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Saudi Oil Pipelines Destroyed In Explosion, Sends Crude Soaring. Among the many factors responsible for the jump in WTI to just shy of $109 over the past hour, and Brent to new records in various currencies, is the following news reported so far only by Iranian PressTV: "An explosion has hit oil pipelines in the flashpoint Saudi Arabian city of Awamiyah in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province.

Saudi Oil Pipelines Destroyed In Explosion, Sends Crude Soaring

" And some more from Arabian Digest: Saudi Arabia's Eastern Revolution hits the oil sector: pipeline under fire.

Gasoline Survey

CoreXIT OIL Emmusifier. IRAN OIL Embargo. #Nigeria OIL. EPA Speaks up on Fracking. OpTarSands KeyStone PipeLine. IRAQ OIL. UTICA Oil Shale Total. Deep_Water_Horizon. China Afghanistan. Frede Oil Field - Chevron & Transocean, Rio de Janeiro. Russian Oil Rig Disaster. OIL Spills MAP. The International: The Offshore Petroleum Standard : Tatarstan. Chuiqita. Drilling Suppliers. Reliance Industries Ltd. Karachaganak. ROCKHOPPER. The Mysterious Deaths of Nine Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers. Continental Resources : Harrold Hamm. OIL OpZ & NewZ. Could the "Great Gas Out" actually work? Maybe, but only in the short term. Since about 1997, a meme has been travelling through the Internet that by somehow not buying gas on a certain day, the oil companies will somehow lower the prices.

Could the "Great Gas Out" actually work? Maybe, but only in the short term.

Called the "Great Gas Out" the idea is a one day boycott of gasoline. Actually, it isn't even a boycott, because a boycott means you stop using the product. Unfortunately, most of us can't stop using gasoline. With the Great Gas Out, the idea is to not buy gas on a certain day (March 14, 2011), and the proponents keep claiming that it "worked. " The reality is that in the long view, it hasn't worked.

BP Oil Spill Whistleblowers And Experts Continue To Mysteriously Die : BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at the Oil Drum Overview - Especially for New Readers - Discussion. Drumbeat The place most readers start is Drumbeat.

BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at the Oil Drum Overview - Especially for New Readers - Discussion

Leanan puts up a list of news articles in every day. Many will be relevant to the oil spill and responses to it. Champagne Design : Best Source for High-end PowerPoint Presentations. Fractional Distillation slide : When animation adds to the message Looking back over the many years of creating custom templates and slides I have learned the following : take the time to understand the content.

Champagne Design : Best Source for High-end PowerPoint Presentations

It is seeking to be understood. A proven method : reduce the stress of reading text and strive to use images to convey the message. Physlet Quantum Physics by Belloni, Christian, and Cox: Section 4.5. J.

Physlet Quantum Physics by Belloni, Christian, and Cox: Section 4.5

J. Thomson's experiment (Section 4.4) resulted in a value for e/m (the ratio of the charge of the electron to the mass of the electron), but it took the Millikan's oil drop experiment to determine the value of the charge on the electron. This animation is a virtual version of the Millikan's experiment.3 The experiment was based on balancing forces: the gravitational pull down on an oil drop and the electric force up on ionized particles. Below is a schematic of the apparatus.


KINDER MORGAN Longest Oil Pipeline In The World. PETROCHINA. IEA. MEXICAN GULF OIL. DESTOYERS, PEAK OIL, PLANET DEVESTATION! Russia gives NATO cold shoulder on Arctic militarization. OPEC recognises NTC as Libya representative - Africa. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has recognised the National Transitional Council as Libya's representative.

OPEC recognises NTC as Libya representative - Africa

The OPEC's recognition came after the United Nations approved a Libyan request to accredit envoys of the country's interim government as Tripoli's sole representatives at the world body on Friday. "OPEC will recognise the NTC ... and they will sit in the same chair," Abdullah al-Badri, OPEC's secretary-general, told the Gulf Intelligence energy forum in Dubai on Monday. ‘Peak Oil’ Takes A Deadly Blow. I've never believed in "peak oil.

