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Tree worship. Tree worship (dendrolatry) refers to the tendency of many societies throughout history to worship or otherwise mythologize trees.

Tree worship

Trees have played an important role in many of the world's mythologies and religions, and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages. Human beings, observing the growth and death of trees, the elasticity of their branches, the sensitivity and the annual decay and revival of their foliage, see them as powerful symbols of growth, decay and resurrection. The most ancient cross-cultural symbolic representation of the universe's construction is the world tree. The image of the Tree of life is also a favourite in many mythologies. Various forms of trees of life also appear in folklore, culture and fiction, often relating to immortality or fertility. Trees are a necessary attribute of the archetypical locus amoenus in all cultures. Wishing trees[edit] World tree[edit] Religion and folklore[edit] Often the tree is famous for oracles. Sacred trees[edit] Greek mythology, w/ pictures, Dryades, Oreiades. THE DRYADES & OREIADES were the beautiful Nymphs of the trees, groves, woods and mountain forests.

Greek mythology, w/ pictures, Dryades, Oreiades

They were the ladies of the oaks and pines, poplar and ash, apple and laurel. For those known as Hamadryades, trees sprung up from the earth at their birth, trees to which their lives were closely tied. While the tree flourished, so did its resident nymph, but when it died she passed away with it. There were several classes of Dryades associated with a particular types of tree: Listen and create ambient sounds easily. Religion Gen. Government. Government of any kind currently affects every human activity in many important ways.


For this reason, political scientists generally argue that government should not be studied by itself; but should be studied along with anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, science, and sociology. Political science Etymology From Middle English government,[citation needed] from Old French government[citation needed] (French gouvernement), from Latin gubernatio ("management, government"). Government is a compound formed from the Ancient Greek κυβερνάω (kubernaō, "I steer, drive, guide, pilot") and the Latin -mente, ablative singular of mēns ("mind").

Classifying government In political science, it has long been a goal to create a typology or taxonomy of polities, as typologies of political systems are not obvious.[6] It is especially important in the political science fields of comparative politics and international relations. [clarification needed] Magical World Builder. By, Stephanie Cottrell Bryant The Magical World Builder's Guide is a tool for creating a fantasy universe.

Magical World Builder

Although there are several good guidebooks to creating a science fiction world, few deal with the quintessential elements of a fantasy realm. This guide ambitiously attempts to help fantasy authors discover their realms long before they sit down to the keyboard and fill in the details. In addition, I've written a much-beloved 30 Days of World Building tutorial designed to help you hit the ground running with your world building in just a few minutes a day. By popular demand, you can now download the Magical WorldBuilder Guide in three easy-to-carry (non-DRM) formats:PDF for printing out at home or reading on a computerePub for use with many fine ereader devicesMOBI for use with Kindles and MobiPocket software.

Fantasy, like all fiction, is a function of the imagination. In another classic fantasy example, Ursula K. Basic World-Building. Creating Fantasy Nations (World Building II) By this point you've got your map and the basics for one of your ideas.

Creating Fantasy Nations (World Building II)

It's time to put people on these continents. If you haven't already, ask yourself the basics about each culture you want to generate. Taken from World Building I, those are: What are the needs of this culture? (Consider food, building materials, technologies and the position you'd like it to take in the rest of the world - eg. weak cultures require power relations to become stable.

A common mistake is making each culture and nation too different from one another. Leadership makes all the difference. The figurehead(s) of your nations work best when they are discernibly different to one another (note, in character, more than in racial traits). Remember, everything can be changed later. NamesSome people find this easy. Remember that national names will also need to be modified.

Note down words you like the sound of and edit a few letters. International Relations You've established the wants and needs of these nations. Seventh Sanctum - Welcome To The Page Of Generators! Creating Fantasy Nations (World Building II) Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. 7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding. Magical World Builder.