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How Many Books Will You Read Before You Die? There are millions of books in the world (and almost definitely hundreds of millions—last they checked, Google had the count at 129,864,880, and that was seven years ago).

How Many Books Will You Read Before You Die?

The rabid and/or competitive readers among you will now be asking yourselves: yes, yes, now how will I read them all? Well, you won’t. Okay, so we all accept that mortality is bearing down on us—though it should be said that one of the mental tricks that makes it possible for us to exist as mortal beings without going completely insane is that we actually experience time as infinite, even though we know it isn’t. Embrace Your Monstrous Flesh: On Women’s Bodies in Horror. This essay originally appears in The Lifted Brow #34.

Embrace Your Monstrous Flesh: On Women’s Bodies in Horror

Ubud, sometime in late 2015: I’ve been stranded here a week or two, and the sky is an empty screen of snowy static. An active volcano teeters on the brink of explosion, spurting ash clouds like pre-cum, sullying the sharp blue skies and making it too dangerous to fly. At first, it’s like my neurotic fantasy of going to prison, where decision-making is scaled back to which books to read and which weights to pump.

Oliver Stone bashes Megyn Kelly — and hearts Vladimir Putin. How the Frankfurt School diagnosed the ills of Western civilisation. ‘One wants to break free of the past,’ Theodor Adorno, one of the Frankfurt School’s leading luminaries, wrote in an essay in 1959.

How the Frankfurt School diagnosed the ills of Western civilisation

‘Rightly, because nothing at all can live in its shadow, and because there will be no end to the terror as long as guilt and violence are repaid with guilt and violence; wrongly, because the past that one would like to evade is still very much alive.’ In an age when the meanings of the past and the functions they are called upon to serve are so hotly contested, Adorno’s insight reminds us, in a typically double-edged way, that humanity is both composed of and trapped inside its history. This view of history underpinned the work of the boldest and bravest philosophers of the past century: the first generation of the Frankfurt School. Their arguments lacked for nothing in theoretical aspiration, and have scarcely begun to be assimilated, even today.

Culture itself was subject to a kind of factory production in the cinema and recording industries. Learning and Unlearning: On Writing About Sex Work. My job was to show up, look good, and entertain the mystery man behind the hotel room door, which, thankfully, I mostly found fun and easy.

Learning and Unlearning: On Writing About Sex Work

Married business men were the usual clientele, and there was always plenty to talk about. Conversation was the gateway to sex. If I could connect to a man, if we could make each other laugh, or if we had common interests, I would have no qualms about having sex with him; that’s what I was there to do, after all. Burrito Cart Closes Due to Cultural Appropriation. If you thought the conversation about cultural appropriation in food was over after you were told how to correctly eat a bowl of pho, just look to the owners of the now-shuttered Kooks Burritos in Portland, Oregon.

Burrito Cart Closes Due to Cultural Appropriation

RELATED These Are Some of History's Greatest Food Fights » The food cart, started by Liz Connelly and Kali Wilgus, was featured last week in Portland-based magazine Willamette Week, in which the two owners share the story behind developing the food cart's popular tortillas. Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism.

By Vanessa Beeley Source: 21st Century Wire Exceptionalism: the condition of being different from the norm; also: a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region.

Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism

There are many theories surrounding the origin of American exceptionalism. The most popular in US folklore, being that it describes America’s unique character as a “free” nation founded on democratic ideals and civil liberties. The Knife of Aristotle Isn't Just a Fake "Fake News" Site—It's a Cult. I’d been a full-time journalist for nearly a year when my boss fired me over Google video chat.

The Knife of Aristotle Isn't Just a Fake "Fake News" Site—It's a Cult

He leaned back in a chair and began to vape while explaining to me that it seemed like “I wanted something different.” He was right, but there’s something about a twenty-something vaping while he fires you that makes you irrationally angry. Journalism is a tough gig right now. Writing is never an easy way to make a living, but boy, this is the worst timeline to make that career choice. In that previous job, I found myself in a dead-end loop of making pop-culture content with no value, challenge, or perspective. My wife is also a journalist, so when I struggled to find new full-time employment, she started sending me gigs she found on random job sites and media groups. The job would be working at a new start-up site whose primary goal was destroying fake news. Thinking and Friendship in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt for Now. Why Arendt Matters: Revisiting “The Origins of Totalitarianism” - Los Angeles Review of Books.