‘Peak Oil’ Takes A Deadly Blow

" (The notion held with religious conviction by many on the left here, that world production is topping out — and will soon slide, plunging the world into economic chaos.) There's plenty of oil, with the constraints, as always, being the cost of recovery. Witness the vast new North Dakota oil shale fields. I regard oil "shortages" as contrivances by the oil companies, allied brokers and middlemen to run up the price.

I fill my aging fleet of 50s and 60s era Chryslers with a light heart. UPDATE 1-Bangladesh raises oil prices from midnight. Past Episodes. Ezra Levant. The Bulletin : Australian firm looks to drill near Patagonia : Nogales International : Nogales, AZ. Hunt Oil knew KRG oil deal in disputed territory - Iraq Oil Report. According to a State Dept. cable from Iraq, and despite the U.S.

Hunt Oil knew KRG oil deal in disputed territory - Iraq Oil Report

Embassy's warnings, the oil company of a George W. Bush intelligence adviser signed a Kurdish oil deal knowing the field was in disputed territory. Hunt Oil officials David McDonald and Mark Aertker (center left and right) survey the area around Ain Sifne in 2007 after the company signed a production sharing contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government. PIPELINE SEC - 03OTTAWA334.

This record is a partial extract of the original cable.


The full text of the original cable is not available. UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 04 OTTAWA 000334 SIPDIS SENSITIVE STATE FOR EB/TPP/BTA EB/ESC/ISC (MCMANUS AND ERVITI), WHA/CAN (MASON AND RUNNING), OES/EGC (MIOTKE AND DEROSA), D/HS (OPTICAN) AND PM (MARKOFF) HOMELAND SECURITY FOR EPR (BROWN) DOE FOR INT'L AND POLICY (A/S BAILEY) AND IE-141 (DEUTSCH) DOE PASS FERC FOR KELLY AND LEKANG DOT FOR OFFICE OF PIPELINE SAFETY COMMERCE FOR 4320/MAC/WH/ON/OIA/BENDER PARIS FOR IEA E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: EPET, ETRD, EINV, CA SUBJECT: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION IN CANADA'S OIL AND GAS PIPELINE NETWORK SUMMARY/INTRODUCTION -------------------- 1. (U) This message is sensitive, but unclassified. Please handle accordingly. 2. Leda Huta: Keystone Pipeline Could Push Endangered Whooping Crane Into Extinction. If you were to choose a route through which to move toxic, highly corrosive, sludgy crude oil, would you place it on the same narrow corridor used by one of the world's most endangered birds?

Leda Huta: Keystone Pipeline Could Push Endangered Whooping Crane Into Extinction

The Canadian energy company TransCanada did and the Obama administration is on the verge of approving that absurd proposal. Migration Pathway -- From the US Fish & Wildlife Service If approved by the administration, the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline will move a half million+ barrels daily of Canadian crude 1,700 miles from Alberta, Canada to the Texas coast as soon as 2013. TransCanada would like the world to believe that their pipeline is relatively safe, claiming just one predicted spill in the first 7 years. Yet, TransCanada's existing Keystone Pipeline has experienced 12 spills -- in just 12 months of operation. TransCanada Corporation Home. TransCanada Corporation. TransCanada Corporation is a major North American energy company based in Calgary, Alberta, developing and operating energy infrastructure in North America.

Its pipeline network includes approximately 3,460 kilometres (2,150 miles) of oil pipeline, plus approximately 68,500 kilometres (42,564 miles) of wholly owned and 11,500 kilometres (7,146 miles) of partially owned gas pipeline that connects with virtually all major gas supply basins in North America. TransCanada is one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and related services with approximately 400 billion cubic feet (1.1×1010 m3) of storage capacity.

TransCanada also owns, or has interests in, approximately 11,800 megawatts of power generation.[2]


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