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GRAFTER. Stonks - Stonks is credited to a meme that emerged on a Facebook group, called Special meme fresh, in 2017.

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The internet slang stonks is not related to the military verb and noun stonk, “to bombard with artillery” and “a concentrated bombardment by artillery,” respectively. The meme features the word stonks, in white, below an orange, upward-pointing arrow (indicating stock prices are increasing) next to a generic man in a business suit. The man’s head has been substituted with a plain, intentionally unusual-looking computer-generated head.

The man is standing before a blue, electronic stock quotation board. What Does Cancel Culture Mean? Transcript Hi.

What Does Cancel Culture Mean?

Simp - The slang simp appeared to come out of nowhere in 2019–20.

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It’s popularly claimed that the internet slang simp is an acronym for “Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.” But, as usual, the story of simp isn’t so simple. The internet teen slang simp, as is true of many slang terms that go mainstream, appears to come directly from Black hip-hop slang—and it’s older than you may think.

Hip-hop lyrics from the late 1980s and 1990s were already using simp as an insult for a men perceived as too subservient to a woman. Slang Meaning Of Normie. Where Did the Phrase 'Fall Off the Wagon' Originate? Certain idioms don’t need much of an explanation to make sense.

Where Did the Phrase 'Fall Off the Wagon' Originate?

If you’re “playing with fire,” chances are you’re metaphorically doing something recklessly that could bring severe consequences. If you’re “dropping your guard,” you’re lowering your defenses. Slang Meaning Of Kittenfishing. There are plenty of reasons people might kittenfish.

Slang Meaning Of Kittenfishing

In an article about the online dating tactic, NBC noted, “Online dating is competitive, flaws are easy to hide in the virtual world and at the end of the day, we all want to be loved.” More extreme cases kittenfishing may involve the use of very old photos (in an effort to present themselves as younger or more attractive) or really stretching the truth about their work, income, personality, lifestyle, etc. The term kittenfishing is often used in the dating pool to call out inappropriate behavior as well as in popular articles about online dating. Bye Felicia - What Does bye, Felicia Mean? “Bye, Felisha” is a line spoken by Ice Cube’s character, Craig, in the 1995 cult stoner comedy film, Friday.

Bye Felicia - What Does bye, Felicia Mean?

While smoking a joint with his friend Smokey, Craig is approached by Felisha, a local girl who constantly annoys the neighborhood with her attempts to mooch off others. After her request to borrow Smokey’s car is met with total refusal, she turns to Craig for support, and, rather than offer to help or defend her, he looks away and simply says “Bye, Felisha” in a dismissive tone. Types of neckbeards. Neckbeards are commonly confused with the more popular "chin curtain" beard style, where the hair grows partly over the chin.

Types of neckbeards

This was worn most famously by Abraham Lincoln, and to this day remains popular among some religious communities such as the Amish. Today I will briefly outline the styles of neckbeard. NECKBEARDS, HAIRETICS & FASHION BLASPHEMY. I spoke with a lady last week who had a mustache.


I forget what I was even talking to her about. All I remember was that my eyes kept following her upper lip, my mind paralyzed. Oh, I do remember now that we were talking about juvenile delinquents, but I cannot remember whether or not she was telling me that she helped them or ate them. I spent many of my impressionable years in Southwest Germany where it was rumored that German women had little conscience fashionably wearing hair where American women are not accustomed.

Neckbeard. As noted, neckbeard is used casually to refer to facial hair around their neck, which is often thick, itchy, and unruly, e.g., “I really need to shave my neckbeard.”


The beard itself, when grown without a mustache and chin beard, is also sometimes called a neard, which blends the words neck and beard. In addition to referring to the facial hair style itself, neckbeard can also be a pejorative noun for the kind of person stereotyped as having a neckbeard, implying the person is lacking in social graces, personal hygiene, and possesses other unpleasant personality traits. Neckbeard. Any human who regularly wears: A pinstriped fedora T-shirts with strange metallic looking mid 2000's middle schooler student's idea of a tattoo designs In-congruently flashy metal jewelry Interests include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, katanas, unrequited affection Will refer to others as sir/madam/m'lady/sire/miss/overly formal honorifics Frequently use the word "shall" Many profile pictures poorly photoshopped to change eye color and background to look more "demonic"


What Does Book It Mean? The word book as a verb has many meanings, one of which is “to record or register” something, such as officially placing a bet on the books. This sense is found as early as the 1200s. In the 1700–1800s, the meaning of book expanded to “reserving” something generally, such as a table at a restaurant, e.g., I booked it for 7:00 pm.

