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You Publish. Andrzejblahut. Home. Your Photostream. Qflick. Kanał użytkownika mscaton. Only2Clicks. Andrzej Blahut. Twitter / Home. Feedly. Blogger Tutorials, Templates and Resources - Bloggertuts. My Blogger Tricks. Inblogit - The blogging tool for design addicts. Psychotherapy - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at Q. This Week in the History of Psychology - C. D. Green. FriendFeed. Psychotherapy. Search - Milton Erickson. Relationship Help, Relationship Advice, Personal Growth, Spiritu. Your Depression Wants to Tell You a Secret! The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation - Christina Sponia. Spot the Truth, Connect the Dots. Dear Visitor, DotSpots had a very noble mission, not to mention the coolest logo on earth. We wanted to save the newspaper industry by allowing the wisdom of crowds (bloggers and citizen journalists) to enhance every news story with eyewitness accounts, alternative perspectives and additional content and context, thereby bringing more engagement for the publishers, and more insight for readers.

We built an unbelievably sophisticated platform to allow this collaboration to take place… and we gave it all away for free, hoping that we'd be able to hit a critical mass, around which we could then build a business model. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in getting to critical mass before we ran out of time. AndrzejBłahut - Services. SocialGO - Social Network Maker - Create Social Networking Websi.

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