THE ASTONISHING STATEMENT Donald Trump made at a January 2016 campaign rally in Iowa seems like the essential moment in his unexpected rise to power: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody,” he said, “and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Why Arendt Matters: Revisiting “The Origins of Totalitarianism” - Los Angeles Review of Books

In saying that he could kill in broad daylight and remain popular, Trump did more than draw a logical conclusion from polls showing that his supporters demonstrated unprecedented loyalty. He understood that he was not running a political campaign but was the leader of a mass movement. Most importantly, he understood something that his critics still fail to understand: the essential nature of loyalty in mass movements. Orwell, Freud, and the Syrian Ruse. Reality by other means By Jason Hirthler Source: Dissident Voice We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.— Karl Rove speaking to a small group of reporters at a cocktail party in 2004…… printed in the Washington Post The adjective ‘Orwellian’ is so overused mostly because it is so incredibly apt on a daily basis.

Orwell, Freud, and the Syrian Ruse

George Orwell’s basic concept reflects a simple tenet of propaganda: the thing you are hiding is often hid behind its exact opposite. The Dangers of the Good Child. The Moral Dilemma of Understanding Consciousness Better. 21 Ayn Rand Christmas Cards. The Two Universal Reasons People Commit Suicide. Around one million people around the world take their own lives each year.

The Two Universal Reasons People Commit Suicide

Hopelessness and emotional pain are the two main reasons why people commit suicide, research finds. Common beliefs about suicide were not strongly supported by the study. People were less likely to mention the following reasons: Financial problems,as a cry for help,or to solve some kind of practical problem. ‘Mill is a dead white male with something to say’ Reeves notes that Mill’s views on liberty have been misappropriated by some on the government-suspicious right, who tend to caricature Mill as only celebrating freedom from the state.

In fact, Mill’s ire in On Liberty was mainly targeted against the stifling effects of majority-led culture and custom and not just against the state. As John Fitzpatrick argues in this issue of the spiked review of books, this ‘defence of liberty against public opinion (as well as law) is advanced also by means of an urgent plea for toleration and respect for diversity on the part of all those individuals who comprise the public as they in turn freely form and express their opinions’ (see Against conformity, by John Fitzpatrick). The strange death of liberal Europe. The weakness of European political culture in the postwar era was evident in the absence of any notion that it was even possible to expect immigrants to endorse liberal democracy. Immigration, in the absence of assimilation, inevitably meant that parallel communities developed.

And having discounted the possibility of assimilating immigrants, Europe’s leaders were left with two options: either curtail immigration and encourage repatriation or ignore the problem. Learn how to plan and implement a nonviolent strategy to defend or liberate your country. Nonviolent Campaign Strategy. Robert J. Burrowes Every day, human adults kill 35,000 of our children. Flametree. On Arguments by Analogy. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. For myriad reasons — information gathering, boredom (I couldn’t leave my home without being trailed by paparazzi) and a touch of masochism — I watched the news around the clock.

On Fox, it seemed, no rumor was too unsubstantiated, no innuendo too vile and no accusation too abhorrent. Let’s not pretend that Fox News was the only network to cover this story in the gutter. Mr. Ailes’s station may have pioneered this new style of television reportage, but the other cable news channels didn’t hesitate to join the race to the bottom. In fact, in late 1998, when Keith Olbermann briefly left MSNBC, he expressed disgust with the frequent Lewinsky coverage. Just as television news was devolving into a modern coliseum, the internet came along and compounded this culture of shame and vitriol. Desultory Heroics. Robert J. Burrowes One inevitable outcome of the phenomenal violence we all suffer as children is that most of us live in a state of delusion throughout our lives. This makes it extraordinarily difficult for accurate information, including vital information about the endangered state of our world and how to respond appropriately, to penetrate the typical human mind.

