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'Has She Gone Mental?' A Queen's Gambit Leaves Chess World Baffled. Hou Yifan of China stands beside a scoreboard following her win in a "blinfold" chess tournament at the Beijing 2012 World Mind Games in Beijing.

'Has She Gone Mental?' A Queen's Gambit Leaves Chess World Baffled

Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images. How to Open Well in Chess. If you strive to have expertise in any portion of a chess game, make it the opening.

How to Open Well in Chess

If you’re inexperienced, then it’ll be all anyone remembers before you get frustrated and overturn the board after a misstep with the queen. At family gatherings it’ll impress the relatives — like juggling or being able to sew on a button. But more seriously, faced with a blank board, like an artist looking at a blank canvas, amateurs can frequently suffer from chessblock, making the game a challenge instead of a lasting, cross-cultural battle of ingenuity.

Late in the game, once the majority of the pieces are in close quarters, many moves will be dictated completely by responding to an attack or making one of your own. By contrast, at the opening there is wiggle room, and thus some help is handy. However, of the three parts (opening, middlegame, and endgame) it is the least important. Birthday Present: Magnus Carlsen Retains The World Chess Title In Style. Ruy Lopez. The Ruy Lopez (/rʊ.ɪ ˈloʊpɛz/; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈruj ˈlopeθ/ˈlopes]), also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game, is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1. e4 e5 2.

Ruy Lopez

Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5. Interview: Director of Chess Documentary "Magnus" Of the 150+ films that screened at the Tribeca Film Festival last month, the one that sold out the fastest was about chess.

Interview: Director of Chess Documentary "Magnus"

Magnus, the product of 500 hours of footage edited down to 75 minutes over the course of a year, tells the story of chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen from his childhood until the present day. Its climax is set in India at the 2013 World Chess Championship, where Carlsen plays Viswanathan Anand, at the time a 43-year-old Indian Grandmaster, who represents machine and preparation, using computers extensively in his training; the young Norwegian, Carlsen, forgoes computers and any classical training for playful, creative and intuitive play. It’s a battle of computing versus human intuition, played out in one of the most enduring games on Earth.

Chess grandmaster shuts down trash-talking opponent - ESPN Video. Carlsen and Nakamura Win Strong Chess Events  The year 2015 is very young and the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen has already won two strong tournaments -- in Wijk aan Zee in January and in the German resort Baden-Baden this week.

Carlsen and Nakamura Win Strong Chess Events 

But first, let's go briefly to Gibraltar, where the American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura was tearing the competition apart this month. The United States have two chess players rated in the world's top 10 and they intend to push each other to get even better. Nakamura's fighting spirit didn't allow him to leave Wesley So's recent rating advance unanswered. He went to Gibraltar, where he won in 2008, and began to win game after game. The Chess Phoenix Rises Again  Vishy Anand could be the Phoenix of Chess.

The Chess Phoenix Rises Again 

Many times down, but never out. Again and again he rises up to snatch another tournament triumph, another world championship. Carlsen outplayed. Fabiano Caruana rocked the chess world on Friday when he defeated the world champion, Magnus Carlsen, to maintain his perfect start to the 2nd Sinquefield Cup.

Carlsen outplayed

He has established a 1.5-point lead after just three rounds. All three games in the third round ended decisively. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave got back to 50 per cent by outplaying Levon Aronian, whose position deteriorated every time he grabbed another pawn. US number one Hikaru Nakamura missed a win against Veselin Topalov and was crushed as his lapse allowed the Bulgarian to aim rook, queen, knight and two bishops at his king. Scores: Caruana 3/3; Aronian, Vachier-Lagrave 1.5; Carlsen, Nakamura, Topalov 1.

This 22-Year-Old Just Rocked the Chess World with "Historic" Win. If we don't get a hyper-nationalistic Disney movie out of this that isn't basically a Rocky IV meets Big Bang Theory mashup of a bunch of jingoistic and inaccurate stereotypes, I'm going to be really pissed off.

This 22-Year-Old Just Rocked the Chess World with "Historic" Win

Only one teensy-weensy problem: Caruana's Italian (even though he was born in Miami). It would be as if Rocky 4 featured Ivan Drago against the Chinese boxing champion. You really think that when we show him the money he could earn from a movie deal, that he won't renounce his citizenship in that debt-ridden backwater shithole of a country? Did you not even look at the picture and see the italian flag and the fact it said italy beside his name as he is Italian.

Also "best you at your own game'' chess is not a holy european game alot of its orgins are from asia . so what the hell are you talking about is that how desperate things have got in america ? No, that's just how much better we are than Italy. whats this we ? (1) What is the best sacrifice in the history of chess? Ants Playing Chess Find New Solutions To Old Problem. (1) Saifullah Khan's answer to What is the best sacrifice in the history of chess. Play Chess Online - Free Chess Games at