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US of A and Iraq

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Iraq: A Deadly Deception. On the evening of 9/11, George W Bush made a vow to the American public - that he would defeat terrorism.

Iraq: A Deadly Deception

Unknown to those listening in shock to the presidential address, the president and his advisers had already begun planning their trajectory into an invasion of Iraq. It was packaged as "holding responsible the states who support terrorism" by Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser between 2001 and 2003. "I believe it represented a recognition that we would never succeed against the terrorists if we went after them one at a time and as long as governments were facilitating the organisation, training, equipping of, financing of terrorist organisations, we were never going to get it under control," says Perle.

CIA Analyst Who Interrogated Saddam Hussein Just Blew the Lid Off the US 'Official Story' A CIA analyst who interrogated Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has some damning words about the invasion, saying the United States “got it wrong” — and was ‘critically mistaken’ on its military action in the country.

CIA Analyst Who Interrogated Saddam Hussein Just Blew the Lid Off the US 'Official Story'

John Nixon, the Independent reports, specifically pointed to the CIA’s view of Hussein’s feelings about the use of chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians — a narrative frequently touted by the George W. Bush administration during the nascent invasion. Nixon says CIA officials “were also mistaken about [Hussein’s] health, personal habits and his involvement in running Iraq.” Writing on his book, Debriefing The President: The Interrogation Of Saddam Hussein, for the Daily Mail, Nixon offered acrid criticism regarding Bush’s leadership, saying the former president heard “only what he wanted to hear” — including that Iraq had somehow been responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001. “Look at who was involved,” Nixon recalled the Iraqi leader telling the interrogators. George W. UK Inquiry Releases Scathing Report On Iraq War.

This Month Marks 25 Years the U.S. Has Been at War in Iraq. (Photo: Jason Fudge / Flickr) Saturday, January 17, marked 25 years — a full generation — since the 1991 launch of a U.S.

This Month Marks 25 Years the U.S. Has Been at War in Iraq

-led air war, “Operation Desert Storm,” that devastated Iraq, causing extensive damage to the country’s electrical, water, and sewage infrastructure, with terrible public health consequences. A quarter-century later, the U.S. is still bombing, and over 3,400 U.S. troops are in the country. US Prepares Massive Shipment Of Thoughts And Prayers To Kurds. WASHINGTON — In the latest expansion of US humanitarian aid to besieged Kurdish Yazidis and Christians in northern Iraq, President Obama said this morning he would be sending a massive shipment of thoughts and prayers, sources confirmed.

US Prepares Massive Shipment Of Thoughts And Prayers To Kurds

“Let me be clear: I am asking all Americans to contribute their thoughts and prayers, which I have directed the Secretary of Defense to deliver to the Kurds any way possible, as long as it does not involve boots on the ground, or any kind of strategic planning,” Obama said in a statement from The White House. 9 Public Figures Who Were Wrongly Maligned for Opposing the Iraq War 

In the face of such mass hostility, in a suffocating political climate where honorable dissent was neither welcome nor considered patriotic, it took a brave, principled human being, particularly one in a position of prominence, to publicly challenge the increasingly arrogant status quo.

9 Public Figures Who Were Wrongly Maligned for Opposing the Iraq War 

When the George W. Bush administration commenced its global sales pitch to invade Iraq in 2002, misplaced fear and overly rosy projections for its success helped make it happen. If only they had heeded the prescient warnings of these nine wrongly maligned individuals, America would not be in the horrific, never ending mess it finds itself in today: 1. Eric Margolis Some key passages: ‘To Defeat Them, I Must Become Them,’ John Kerry Says While Putting On Black Face Mask. ERBIL, IRAQ—After meeting with senior Iraqi leaders to discuss the country’s increasing sectarian violence, U.S.

‘To Defeat Them, I Must Become Them,’ John Kerry Says While Putting On Black Face Mask

Secretary of State John Kerry retired to his hotel room Wednesday, where he is said to have donned the black clothing and black face mask commonly worn by ISIS militants while reportedly murmuring to his reflection that in order to defeat one’s enemy, one must become them. “I must know their strengths, their weaknesses—I must see the world as they do if ever I am to triumph,” the 70-year-old cabinet official said while wrapping a bandolier of ammunition around his waist and over his shoulders, one of several steps Kerry reportedly carefully undertook to “make [himself] one and the same” with the Sunni militant group.

“It is said that if you know your enemies as you know yourself, you will be inviolable in many thousands of battles. So it shall be with me. He who is shrewdest shall be victorious.” Rice Warns That ‘Smoking Gun’ Of Proof Of Iraqi Nuclear Weapons May Be A ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Bremer’s 100 orders: The true scale of Iraq’s rape and destruction. If you’re a US Citizen (and even if you’re not), ask yourself one important question with reference to Iraq: If the answer is "no" then you don’t understand the true destruction of Iraq.