‘Phenomenal violence?’ You might ask. ‘All of us?’ A Science-Based Whole Foods Would Look a Lot Different. The primacy of doubt in an age of illusory certainty. 10 Life Lessons I Learned as a Psychiatric Nurse – and Patient. Is America dying or is it being born again? In a characteristically timely and insightful essay for The New York Times, Pankaj Mishra has recently mapped out the tortuous passage of the United States from exceptionalism to what he now sees as a turn towards nihilism. Why it’s easy to ignore good arguments. Know the type? 5 Habits of Highly Compassionate Men. Photo Credit: MelvinDyson / (1) Aaron Hellman's answer to Atheism: If Jesus's existence is claimed to be a fact and so are his supposed miracles, why do you, as an atheist, still choose not to believe in him. The Weekend Interview With Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues.

Clear Your Next 10 Minutes Because This Video Could Change How Happy You Are With Your Entire Week. The Stories of Our Lives: How Today’s Ideas Will Become Tomorrow’s Viral Mythology. Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, The Future Needs Us. Be a Scrooge This Year: Reflections from A Christmas Carol. Virtual afterlives will transform humanity – Michael Graziano. In the late 1700s, machinists started making music boxes: intricate little mechanisms that could play harmonies and melodies by themselves. Colonization, From Without And From Within. Synchro-missity. America: Afraid of Shadows in the Dark While Ignoring the Elephants in the Room. Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile. Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End. The Wisdom in the Dark Emotions. Hollow Inside. The Case Against Hope. The 6 Weirdest Things We've Learned Since 9/11.

How People Disappear. Eye of the Skeptic. American Ephebiphobia. Syria intervention cost: Military strikes are a highly cost-ineffective way to help people. San Francisco to chain stores: Get out! Symmetry in the universe: Physics says you shouldn’t exist. How reality caught up with paranoid delusions – Mike Jay. For video games, a moral reckoning is coming. Clinical Psychologist. Predictive Analytics: "Freakonomics" Meets Big Data. The first “Real Life Game”, TheCityGame offers you an augmented experience of your hometown.

Linear and Lateral Consciousness. Are We Becoming What We Once Hated? Simulation Theory is a Religious Belief System. Video: What Makes Florida The 'Gunshine' State. True Tales of Haunted Dolls. A Fisher King in the White House  The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of. The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of. Hypnosis and Meditation. Rupert Sheldrake: Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory? Leaning Away - By David Rothkopf. Miss Utah, Schadenfreude and Internet 'Celebrities' Synchronicity: The Key of Destiny. Coffee vs. beer: which drink makes you more creative? — What I Learned Today. Media Disinformation and the Conspiracy Panic Phenomenon. American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth.

5 Ways We Are Isolated From Each Other And Cut Off From Our Roots. This Is What a Tyranny Looks Like. Empathy explained by David Foster Wallace. Beauty & Truth Lab. Does Prozac help artists be creative? The Pleiadians: You Have Chosen to be Human - A Message of Encouragement ... Remote Viewing Pioneer Russell Targ Describes The Origins Of ESP Powers. Elitism, Intelligence, and Cultivation by Fred Reed. Four Psychologists at the Gates of Hell. Henry Farrell – On post-democracy. The paradox of fairness. Sinister Yogis. Robert Anton Wilson - A Lesson in Karma. Chris Hayes on Violence and Terrorism: What's the Difference? 3D-Printed Guns Get Better. STOP. YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE. Pdf/1303.7476v1.pdf. Why Risk Managers Should Be Spymasters. The Adventure Of Randomized Shopping. Occult Feminism and the Psychic Superiority of Women. The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense.

The Multi-Faith Blasphemy Generator. Easterton woman recovers after 'dying for 45 minutes' Aldous Huxley Describes The Ultimate Revolution. Buy a Ticket. Take the Ride. The Energetics of Psychopathy. Rules Save Lives but do not Save Brains. Feminism in the 21st Century.

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