe Johnston. 432 Hz: An immersive furniture exhibition. 432 Hz is the launch of Jordanian designer Basel Naouri’s new line of reclaimed wood/steel furniture in an immersive exhibition.

432 Hz: An immersive furniture exhibition

Get ready to be transported to the craft workshops of Jordan and brought closer to the process of creation through a dynamic, multisensory experience. The experience: The furniture display will be set to an original, experimental piece of music composed by Basel using sounds sampled from the steel and wood workshops in which his pieces are made. The furniture: Basel’s designs combine the roughness of raw materials with modern finishes to create pieces of furniture that give life to the spaces they occupy. The featured designs highlight the versatility and rugged beauty of steel and reclaimed wood from old homes, schools and other buildings throughout Jordan. Basel Naouri is a young Jordanian designer with a multidisciplinary background.

Opening night: 6PM | Friday | May 12 Sponsored by Haddad Wines & Cheese & More. Sally Nixon (@sallustration) Alex Reuben - Mistakes (6') Rescued paper notebooks by Sukie – The Pippa & Ike Show. The Pippa & Ike Show is an online shop based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Rescued paper notebooks by Sukie – The Pippa & Ike Show

We ship worldwide. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-5pm. Orders are dispatched on those days (not including National Holidays), usually within 2 working days of receipt of the order. The office is closed on Wednesdays. Free shipping - UK orders over £60 Pick up from Bristol office - free of charge, your parcel will not be shipped. United Kingdom (inc the islands) - Standard Signed For delivery, ± 1-4 working days , £3.50 - UK Next Day delivery, not available for shipping on Wednesdays. Tactile Treasures Made from Misprints + Discarded Paper - Chronicle Books Blog. It should come as no surprise that most of us here at Chronicle Books are stationery aficionados, card collectors, and notebook lovers.

Tactile Treasures Made from Misprints + Discarded Paper - Chronicle Books Blog

As paper-obsessed as we are, sometimes we come across a product that will stop us in our tracks: in this case, our Rescued Paper products. We thought we’d take a minute to shine a little spotlight on the line! Saloua Raouda Choucair obituary. Saloua Raouda Choucair was 97 when she was given a show at Tate Modern – and it was her British debut.

Saloua Raouda Choucair obituary

Indeed, it was the first major exhibition outside her native Lebanon for Choucair, who has died aged 100; even there, her shows were few and far between. As late flowerings go, it will be hard to beat. What made her story all the more extraordinary was that the Tate exhibition revealed Choucair to be an artist of international stature. The 150 or so works in the show, drawn from a 70-year career and mostly stored in their maker’s Beirut flat, had an elegance and rigour that had critics reaching lovingly for their pens. Yet few of them had previously heard of Choucair. The clue to the reason for this ignorance lay in Choucair’s name.

Skip Schuckmann. Art of the Earth - latimes. Skip Schuckmann looks like he just tunneled up out of the earth.

Art of the Earth - latimes

His fingernails are black with mud, his hands are filthy, and his book of poetry spills dirt when he opens it. "I live my art," said Schuckmann, perched high on a rock inside his cave-like home in an overgrown Ojai ravine. "I call it my hovel. Guggenheim.

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