Book it for “running away quickly” originates in the 1930s Black slang expression bookity-book, meaning to imitate all the noise of scampering away. By the 1950s, bookity-book was apparently shortened to book and took on the meaning of “to move quickly” in youth slang. Are you guilty of using these top 10 pieces of word trash? Slang — language at its most human. Slang is probably as old as human language, though the first slang dictionaries only started popping up in the 16th century. But nothing has been a boon for slang lexicography like the digital age, as the searchability of newspaper databases has allowed the past to be explored like never before. For fans of English at its rawest, the recent arrival of the online version of Green’s Dictionary of Slang is a major event.

It’s also a reminder that slang — for all its sleaze and attitude — is just as susceptible to careful research as anything else. Advertisement British lexicographer and author Jonathan Green’s GDoS is the largest slang dictionary in the world, collecting terms from the United States, England, Australia, and everywhere else English is the dominant language. This example-based approach is also the opposite of user-generated dictionaries such as Urban Dictionary. Aviator's Slang. Ok nugget, kick the tires, light the fires, select Zone 5, tag the bogey but don’t get in a furball. Don’t boresight, check six, bingo to Mom — Got it? Yes, military pilots really do talk this way! This is not an all-inclusive list of military acronyms, just the type of lingo you’re apt to hear in the Ready-Room, on the flightline, or in the aircraft.

Return to Tailhook Home Page AAA Anti-aircraft Artillery. 10 Commonly Used Expressions and Their Bizarre Origins. 11 Texan Phrases The Rest Of The Country Should Adopt. 15 Beautiful Dutch Words and Phrases We Need in English. 17 Examples of British Slang That Are Simply Awesome. British English can often leave non-British English speakers scratching their heads as to what exactly they are talking about.

28 British Slang Terms You Should Know. 30 Hilarious German Insults You Should Start Using Immediately. One of the subtlest and most surprising legacies of the First World War—which the United States entered more than 100 years ago, when the country declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917—is its effect on our language. 30 People Share Their Favorite Non-English Phrases And Their Literal Meanings. Everyone can agree, especially non-native speakers, that the English language can get very tricky.

Most of us know the feeling of being puzzled by the strange spelling rules and grammar of this language, but the truth is, every language has its own peculiarities. 40 Words People Over 40 Wouldn’t Understand. 59 Quick Slang Phrases From The 1920s We Should Start Using Again. Cracking The Code of Millennial Slang by Far Out! Freaky 60s Slang Explained by A Dive Into Jazz Slang (You Dig?) A Way with Words. A Shoo-in. Where Does the Phrase '… And the Horse You Rode In On' Come From? Bae. Origin of “Bangs” in “Hair Bangs”

Let’s Talk About Bitchface. Bun in the Oven. How the 'Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah' Meme Became the Internet's Favorite Threat. Chad (slang) What Does Chutiya Mean? Dabbing. The First “Deadline” Dinter, bitz and gwop: a guide to youth slang in 2016. Dog whistle. Drunch. Dunch. Fair play (to you) Who is the Fat Lady, and Why is It Over When She Sings?

Youthsplaining: "Fish Tube" Is the Latest Internet Meme You Need to Know. Flee Fly Flo. The blog of The Harvard Crimson. What does FML mean? - FML Definition - Meaning of FML. Gee and Haw. 'Getting Canceled' and 'Cancel Culture': What it Means. Ghosting. Gone Pecan. Good Juju. Origin of “Hang a Roscoe” Happy as Larry. Hell’s Half Acre. What’s a Hipster? What does HOMEBOY mean? - HOMEBOY Definition - Meaning of HOMEBOY. A Way with Words. A Way with Words. If'n. If'n. 'I'm baby' is the new 'they did surgery on a grape' and it's beautiful. If You Can't Say 'Yes,' Don't Say Anything At All. A Way with Words. How Did "Jones" Come to Mean "Craving"? Lifehack. 'Like the Dickens' - the meaning and origin of this phrase. Meh. "No problem": Yes, it's a BIG problem.

What Part of “No, Totally” Don’t You Understand? Pep pep - Tim and Eric Wiki, Great Job! Pimps & Nazi Cattle: A Translator’s Adventures in the Dictionary. Where the Term “Rock and Roll” Came From. Why is the Passenger Seat Called "Shotgun"? Simp. Skedaddle. Stan. A Way with Words. A Way with Words. Tennessee Top Hat. Thotting. Trixie (slang) Woke. You Bet Your Boots.