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US Government Blames 9/11 On Iran, Fines Iran $10.5 Billion; Iran Refuses To Pay. Authored by Eric Zuesse, On March 14th, Iran announced that it will never pay the $10.5B that a U.S. court demanded it pay for the 9/11 attacks.

US Government Blames 9/11 On Iran, Fines Iran $10.5 Billion; Iran Refuses To Pay

US Government Blames 9/11 On Iran, Fines Iran $10.5 Billion; Iran Refuses To Pay. America's Looming War with Iran: What You're Not Being Told. February 2, 2017 | Darius Shahtahmasebi (ANTIMEDIA) The mainstream media has attempted to frame Donald J.

America's Looming War with Iran: What You're Not Being Told

Trump’s election victory as a sort of collusion between Russia and Trump — a scheme allegedly intended to promote an American president who would do Vladimir Putin’s bidding. But the truth is that there is one other country that stands to be the prime beneficiary of Trump’s reign as president: Israel. Under the Obama administration, the United States had a curious relationship with Israel. In 2011, Obama vetoed a U.N. Welcome To - STOPIRANWAR.COM. Obama Admin. Official tried to facilitate, provide, Iranians with nuclear fuel in 2010: Claim.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner — Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina/Flickr By Shepard Ambellas NEW YORK CITY (INTELLIHUB) — The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, spoke for nearly forty minutes at the United Nation’s 70th General Assembly Monday, during which time she provided to attendees a shocking tidbit of information.

Obama Admin. Official tried to facilitate, provide, Iranians with nuclear fuel in 2010: Claim

During her speech President Kirchner said that Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction under the Obama Administration until 2013, approached Argentinians in 2010 trying to convince them to provide Iranians with nuclear fuel — a claim that Samore didn’t bother to deny. Untitled. I have written that short of an all out invasion and occupation, the best way of a prolonging a nuclear-free Iran is through some kind of a deal.


The international sanctions regime. Saudi Arabia Paying American Lobbyists to Spread Anti-Iran Propaganda. Carey WedlerAugust 24, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) Though the Saudi Arabian government publicly declared its tentative support for the widely-praised Iran nuclear deal last month, new reports reveal it is secretly funding propaganda efforts to undermine it.

Saudi Arabia Paying American Lobbyists to Spread Anti-Iran Propaganda

A new group called the American Security Initiative has spent over $6 million on advertisements criticizing the deal — using money supplied by the Saudi monarchy. The president of the American Security Initiative Norm Coleman is a former Republican senator who now runs the lobbying firm, Hogan Lovells. He is a registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia and his firm is on retainer for the Saudi monarchy at a rate of $60,000 per month. According to The Intercept, “In July 2014, Coleman described his work as ‘providing legal services to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia’ on issues including ‘legal and policy developments involving Iran and limiting Iranian nuclear capability.’” Amazon. Amazon. Hitchens Hacker And Hitchens. Hitchens the Hacker; And, Hitchens the Orientalist And, “We don’t Want Your Stinking War!

Hitchens Hacker And Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens owes me a big apology. I belong to a private email discussion group called Gulf2000. It has academics, journalists and policy makers on it. It has a strict rule that messages appearing there will not be forwarded off the list. Noam Chomsky: Why America Is the Gravest Threat to World Peace. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from here.

Noam Chomsky: Why America Is the Gravest Threat to World Peace

Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Most of the world apparently shares the assessment of the U.S. Arms Control Association that “the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action establishes a strong and effective formula for blocking all of the pathways by which Iran could acquire material for nuclear weapons for more than a generation and a verification system to promptly detect and deter possible efforts by Iran to covertly pursue nuclear weapons that will last indefinitely.”

What If Iran Cheats? Credit: blondinrikard / photo on flickrBarack Obama's critics think he has made two mistakes with the Iranians.

What If Iran Cheats?

The first was reaching a deal on their nuclear program. The second was thinking they would abide by it. Juan Cole: If It’s Going to Push Us to War, Is It Time for AIPAC to Register as a Foreign Agent? - Juan Cole. This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s website.

Juan Cole: If It’s Going to Push Us to War, Is It Time for AIPAC to Register as a Foreign Agent? - Juan Cole

Most polls show that Jewish Americans are the Americans most enthusiastic about the diplomatic deal reached at Vienna between Iran and the UN Security Council over its civilian nuclear enrichment program. So the umbrella group of lobbyists supposedly dedicated to representing Jewish Americans, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, is lobbying for the deal, right? Joe Conason: Why Israel’s Security Experts Support the Iran Deal—and Iran’s Hardliners Don’t. The ministers of foreign affairs and other officials from the P5+1 countries, the European Union and Iran meet in March to discuss a nuclear deal.