Bremer’s 100 orders: The true scale of Iraq’s rape and destruction

This is not altogether something to be ashamed of; the media, led by Murdoch’s "FOX News" has deliberately refrained from covering the laws in any detail, mostly because if they did reveal the extent of the destruction, good American citizens would be outraged. But Bremer’s 100 orders destroyed Iraq’s economy not just for years but for decades to come. It undid some historical things dating back ten thousand years. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it’s not. Iraq Keeps Drunk Texting CENTCOM. AL UDEID AIRBASE, QATAR – Returning from a well-deserved holiday break, members of Central Command’s Forward Headquarters were startled to discover more than 100 text messages left on their phone from what looked like an extremely drunk and depressed Iraq.

Iraq Keeps Drunk Texting CENTCOM

“Salaams” read the first dozen, repeated every few hours, inter-spaced with an occasional “You up?” According to CENTCOM officials, the command has been doing its best to ignore Iraq over the past two years since the United States withdrew from the country in 2011, but every time around December they start getting an avalanche of drunken texts, sobbing late-night phone calls, and lonely e-mails. EUCOM and NORTHCOM also told CENTCOM that they’ve seen adverts from Iraq on CraigsList as “Single Unoccupied Country seeks Rich Western Nation For Ten-Year Commitment. No Jews.” State Department blocks report on path to Iraq War. The U.S.

State Department blocks report on path to Iraq War

State Department has obstructed the publication of a highly anticipated report, which addresses the U.K.’s process into the Iraq war. According to Britain’s Independent newspaper: Meet the Generals Who Spoke Out Against Donald Rumsfeld's War. By late 2001, briefing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was familiar territory for Lieutenant General Greg Newbold. As director of operations on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Newbold, a three-star in the Marines, had done it many times since Rumsfeld had arrived at the Pentagon earlier in the year, and had come to know the routine: the constant interruptions, the theatrics, the condescension.

But, according to Newbold, there was something different, and alarming, about one particular briefing around that time: the topic. It was about going to war with Iraq. How Many People Do You Think Died During the Iraq War? Obama Orders Reinvasion Of Iraq After Illuminating Trip Through Bush Presidential Library. DALLAS—After taking an “eye-opening” tour of the newly dedicated George W.

Obama Orders Reinvasion Of Iraq After Illuminating Trip Through Bush Presidential Library

Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas Thursday, President Barack Obama reportedly ordered the United States military to reinvade Iraq. The Iraq War Ten Years After. Washington, DC, March 19, 2013 – The U.S. invasion of Iraq turned out to be a textbook case of flawed assumptions, wrong-headed intelligence, propaganda manipulation, and administrative ad hockery, according to the National Security Archive's briefing book of declassified documents posted today to mark the 10th anniversary of the war. The Archive's documentary primer includes the famous Downing Street memo ("intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy"), the POLO STEP PowerPoint invasion plans (assuming out of existence any possible insurgency), an FBI interview with Saddam Hussein in captivity (he said he lied about weapons of mass destruction to keep Iran guessing and deterred), and the infamous National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (wrong in its findings, but with every noted dissent turning out to be accurate).

A bullet-pointed set of notes discussed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with Gen. 10 Years in Iraq. Photo courtesy of Terron Sims. Read Terron’s story here. Photo courtesy of Johnathan Rue. Read Jonathan’s story here. Photo by Daniel Orchard. Read Daniel’s story here. The Costs of War: 10 Years After Iraq Invasion, New Study Tallies the Massive Human, Financial Toll. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AARON MATÉ: It was 10 years ago today that the U.S. invaded Iraq on the false pretext that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction. The attack came despite worldwide protest and a lack of authorization from the U.N. —from the U.N.

Security Council. AMY GOODMAN: U.S. and British forces have moved into the demilitarized zone straddling the Iraq-Kuwait border in preparation for an attack on Iraq. AARON MATÉ: Well, later that evening, a Pentagon official reported cruise missiles had been fired in Iraq as part of a, quote, "decapitation attack" aimed at killing Saddam Hussein. PRESIDENT GEORGE W. Iraq War Retroactively Justified By Discovery Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Although delayed, former Secretary of State Colin Powell was overjoyed that he finally had facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.

The Last Casualty: The tragic end to a liberal Iraq. Iraq War 10-Year Anniversary: What It Was Like to Oppose It in 2003. In the six months before the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and the six weeks after the invasion (culminating in George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech), I often compared my situation in Washington to that of Jeannette Rankin, the Montana congresswoman and pacifist who voted against entry into both World War I and II. Not that I would have voted against declaring war in 1941; the comparison was to her isolation, not with her isolationism. There were, of course, people who opposed invading Iraq—Illinois State Senator Barack Obama among them—but within political Washington, it was difficult to find like-minded foes.

US Bombing of Iraq: The Toxic Legacy Continues. A new study links the U.S. bombardment of Iraq to a toxic legacy of birth defects in two of the country's heavily hit cities. There has been a staggering rise in the number of birth defects in Iraq following U.S. bombardment. Foreign Policy Features CIA Document Released to National Security Archive.