Joe Conason: Why Israel’s Security Experts Support the Iran Deal—and Iran’s Hardliners Don’t

(United States Department of State / CC BY-SA 3.0) As Congressional Republicans seek to undermine the nuclear agreement between Iran and the international powers, they assert that hardline Islamists in the Islamic Republic are delighted with the deal while Israelis concerned over their country’s security are appalled. The same theme is now repeated constantly on Fox News Channel and throughout right-wing media. The Iran Nuclear Deal. When the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was announced in Vienna on July 14, AJC issued a press release indicating that we would first study the full text and its implications, and then take a position on the deal, as the U.S. Congress launched into its 60-day review period. Over the past three weeks, AJC engaged in a very intensive, open-minded, and thorough process of external consultations and internal deliberations, involving many lay and staff leaders. During this effort, we had the privilege of meeting privately with, first, Secretary of State John Kerry, and, later, Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, both of whom visited our New York headquarters.

PHOTO: They Just Discovered Who Was At John Kerry's Daughter's Wedding... It Will Give You Chills. Secretary of State John Kerry was one of the driving forces behind the recent capitulation to the Iranians during negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The Obama Administration Should Stop Lying About Iran. Paolo Contri /IAEA/FlickrBarack Obama and John Kerry are playing with fire. They presumably want Congress and the American public to accept the nuclear agreement they and four other governments struck with Iran, but they work against their own objective by accepting the false premise of their opponents: namely, that Iran's regime is untrustworthy, dangerous, bent on becoming a nuclear power, and containable only by a U.S. readiness to wage war.

Who knows if the president and secretary of state really believe this? But they ought to know that this premise is wrong. Their incentive to accept the false premise is obvious. Neither wants his obituary to declare that his greatest achievement was to persuade Iran not to develop a weapon it had no intention of developing. On announcing the deal Obama said, "Today, because America negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.

Israel, not Iran, started Middle East nuclear arms race. The Mediterranean Sea coast and a runway of Tel Aviv's Sde Dov Airport are seen from aboard a helicopter transporting media and staff accompanying the visit of US Defense Secretary Ash Carter in Israel, July 20, 2015. (photo by REUTERS/Carolyn Kaster/Pool) Author: Bruce Riedel Posted July 28, 2015 The debate about the P5+1 agreement with Iran on its nuclear program has already produced a storm of angry rhetoric and a tsunami of opinion pieces.

But one issue is notably absent from the debate: the fact that Israel has a nuclear weapons arsenal and sophisticated delivery systems that are decades ahead of anything Iran could develop in the foreseeable future. The Imperial Designs on Iran. - Advertisement - Reprinted from Sputnik President Barack Obama(image by License DMCA. Iran Nuclear Deal – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Who’s been Blocking A Deal With Iran? Most people in the United States have no hostility to Iran. The Iran Deal: Who is against it, who is for it, Why, and What Happens if it's Killed.

- Advertisement - Page 3 of Article: Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance? - Advertisement - Reprinted from Consortium News President Obama and King Salman Arabia stand at attention during the U.S. national anthem as the First Lady stands in the background with other officials. (image by (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)) DMCA For more than half a century, Saudi Arabia has tried to use its vast oil wealth to build a lobby in the United States that could rival the imposing Israel Lobby. Blog. NDIA is not responsible for screening, policing, editing, or monitoring your or another user's postings and encourages all of its users to use reasonable discretion and caution in evaluating or reviewing any posting.

Moreover, and except as provided below with respect to NDIA's right and ability to delete or remove a posting (or any part thereof), NDIA does not endorse, oppose, or edit any opinion or information provided by you or another user and does not make any representation with respect to, nor does it endorse the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other material displayed, uploaded, or distributed by you or any other user. The real story behind the Republicans’ Iran letter. The “open letter” from Senator Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican Senators to the leadership of Iran, which even Republicans themselves admit was aimed at encouraging Iranian opponents of the nuclear negotiations to argue that the United States cannot be counted on to keep the bargain, has created a new political firestorm. Iran Policy Committee.

The Iran Policy Committee (IPC), formed in February, 2005, is a pressure group meant to influence US government policy towards Iran. IPC is made up of former White House, State Department, The Pentagon and CIA officials as well as scholars from think tanks and academia. Aims[edit] According to its website, the Iran Policy Committee sees the current debate on American policy towards Iran as focused on two strategies: diplomatic engagement with the Iranian government or military strikes. US Prepares to Sell Saudi Arabia Warships to Help Take Down Iran. Middle East(image by Global Network) Obama-Netanyahu "Fallout" is Theater - Planned in 2009. US and Israel attempting to establish feigned "diplomatic row" to justify "unilateral" Israeli attack on Iran.